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Caroline Hendricks - volunteer for demonstration

Caroline Hendricks – willing volunteer

PAWS March – AGM & Before and After Beauty

PAWS’ President, Lorraine, opened the AGM with a warm welcome to everyone and checked that no visitors were present. She thanked everyone for their support during the past year; especially during the months we were relocated in the Church (which proved rather cold on occasions). This was followed by a brief review of the year including

  • a resumé of the Speakers we had enjoyed listening to, and
  • outings that had been arranged including Christmas Dinner at The Old Siege House.

This was followed by a detailed Treasurer’s Report which included a comment that the annual fee will most likely be increased slightly next year.  This is due to the rising cost of the Hall fees and those of the Speakers. The Treasurer appreciated the support of members in buying raffle tickets and items from the sales table each month as these are PAWS’ only source of fundraising.

As the exiting President, Lorraine thanked the Committee for their support during the past year and welcomed the incoming President, Caroline Wilson, who presented Lorraine with a beautiful bouquet in acknowledgement of her cheerful and pleasant leadership during the past year.

Jacqueline Murphy - Holistic & Complementary Therapist

Jacqueline Murphy

Before & After Beauty

After the AGM, new President, Caroline, introduced Jacqueline Murphy, a Holistic & Complementary Therapist.  Among Jacqueline’s many skills are make-up and artistry make-overs.   She demonstrated a complete make-over emphasising how good skin care is essential for makeup to look its best.  After exfoliating the skin, apply a collagen-based face mask before applying your moisture then after ten minutes apply your foundation.  Jacqueline prefers to apply the eye make up at this stage before the foundation except for the mascara.

Eye Lids

After spreading a small amount of primer over the eye-lid apply the eyeshadow blending in gently. Choose a subtle eye-shadow to compliment your colouring and not too harsh.  Using a soft pencil, line the eye close to the eyelashes and under the bottom eyelashes softening the effect with a small brush. Gently follow the shape of the eyebrow using soft strokes with a pencil, creating a pleasing arch.

Test in Daylight

It is important to test a foundation in daylight, if possible, and to choose one that blends in with your skin tone as you don’t want to create a harsh line along the jaw-line.  Using a brush, work a tiny amount of foundation onto your face and blend in well. To define the contours follow up with a light dusting of powder bronzer over the whole face which really enhances the foundation.  Using a large soft brush blend in your chosen blusher across the cheekbones.

To finish the eye makeup apply mascara first using downward strokes then up, to separate lashes.  Try not to pump the mascara wand up and down in the tube before using, as air drawn in makes the mascara clog up.  As a final step apply the lipstick using a soft brush to line the lips and then fill in.  Jacqueline recommended a product called Dermablend which you can use to stop lipstick “bleeding out”; you can also use it to hide scars and birthmarks.


Many thanks were given to Caroline Hendricks for volunteering to be our model. The whole effect achieved was seamless and subtle and highlighted our model’s natural colouring while emphasising the lovely colour of her eyes.  It is believed that make-up really can help to boost your confidence and help to build a positive outlook on life.

Hamelin Trust

Jacqueline has also been involved with The Hamelin Trust for a number of years. It provides unpaid adult carers support whilst caring for their loved ones.  They are treated to a very peaceful and restful stay using therapy which involves easing their mind and muscles using Reiki and massage.  She also provides uplifting support to Farleigh Hospice patients providing treatments such as manicures, massage and Reiki and advice on facial problems which occur after chemotherapy.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on the 24th April when Mrs Amanda Sutherland will be recounting her journey from Costumier to Running an Accessories Business.   Details of all meetings and speakers are on the calendar of the home page of this website. If you would like further information about PAWS please ring either of the following committee members:

  • Lorraine Davies 01206 735348, or
  • Jane Anderson 01206 735239.