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Parish Council Minutes, Agendas and other meeting documents

PC Minutes 8th December 2009


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th December 2009.

Present: Frances Fergus, Robert Davidson, Jane Banks, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Sam Knill Jones, Kevin Bradshaw, Lynne Simmons, Andrew Ellis, 2 Police, 5 public

Apologies for absence: Nicky Ellis

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Police: We have more police covering our area, 4 based at Tiptree, one of which covers the Wigboroughs and Salcott and Virley, 4 at West Mersea, several CPOs and Sgt Drake in overall charge.  In recent months there has been several road traffic accidents, several burglaries, some minor thefts and vehicle break ins.  The Police have offered to help us, using the appropriate devices, in our on going campaign with speeding through our villages.

Borough Councillors: The latest planning application from Bellwood was deferred by CBC Planning Committee as several issues need more investigation and it will probably be heard again by CBC in a month’s time.

Essex and Suffolk Water have held two public information sessions about Abberton Reservoir expansion on Sat 5th Dec from 10am to 4pm at Layer de la Haye village hall and Wed 9th Dec from 4 to 8pm at Peldon village hall.  Our water rates will not be increased because of the expansion unlike some areas who are billed by Essex and Suffolk Water.

CBC are consulting people about further recycling, food waste being the main addition.

Public-Have Your Say: no comments other than on items to be discussed later in the meeting.

Declarations of Interest: Jinny and Phil on item 3. Lynne on item 7.

  1. Planning issues – Bellwood discussed earlier and Bluebells in Great Wigborough  gateway on to Maldon Road for agricultural use only, CBC’s role, etc. was explained.
  2. Affordable Housing – Phil proposed, Sam seconded, 5 agreed, 3 abstained, that we should take the next step forward and ask RCCE (Rural Community Council of Essex) to attend our next meeting with regard to a questionnaire to establish if there is, in fact, a need. We will co-ordinate this with out VDS (Village Design Statement) that we are preparing at present.
  3. Five Parishes Show – the parish council insurance cannot include this event for several reasons. Also it was agreed that sponsorship would not be appropriate for the parish council and would set a precedent for all shows and events.
  4. Red pay phone boxes – Lynne proposed, Kevin seconded and 4 agreed for us to register an interest in adopting our red telephone boxes, although we accept that the pay service be removed through lack of use.  But more questions will be asked on the matter.
  5. New Dog Control Orders – we responded by saying that we would like the new control orders of no dogs allowed to apply to our two play areas.
  6. Abberton Liaison Group as above plus the contractor will probably be Carrillion
  7. Play areas – Jinny proposed, Phil seconded and all agreed to pay our two men £30 a month to carry out inspection and maintenance of the play areas. A formal contract will be drawn up to clarify what is required each month which will hopefully be signed and agreed by both. A new see-saw can be obtained in the money we have already been granted for the Peldon play area and so that and the other parts needed plus labour have been ordered from the manufacturers of the equipment. Some fence posts at the Salcott play area need replacing and Terry will try and acquire them from a local generous source or report back with prices from suppliers.  As yet we only have one quotation for the work needed to repair the Peldon basket ball pad. Others will be sort and if obtained in time an application for this will be submitted for the next grant scheme.
  8. Sparklers event went very well this year although attendance was considerably down.
  9. Budget preparation – up to date finances have been distributed for consideration of our next year’s precept which will be decided at the next meeting.  Possible costs of next year’s elections will also be taken into account.
  10. Parish Grant/CIF Scheme 2009/10 – apart from the possible basket ball pad no other applications have been put forward.
  11. Rolling Actions and Reminders List – some items have been dealt with, some have yet to be dealt with and others added.

Notice of Planning Decisions:

091002 Proposal: Change of use and minor alteration to barn to form granny annexe and ancillary leisure space at Abbots Wick Farm, Great Wigborough – Permission Granted

091264 Proposal: Listed building application for refurbishment/re-cladding of existing barn, insertion of new glazed screens and doors and construction of new shower room. Stripping of existing roof coverings and re-covering with clay plain tiles at Moulsham Manor, Great Wigborough – Consent Granted

091285 Proposal: New conservatory at Strood Cottage, The Strood, Peldon – Permission Refused

Planning Appeal:

FUL/MAL/09/00486 Proposal: Change of use of land to form Showmen’s quarters at Restawyle, Barnhall Road, Tolleshunt Knights.

