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PC Minutes 10th November 2009

Winstred Hundred Parish Council

Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th November 2009.

Present: Kevin Bradshaw, Sam Knill Jones, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Jane Banks, Nicky Ellis, Frances Fergus, Kevin Bentley and 5 members of the public.

Apologies for absence: Robert Davidson

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: A meeting was held to discuss our response to the latest planning application for Bellwood which has now been submitted.  CBC Legal Department are against prosecution so will be questioned on the matter.

A pipe under the road in Salcott that could be causing problems has been there for approx 25 years so it is probably too long to insist on any alterations to it. The people who put this in have been written to and approached by the parish council for discussion.

Gritting of Barnhall Hall Road for this winter will be requested yet again and discussed with Tolleshunt Knights Parish Council.

Abberton Reservoir Liaison meeting to discuss the Transport Plan has been cancelled as ECC Highways would not attend on a Saturday. Near-by parish councils will have a meeting on this matter on 25th November 09.  The contractor has not been named as yet but work is due to start in January. Suggestions for spending the fund money that will be available from the start of the work need to be put forward. The setting up and running costs of our impending website, where reports about the reservoir work will be, is an ideal project for these funds.

Public- Have Your Say: Some people thought that the roadside hedge cutting at Bellwood has made the corner more dangerous.  Mill Lane curb sweeping seems to have been missed the last time and will be looked into.

Declarations of Interest: Phil & Kevin with item 3, Phil & Jinny with item 7, Nicky with item 8.

  1. Our annual insurance – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed to change our insurance policy from Zurich to Zurich via Suffolk Acre. Phil proposed, Frances seconded and all agreed to commit to a 5 year period to reduce the cost even more.
  2. Affordable Housing – we will use the results of our questionnaire for the VDS at next month’s meeting to help us decide how to proceed with this matter.
  3. Moss Hay footpath – having received quotations, Nicky proposed, Frances seconded and all agreed to use Hill Farm Landscapes for this work. An appropriate pole was agreed on and will be ordered. The footpath next to Hosplant has been inspected by ECC and is clear but the bridge along it will receive attention in due course.
  4. BCTV – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed for 2 days work on Moss Hay. Thanks go to Rob Pullen and Andrew Ellis for carrying some work with fallen branches that BCTV would not include in their work. Removal of metal rubbish will be requested.
  5. Playground equipment – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed to carry out the necessary repairs, including a new see-saw (if included in the grant), as parts for the old one are not now available. Barry’s quote for a monthly maintenance will be discussed next month.  Quotations for a new basket ball pad at Peldon are forthcoming.
  6. New Parish Grant/CIF Scheme 2009/10 – both village halls can apply and we will submit an application for the basket ball pad and see-saw if not in last year’s grant.
  7. Five Parishes Show – sponsorship request will be discussed at the next meeting, possibly in the form of an advert for our new website. Insurance request for inclusion within the parish council policy will be explored.
  8. Communications Committee – our website is progressing well and should soon be up and running.  Further computer training will be sort for the committee members using someone known by us to be good.
  9. The Way We Work – changes to Peldon planning responses process will be made to simplify matters. A Rolling Action List will be put on the agenda last item each month.

10.  Clerk’s Salary – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed for the clerk’s salary to increase at the rate agreed annually by the National Association of Local Clerks for SCP 22 back dated from April 09.  Lynne proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed for an increase to SCP 23 when the clerk has undergone training and is carrying out the some of the updating of our website.

11.  CALC –   was attended  and handouts on presentations were obtained.

12.  Flooding at Salcott was discussed earlier.  Flooding at Wigborough is being dealt with.

13.  Planning issues – Bellwood was discussed earlier and we have heard from CBC Planning Enforcement with regard to Bluebells newly opened entrance on to Maldon Road.


091362 Proposal: Demolition of existing single garage and extension to existing chalet bungalow to provide and extra bedroom and living space. 2 storey side extension at Rowans, Church Rd. Peldon

Notice of Planning Decisions:

Proposal: Rear extension to existing property, demolish existing utility and dining area to side elevation (east) , also garage and out building to west side of property. Demolish 2 no. garages and re-build double car port at Waterways, Mersea Road,  Peldon – Permission Granted


101508  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s expenses (petrol, paper, ink, postage, etc.)                               £165.80

101509  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for November                                                                   £350.02

101510  Peldon Village Hall  –  hire                                                                                       £80.00

101511  T Simmons  –  play area insp.                                                                                  £25.00


The next meeting will be held at Peldon Village Hall on Tues 8th December 09 at 7.30pm