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Plunkett Community Shops

Abberton & Langenhoe Parish Council is looking into community shops with a view into the viability of establishing one in part of the Langenhoe Lion.  They are keen to get feedback from the general neighbourhood to determine the potential level of interest in this project.

Plunkett Foundation

On 17th January 1919, Sir Horace Plunkett signed an indenture which became the original trust deed for the Plunkett Foundation. Sir Horace believed strongly in the power of co-operation to achieve sustainable local development and the purpose of the Foundation was to promote the model of community ownership as a solution to rural problems. The fact that 100 years later communities throughout the UK and beyond are increasingly using this model as a means of safeguarding or reintroducing local services and assets is testament to the vision of Sir Horace and the resilience of the model itself.

The Plunkett Foundation is promoting community-owned shops drawing on local volunteers and sometimes paid staff.

The following documents will give you more detailed information, if you would like to give your input then please contact A&L Parish Council or Cllr Malcolm Mattack directly at [email protected]