Appeal against the decision by Maldon District Council to refuse this application will be heard on 15th December 09 at 10am at The Council Offices, Princes Street, Maldon and is expected to last 2 days.


101512  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for Dec and back pay for rise from April 09             £381.61

101513  R S Pullen  –  metal post from Autopa for Moss Hay                                  £108.56

101514  Suffolk Acre Services Ltd.  –   new annual insurance                               £1468.92

101515  SLCC  –  annual subscription                                                                   £95.00

101516  Tollesbury (St Mary’s) PCC  –  magazine entry                                           £55.00

101517  Salcott Village Hall  –  hire for 2008                                                        £180.00

101518  T Hedger  –  Peldon Church green cut                                                     £40.00

101519  T Simmons  –  play area inspection                                                          £25.00

The next meeting will be at Salcott Village Hall on Tues 12th January 2010 at 7.30pm

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PC Minutes 10th November 2009

Winstred Hundred Parish Council

Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th November 2009.

Present: Kevin Bradshaw, Sam Knill Jones, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Jane Banks, Nicky Ellis, Frances Fergus, Kevin Bentley and 5 members of the public.

Apologies for absence: Robert Davidson

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: A meeting was held to discuss our response to the latest planning application for Bellwood which has now been submitted.  CBC Legal Department are against prosecution so will be questioned on the matter.

A pipe under the road in Salcott that could be causing problems has been there for approx 25 years so it is probably too long to insist on any alterations to it. The people who put this in have been written to and approached by the parish council for discussion.

Gritting of Barnhall Hall Road for this winter will be requested yet again and discussed with Tolleshunt Knights Parish Council.

Abberton Reservoir Liaison meeting to discuss the Transport Plan has been cancelled as ECC Highways would not attend on a Saturday. Near-by parish councils will have a meeting on this matter on 25th November 09.  The contractor has not been named as yet but work is due to start in January. Suggestions for spending the fund money that will be available from the start of the work need to be put forward. The setting up and running costs of our impending website, where reports about the reservoir work will be, is an ideal project for these funds.

Public- Have Your Say: Some people thought that the roadside hedge cutting at Bellwood has made the corner more dangerous.  Mill Lane curb sweeping seems to have been missed the last time and will be looked into.

Declarations of Interest: Phil & Kevin with item 3, Phil & Jinny with item 7, Nicky with item 8.

  1. Our annual insurance – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed to change our insurance policy from Zurich to Zurich via Suffolk Acre. Phil proposed, Frances seconded and all agreed to commit to a 5 year period to reduce the cost even more.
  2. Affordable Housing – we will use the results of our questionnaire for the VDS at next month’s meeting to help us decide how to proceed with this matter.
  3. Moss Hay footpath – having received quotations, Nicky proposed, Frances seconded and all agreed to use Hill Farm Landscapes for this work. An appropriate pole was agreed on and will be ordered. The footpath next to Hosplant has been inspected by ECC and is clear but the bridge along it will receive attention in due course.
  4. BCTV – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed for 2 days work on Moss Hay. Thanks go to Rob Pullen and Andrew Ellis for carrying some work with fallen branches that BCTV would not include in their work. Removal of metal rubbish will be requested.
  5. Playground equipment – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed to carry out the necessary repairs, including a new see-saw (if included in the grant), as parts for the old one are not now available. Barry’s quote for a monthly maintenance will be discussed next month.  Quotations for a new basket ball pad at Peldon are forthcoming.
  6. New Parish Grant/CIF Scheme 2009/10 – both village halls can apply and we will submit an application for the basket ball pad and see-saw if not in last year’s grant.
  7. Five Parishes Show – sponsorship request will be discussed at the next meeting, possibly in the form of an advert for our new website. Insurance request for inclusion within the parish council policy will be explored.
  8. Communications Committee – our website is progressing well and should soon be up and running.  Further computer training will be sort for the committee members using someone known by us to be good.
  9. The Way We Work – changes to Peldon planning responses process will be made to simplify matters. A Rolling Action List will be put on the agenda last item each month.

