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Road Surfacing Works

We have recently had notice that Essex Highways are about to start their 2016/17 programme for surface dressing of roads.

Works will be starting on Saturday 9 April 2016 and usually the programme runs right through to September, weather permitting.  It involves spraying the existing road surface with a coating of hot bitumen and covering it with stone chippings.  The chippings are rolled into the bitumen to form a water-resistant, protective layer, which makes the road less slippery and extends its life.

As soon as the bitumen has set, Essex Highways sweep the road to remove any loose chippings but the nature of the treatment means there will be loose chippings on the road surface until it beds down. Temporary warning signs will be visible to alert drivers, as vehicles using the new surface help to embed the excess material. After about a week Essex Highways  will return to the road to sweep up any chippings that have not embedded and road markings will be added, as appropriate.  To download a copy of the leaflet for Surface Dressing, click here.

In some cases Essex Highways are ‘Microsurfacing’, this is laid on top of the existing road surface and restores the surface texture and improves skid resistance. It forms a water-resistant, protective layer which extends the life of the road.  It is applied cold and consists of a thin layer of bitumen, fine graded aggregates and a filler.  There may be some loose material on the road for a short while after it has been laid. This will be swept up when we return to add the road markings.

Please note, in order to prepare the road for this treatment, Essex Highways  may need to repair any defects, such as potholes, beforehand. This work can be carried out a few months in advance of the main work.

To view the first quarter schedule for this year see the attachment below (roads in Gt Wigborough, Peldon & Salcott are included). Their website will be updated with future schedules throughout the year so don’t forget to check it to see if your road is going to be ‘dressed’ –