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PC Agenda 13th June 2017


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

A meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council will be held in Peldon Church 7.30pm on Tuesday 13th June 2017 to which the Councillors are summoned to attend.

Apologies for absence:

Minutes of the last meeting:

Zone Warden Report:

County and Borough Councillor Reports:

Public-Have Your Say:

Declarations of Interest:

Items for Discussion

1.   Playgrounds and Playing Fields

  • Reports on both play areas and fields
  • Decision required: Any matters that require attention?
  • Decision required: Following conversation and explanatory letter from AIS are we happy to pay the outstanding invoice for the annual inspections?

2.   Churchyard Donations

  • Decision required: Do we consider the donations as usual appropriate?

3.   Website

  • Discuss any suggested improvements and any further research needed. 

4.   Speeding/car racing/anti-social behaviour on the Layer Causeway

  • Discuss how this can be tackled

5.   Defibrillator

  • Report and update following out training session

6.   Financial Report

  • To be quarterly as stated in our Financial Regulations

7.   Actions and Reminder List – update


  • ECC Passenger Transport – Tender Round 2017
  • ECC Highways Salt Bag Partnership 2017/18

Planning Applications:

171345 (and 171346 Listed Building Application) Proposal: Demolition of agricultural building, conversion of barn to residential use (C3), single storey extension, creation of residential curtilage and carport at Green Farm, The Street, Salcott
171283 Proposal: Conversion of a 3-bed bungalow to a 5-bed house, providing garaging for two vehicles, additional off-road parking and a large reception room at Willowbank, The Street, Salcott


101930 CALC – subs £35.00
101931 R S Pullen – clerk’s salary – June £426.82

The next meeting will be on Tues 11th July 2017 at 7.30pm at Salcott Village Hall