10.  Clerk’s Salary – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed for the clerk’s salary to increase at the rate agreed annually by the National Association of Local Clerks for SCP 22 back dated from April 09.  Lynne proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed for an increase to SCP 23 when the clerk has undergone training and is carrying out the some of the updating of our website.

11.  CALC –   was attended  and handouts on presentations were obtained.

12.  Flooding at Salcott was discussed earlier.  Flooding at Wigborough is being dealt with.

13.  Planning issues – Bellwood was discussed earlier and we have heard from CBC Planning Enforcement with regard to Bluebells newly opened entrance on to Maldon Road.


091362 Proposal: Demolition of existing single garage and extension to existing chalet bungalow to provide and extra bedroom and living space. 2 storey side extension at Rowans, Church Rd. Peldon

Notice of Planning Decisions:

Proposal: Rear extension to existing property, demolish existing utility and dining area to side elevation (east) , also garage and out building to west side of property. Demolish 2 no. garages and re-build double car port at Waterways, Mersea Road,  Peldon – Permission Granted


101508  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s expenses (petrol, paper, ink, postage, etc.)                               £165.80

101509  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for November                                                                   £350.02

101510  Peldon Village Hall  –  hire                                                                                       £80.00

101511  T Simmons  –  play area insp.                                                                                  £25.00


The next meeting will be held at Peldon Village Hall on Tues 8th December 09 at 7.30pm


PC Minutes 13th October 2009


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13th October 2009.

Present: Nicky Ellis, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Jane Banks, Frances Fergus, Lynne Simmons, Robert Davidson, Kevin Bradshaw, Kevin Bentley, Moira Groborz from Rural Community Council of Essex and 9 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Sam Knill Jones

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: Bellwood resident has now signed the agreement which gives him 42 days from the date of a failed appeal if lodged by him on the refusal of the last planning application made.

Abberton Reservoir Liaison Group met and everything is going to plan so far.  A Traffic Management Plan has yet to be devised and is very important for all the local villages.

The spending of the £150,000 that will be available for projects to affected areas by the expansion and works involved will be decided by a designated committee but kept by CBC.

County Councillor: £400,000 has been lent to small businesses to help them through this recession. Quite a number of previously closed post offices are being reopened.  Apprenticeships for 16 year olds are being supported and encouraged.

Public-Have Your Say: Moss Hay was mentioned but was to be discussed later in the meeting.  Certain areas of poor road surfacing and Peldon play area gate will be dealt with. Parking opposite The Old Rectory in Peldon has been noted and will be monitored for when the builders have finished the work there.  Flooding at Salcott crossroads was brought up again but we explained that appropriate correspondence has been sent and we can do no more at present.

