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PC Minutes 9th November 2010


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 9th November 2010.

Present: Les Lapwood, Jane Banks, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Nettie Knill Jones, Nicky Ellis, Charles Dymond, Lynne Simmons, John Walker and 3 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Kevin Bentley, Andrew Ellis, Terry Sutton

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: Some pipe work and jetting has been carried out in Salcott to help with the flooding problem which will be carefully monitored before any further meetings on this matter are organised.

Bellwood is in the process of being sold.

Police Report: There had been an attempted theft of an old tractor in Great Wigborough.  More speed checks will be carried out in Great Wigborough and Peldon.  In recent times there has been an overall reduction in crime in this area.

Public – Have Your Say: Congratulations were expressed to the successful organisation of the fireworks event and in dealing with the wind problem during the evening.

Declarations of Interest: None

  1. Door to door deliveries – a list of the furthest out houses in Peldon will be compiled so that none are omitted next time we carry out a delivery.
  2. Chairmanship – the order in which we appoint a chairman may change slightly as we have several new parish councillors who would not wish to take on this task so soon.  A decision of the order for the next few years will be made next month.
  3. The Way We Work – with regard to the matter of certain parish councillors taking on certain roles more ideas and discussions are needed and a draft will be circulated for consideration at January’s meeting.
  4. Meetings attended – Village Shop & Pub Day was interesting and informative but probably quite difficult to implement here. The Clerks’ Forum was also interesting with presentations from Census 2011, Digital Strategy for Colchester and Chief Superintendent for the Police on necessary closure of Police premises in preference to cutting down on manpower due to a reduction in funding.
  5. Parish Online pilot scheme – two parish councils out of a possible seven that have applied will be chosen for this pilot scheme and we should hear soon if we are one of them.
  6. Reservoir Community Fund website application is being completed subject to a couple of problems that need sorting out with the online application form.
  7. Revenue Grant reduction – the final decision of the cuts being made and how much we will receive will be decided in the next few weeks. A ‘to date’ finance report will be circulated for an informed discussion at the next meeting.
  8. New Executive Arrangements Consultation – we will reply that our majority vote was for Option One: Leader and Cabinet in preference to Option Two: Directly Elected Mayor and Cabinet.
  9. Flooding enquiry from Nick Humfrey – Environment, Sustainability and Highways are appointing a new employee whose job it will be to try and sort out rainfall flooding problems in the area.
  10. Parking in Salcott has been reported to the police who will investigate in due course and this will be followed up.
  11. Abandoned car in Wigborough Village Hall car park for the third time has been reported and removed.
  12. Peldon Hall Farm – crop spraying that left a deposit on the road and on cars was also detrimental to health. It would seem that a contractor had carried out this work for the farmer who was the landowner.  A resident of Lodge Lane has written to the Environment Health Agency.  Parish Councillors have and will further liaise with residents for us to follow up if required.
  13. Playgrounds – inspection and maintenance reports returned. All quotations for painting Salcott equipment have yet to be received.
  14. Bus shelter at Salcott crossroads – all quotations for alterations yet to be received.
  15. Youth sports equipment – was discussed again and as before it was agreed that this would not be used sufficiently to warrant spending funds on it.
  16. Sparklers evening report – this was a very successful event but not without problems due to the change of wind during the evening. Debris from the bonfire and fireworks blew over the crowd but was dealt with immediately by putting out part of the bonfire and delaying the display briefly whilst moving the fireworks back.  St John’s Ambulance treated several for minor eye irritations. They are always in attendance and this is the first time their services have been called upon. The safety procedures that have always been in place were tried and tested this year and proved successful.
  17. Actions and Reminders List was updated.


    101984 Proposal: Replacement of a derelict conservatory with a single storey extension at Haxells Farm, Peldon Road, Peldon

    101986 Proposal: Listed building application for the above

    Notice of Planning Decisions:

    091245 Proposal: Conservation woodland and meadow with support facilities at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough – Permission Refused

    Correspondence from CBC on Hall Barn, Peldon Road, Abberton


    101574 Peldon Village Hall – hire                                                                               £90.00

    101575 R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for Nov                                                                    £353.53

    101576 B Gooding – 2 x play insp + repairs                                                                £63.24

    101577 Keith Banks – Moss Hay grass cuts x 4                                                           £160.00

    101578 T Simmons – play insp                                                                                  £30.00

    The next meeting will be held at Salcott Village Hall on 14th Dec 2010 at 7.30pm.