Declarations of Interest: None

Items for Discussion

  1. Rural Housing presentation on affordable housing was given explaining the need for this type of housing, shared ownership details and the procedure etc.  The right to buy at a later date is not an option. There are a number of criteria to decide who is top of the list to have one of these houses but the first stage for us would be to establish a local need. Questions and answers followed.  The site put forward by Colne Valley Housing Association is on the old garage site in Peldon behind the houses that already have planning permission but are not built as yet.
  2. Hall Barn, Mersea Road, Peldon planning application was explained by the new owners.  Many surveys have been carried out including one for bats which concluded that there are no bats actually living in the property to be demolished and bat boxes will be put on the site.  The house itself is in a fairly poor state of repair and was probably not built in the design one might associate with this type of property.
  3. The Way We Work – emails between parish councillors are not secret so partners seeing them is not a problem.  Loose ends to tie up from previous meetings needs to be done. The condition of the footpath next to Hosplant in St Ives Road, Peldon will be looked into, curb side sweeping list will be circulated, overhanging growth at Kings Head corner has been dealt with.  Natural England will be contacted with regard to the bats in St Ives woodland and we have written to ask for proper control when the next phase of thinning in this wood is done. We have been assured that the trees to receive attention will be marked.
  4. Abberton Expansion Reservoir Liaison Group meeting report as above.  Abbotts Hall meeting was attended.  The roadside ditch as been sorted.  Grant applications have been lost which is money that would have paid for the community centre. the
  5. CALC (Colchester Association of Local Councils) meeting – we requested that training courses be given locally as the majority are at Great Dunmow where EALC (Essex Association of Local Councils) have their offices.
  6. CBC Draft Equality Scheme – a response from us was deemed unnecessary as there is little change with this.
  7. Moss Hay footpath – quotes are to be chased up, pole to be postponed to next meeting and new or repairs to the goalposts was discussed and it was decided that repairing would be adequate.
  8. BTCV meeting at Moss Hay took place with their representative to discuss suitable works to be carried out that would improve the perimeter with regard to brambles etc.  There is metal and rubber rubbish to be removed and a couple of dead trees to be felled and then BTCV will bring a work party along, probably in February, to tackle this job.  Local people can join the work party but must say before so that insurance can be updated.  We requested that Sparklers have an out of season bonfire to burn any garden rubbish that is on the field now and then we will request that near by home owners do not use the field for their garden rubbish in future.
  9. Peldon play equipment – we have received conformation that we can use grant money for repair work so will agree an amount at the next meeting. The play area will remain closed until the work has been done.  We now have a replacement monthly inspection person.  The basket ball area has had minor repair work to it but needs more attention.
  10. Decision on our insurance will be made next month when everyone has had a chance to look at the facts and figures properly.
  11. Wigborough Village Hall – notice for residents has been devised, printing and distribution to all Wigborough residents will follow shortly.  This is to ask for volunteers to become trustees.
  12. Bellwood – as above, also the over zealous hedge cutting will be looked into.


091143 Proposal: Rear extension to existing property , demolish existing utility and dining area to side elevation (east), also garage and out building to west side of property. Demolish 2 no. garages and re-build double carport at Waterways, Mersea Road, Peldon

091240 Proposal: Replacement dwelling at Hall Barn, Peldon Road, Abberton

091264 Proposal: Listed building application for refurbishment/re-cladding of existing barn, insertion of new glazed screens and doors and construction of new shower room. Stripping of existing roof coverings and re-covering with clay plain tiles at Moulsham Manor, St Stephens Lane, Great Wigborough

091285  Proposal: New conservatory at Strood Cottage, The Strood, Peldon

091245  Proposal: Conservation woodland and meadow with support facilities at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough

Notice of Planning Decisions:

091076 Proposal: Removal of condition 2 of 081888 at Peldon Old Rectory, Church Road, Peldon – Permission Granted

Planning Appeal:

FUL/MAL/09/00486  Change of use of land to form showman’s quarters at Restawyle, Barnhall Road, Tolleshunt Knights


101504 Terry Hedger – Salcott meadow roadside hedge trim                                    £25.00

101505  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for October 09                                                    £350.02

101506  Keith Banks  –  4 x grass cuts at Moss Hay                                                 £160.00

101507  T Simmons  –  grass cut, play insp. field and play area gates mended            £264.52

The next meeting will be at Salcott Village Hall on Tues 10th November 09 at 7.30pm.


PC Minutes 8th September 2009

Winstred Hundred Parish Council

Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th September 2009.

Present: Frances Fergus, Jane Banks, Nicky Ellis, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Lynne Simmons, Sam Knill Jones, Kevin Bradshaw, Andrew Ellis, John Jowers, Steve Copeland and 5 members of public

Apologies for absence: None

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: Bellwood – the applicant must sign the agreement this week or enforcement will begin but he can appeal.  The roadside hedge there has been devastated and the CBC Tree Officer will be contacted, although we understand permission was given for some work to be done.

County Councillor: The Regional Assembly and the Regional Development Agency have been abolished and so strategic planning will be regrouped.  When infrastructure is improved it leaves the way open for more houses to be built.  The Shoreline Management Plan now gives farmers the right to maintain their own boundaries. Improvement will be made from the launch of the Rural Commission, for example more dwellings will be able to obtain broadband. Affordable Social Housing is a priority within the Local Development Framework, houses for local people and possibly with shared ownership schemes.

Public – Have Your Say: Salcott Village Hall has had some refurbishment work done with more to come from grants and fund raising events. ECC Highways will be contacted with regard to an uneven piece of pavement and CBC with regard to curb side sweeping.  We will address the overgrowth at the Kings Head corner.

Rubbish in the hedge and ditch at Moss Hay was discussed also the hedge needs a good trim and we will address the problems, booking BTCV for some of the work. A footpath from the St Ives Farm side of St Ives Road was requested to be improved.

Flooding at Salcott crossroads was again an issue and will be discussed in Item 6.

The hedge on the roadside at Salcott meadow needs trimming again and will be done. The two gates at Salcott for the field itself and the play area are both faulty and do not close, this will also be done.

Declarations of Interest: None

Items for Discussion

  1. Great Wigborough Village Hall – has held in trust from 1954 for the people of the Wigboroughs with the Charities Commission. There were 4 original trustees who have all since died.  Therefore 4 new trustees should be found and also 7 people for a management committee.  Disposal of the hall can take place, with the maximum possible obtained from the sale and with a vote from all the people in the Wigs and the proceeds there of for use in obtaining something that will be of benefit to all in the Wigs.
  2. Salcott meadow – marquee for party – request has now been withdrawn but was discussed for any future request.  There are many considerations that would need to be met and probably resolved.
  3. Our insurance – with a view to a changed policy – a new broker has been found that will probably give us cheaper insurance even though it is still with Zurich and will be investigated further.
  4. Peldon play equipment update – the broken springy horse seat has been replaced, we are waiting for a price for rotten legs and have obtained an extensive report on other things that need attention. The tarmac of the basket ball area is badly cracked and so Phil proposed, Sam seconded and all agreed for us to ask Terry Simmons to do the job as soon as possible. We have received a very generous offer in helping us to purchase new goalposts but there was a suggestion of a bigger piece of equipment with a kicking wall, goalpost, cricket area, etc. all in one. This will be looked into.
  5. Moss Hay footpath progress & pole/gate – we have sent a written specification to the two people that sent us quotes as clarification of the job required was needed.  We are waiting for their replies. A discussion took place as to whether a gate or locking pole might be appropriate.  The pole will be investigated for cost and availability.
  6. Salcott crossroads flooding – ECC Highways has carried out work that was deemed necessary, CBC has written to landowners to carry out work at their properties with ditches etc. but one landowner has failed to do the requested work and this will be followed up.
  7. Planning Training Session – as excellent session was attended by 6 of us at the Town Hall and the councillors who did not go are encouraged to attend a session at a later date.
  8. St. Ives Wood – the next stage of clearance is due and concerns were expressed for the wildlife and also for the work to be done more considerately than last time with both the amount of cutting and with regard to safety.  The parish council will write to CBC Tree Department to make these points.
  9. Speed Gun – Layer de la Haye has it at present. We will endeavour to obtain it and find the time to use it as the trained people have been occupied with other work in the villages.
  10. Village Design Statement – the questionnaires are being evaluated which is a very long and arduous task and we are grateful for the people involved in this.
  11. CALC membership Nicky proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed to continue with our membership as it is felt that we need to be involved or we miss out on important matters.
  12. Bellwood – as above and Tolleshunt Knights – Barnhall Road application has been refused by Maldon District Council.
  13. Correspondence was received by us from RCCE about a possible site in Peldon for a small scheme of affordable housing for local people.  We will therefore request a presentation from RCCE Rural Housing Enabler at our next meeting.


090978  Proposal: Two storey rear extension at Bucklands, Copt Hall Lane, Little Wigborough

091076  Proposal: Removal of condition 2 of 081888 at Peldon Old Rectory

Notice of Planning Decisions:

090342 Proposal: Application for temporary use of mobile home as monitoring accommodation for free range chicken unit, siting of 3 mobile chicken houses, erection of tractor shelter, brood and feed shed at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough  –  Permission Refused


101499  Audit Commission  –  external annual audit                                                                 £155.25

101500  Lappset UK Ltd.  –  springy horse seat                                                                         £46.00

101501  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for August & September                                                        £700.04

101502  CALC  –  annual subs                                                                                                 £35.00

101503  T Simmons  –  4 x cuts Salcott meadow, 2 x play insp.                                                 £210.00

The next meeting will be at Peldon Village Hall on Tuesday 13th October 09 at 7.30pm.

The Parish Council wish to request that all householders put their refuse out on the correct day of the week paying particular attention to the fact that when there is a bank holiday all refuse is collected a day later than normal.  Bags are easily torn open by animals leaving an objectionable mess.


PC Minutes 14th July 2009


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th July 2009.

Present: Kevin Bradshaw, Robert Davidson, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Nicky Ellis, Frances Fergus, Kevin Bentley and 2 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Jane Banks

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: Bellwood’s last application will soon be determined and if refused we are advised that a notice to leave in 28 days will be served followed by prosecution.

The Abberton Reservoir Liaison Group has met and a transport plan has yet to be drawn up, also the proposed educational area needs to be discussed. All compulsory purchase orders have been served and a group for determining the grant money will be formed.

Some pot holes in Salcott Street have yet to be filled and this will be followed up, also the fact that documents from CBC are now coming to us that are only on line and rather big to download.

Public-Have Your Say – a request was made for work promised by ECC to be chased up with regard to flooding at Salcott crossroads and the clerk will do this.

Declarations of Interest – none.

  1. Archie’s retirement – enormous thanks and a presentation were given to Archie for all his good work over many years.  No one, as yet, has come forward to help fill the gap.
  2. CALC (Colchester Association of Local Councils) meeting was attended. A quote from Aon Insurance will be sought, access to National Association of Local Councils website will be obtained and our views on hospital car parking will be expressed to CALC to take forward. CBC are conducting a review of footpaths at present.  It was felt that we should continue to be members.
  3. Freedom of Information – course was attended and proved to be informative. If we have it, ie. information, correspondence, etc. it should be included. Certain documents should be kept for different lengths of time. Our Communication Committee will sort things out accordingly and come back to a parish council meeting at a later date.
  4. Standing Orders – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed to accept as written the small amendments made to ours and presented to us previously.
  5. The Way We Work – due to cheques being temporarily mislaid it was agree all monies paid out should be from the clerk to the recipient directly.
  6. RCCE – Nicky proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed to continue with our membership at a cost of £55.  It is proving to be invaluable with regard to our completion of a Village Design Statement.
  7. Quotations re Moss Hay footpath renovation need to be written out explaining the job exactly.  These will be requested and a decision will be made in August as this work needs to be carried out during the summer months.
  8. Planning Training – 6 places have been booked for us to attend a session in the Town Hall in August.
  9. Wigborough Village Hall – deferred to next month.
  10. Abbotts Hall meeting – not attended.
  11. Abberton Reservoir Liaison Group meeting – as above.
  12. VDS – evaluation of questionnaires is being processed.
  13. Playgrounds – new equipment for Peldon was again discussed and the VDS questionnaire results will hopefully tell us how much use this play area gets as a new alternative quote was still quite a lot of money.  The multiplay piece of equipment needs attention sooner rather than later and will be done when a new maintenance man can be found. We will write to Cory Environmental Trust to ask if we can still have the grant awarded to us even with a much smaller scheme as other funding is not materialising.
  14. Salcott crossroads accident was discussed and as this is an ECC Highways matter we will write to John Jowers to take it up.  We have many times before asked for speed reducing measures here but they have always been turned down. The clerk will write to Mrs Whybrow explaining this. Refer to the website of The Clark Law Office for more information on the legal services they offer and hire an experienced attorney to fight for accidental damages that you have suffered.


101490  St Mary the Virgin Peldon  –  extra copies of  gold edition mag                     £100.00

101491  CBC  –  VDS questionnaire freepost envelopes                                             £47.76

101492  Keith Banks  –  4 x grass cuts at Moss Hay                                                 £160.00

101493  Archie Moore  –  play insp and maintenance                                                 £35.00

101494  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for July                                                               £350.02

101495  Peldon Village Hall  –  hire                                                                          £94.00

101496  T Hedger  –  trimming of Salcott meadow roadside hedge                             £45.00

101497  T Simmons  –  2 x grass cuts of Salcott meadow and play insp                      £105.00

101498  RCCE  –  annual subs                                                                                 £55.00

The next meeting will be at Salcott Village Hall on Tues 8th September 09 at 7.30pm.


PC Minutes 9th June 2009


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 9th June 2009.

Present: Kevin Bradshaw, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Frances Fergus, Jane Banks, Nicky Ellis, Sam Knill Jones, Kevin Bentley, John Jowers and 3 public

Apologies for absence: Robert Davidson

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Borough and County Councillors: The CBC Tree Policy is being revised. The last planning application for Bellwood is being considered. The Tour Cycle of Britain is coming to Colchester on June 18th, and the roads will be closed early that day.

The Shoreline Management Plan is being revised covering planning powers out to sea, who can take which oysters and passing the seawall maintenance to farmers and also making the seawall more accessible to all but, therefore, it is hoped that the farmers would be compensated.  The government have suggested our area could take even more new housing which John is completely opposed to.  72% of our county is rural and we need to try and prevent more post offices and high street banks, etc being closed in our villages.

We congratulated Kevin and John on winning their elections.

Public – Have Your Say: Flooding in Salcott Street and at the crossroads is still a problem when there is heavy rain. Pipe work and ditches seem to be causing the problem. ECC Highways will be contacted again for a site meeting to discuss what needs to be done

Declaration of Interest: There were none

  1. Financial Report 08/09 – was proposed by Phil, seconded by Nicky and all agreed to approve them.  Our thanks go to Steve Copeland, yet again, for internally auditing them for us.
  2. Standing Orders – due to illness this is postponed till next month.
  3. Playgrounds including new equipment for Peldon – weeds in the play areas have been sprayed off.  The work deemed necessary in the annual inspection reports is being addressed.  The proposed new play equipment for Peldon was discussed at length and the quote we had been pursuing with CBC’s advice was thought to be too expensive and elaborate for the few children we are catering for, although we will try and identify the number of children who use this play area. Phil proposed, Frances seconded and all agreed to get other quotes for a smaller scale project.  Another source of funding will be looked into.
  4. Moss Hay footpath – we have two quotes for resurfacing etc. but these need to be clarified as to what exactly they are quoting for before we proceed.
  5. Planning Process Review – we are waiting for dates from CBC for planning courses for us to attend. Nicky proposed, Sam seconded and all agreed that in future each parish will write one unified reply that will then be agreed by all the parish councillors for a response that considers planning laws only. Large applications will be discussed by all. This will be returned electronically if possible.  If a parish councillor disagrees with the majority he or she is, of course, entitled to write in independently, not from the parish council. A trial period was requested and so we will reassess our progress in a few months.
  6. Abberton Reservoir Meeting – took place with Sue Jackson from CBC Planning Dept. to discuss the 106 agreement and how this can be applied to this application. Any money will be used for projects in areas where there has been immediate affect from this expansion.
  7. Wigborough Village Hall – has been boarded up for safety reasons.  The Charities Commission, who keeps control of this hall for the people of Wigborough, has been contacted about nominating new trustees and we are waiting for their reply.
  8. Archie’s retirement – we would like to express enormous thanks to Archie for doing so much, so well and for so long for us.  We will miss him. We will advertise for replacements.
  9. Gold Edition of Parish Magazine – we have put our annual report which includes the financial report and councillor contact details in the May edition of the Peldon and Wigs Parish Magazine and it will be delivered to every household in our villages including Salcott and Virley.  There was an omission with the front cover in not mentioning the latter villages and that the parish council had sponsored the extra pages and we apologies for this error.

Notice of Planning Decisions:

090357 Replace existing internal glazed door and side panels with timber-framed glazed double doors at Cobb Cottage, The Street, Salcott – Consent Granted


101477  Carolyn O’Keeffe – prize winner in VDS questionnaire draw                           £100.00

101478  EALC – Freedom of Information course                                                        £34.00

101479  R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for June                                                                £350.02

101480  ECC – Salcott salt box                                                                             £350.00

101481  Nathalie Champion – prize winner in VDS questionnaire draw                          £50.00

101482  A Moore – play insp. and repairs                                                                 £50.00

101483  Salcott PCC – churchyard upkeep                                                             £200.00

101484  Gt & Lt Wigborough – churchyards upkeep                                                £400.00

101485  Peldon PCC – churchyard upkeep                                                             £200.00

101486  Mrs N Ellis – refreshments for VDS meetings                                                £13.16

101487  Craig Stacey – VDS questionnaire prize winner                                             £25.00

101488  Rachel Lee – VDS questionnaire prize winner                                               £50.00

101489  T Simmons – boarding up Gt Wig village hall, 2 grass cuts, 1 play insp            £365.00

The next meeting will be at Peldon Village Hall on Tuesday 14th July 09 at 7.30pm

The Parish Council is looking for a person to carry out monthly playground checks at Peldon and also we would like to have a list of names for small maintenance type jobs that we can call on for bids as and when the jobs materialise. This is paid work and our insurance covers people whilst doing the work.  If anyone is interested please contact the clerk Sue Pullen 01206 735367 or any parish councillor.


Annual Parish Assembly Minutes 12th May 2009


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th May 2009

The Annual Parish Assembly

The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Present: Sam Knill Jones, Kevin Bradshaw, Phil Gladwin, Robert Davidson, Jinny Gale, Nicky Ellis, Jane Banks, Frances Fergus, Lynne Simmons, Kevin Bentley and 7 members of the public.

Apologies for absence: None

The public were invited to speak on any matter they wished.

The Chairman’s Report was read out beginning with expressing our sadness at losing Peter Crowe and welcoming Andrew Ellis.  The Gold Edition of the Parish News will be again, delivered to every household in all the villages in our parish and will give a full version of the chairman’s report and a financial report that is now being internally audited.  Thanks were given to all those people that have had an input into the day to day running of our proceedings; the clerk, Steve Copeland for internal auditing, our handy men, Borough Councillors, County Councillor and the public who have attended our meetings or assisted us in any way.  The parish council has made a number of achievements this year.  We have reduced our council tax and increased our insurance public liability.  The Communications Committee has commissioned a website, provided an email service of general local information, has also dealt with other important matters such as revising our Emergency Plan and Freedom of Information Act policy.  A Village Design Statement is in progress and certain long standing issues have been resolved, the resurfacing and signage of this main road perhaps being the most important. We have made responses to consultations, particularly the Local Development Framework, and attended many meetings on various matters.  Planning applications have been dealt with, Abberton Reservoir expansion being the largest and most time consuming.  The parish council has obtained two additional dog bins, one at Little Wigborough and one at Salcott, an additional salt bin at Salcott, helped with the Salcott field gate widening and the recent flooding problems and obtained grants for play equipment at Peldon.

Kevin Bentley expressed his thanks to us all. He also spoke of his sadness at losing a good friend and colleague in Peter Crowe but that Andrew Ellis was proving to be an equally valuable partner. He also spoke of the achievements we have made together such as the main road improvements, certain requests with regard to the Abberton Reservoir Expansion application and the hard work involved in trying to resolve the Bellwood situation which is still on going.  Kevin will also make a request to the police again to attend our meetings occasionally.

Parish Council AGM

Phil proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed for Jinny to be in Chairman for the next two years.  Jinny then thanked Robert for being chairman for the last two years bringing to the meetings his wide knowledge of our patch and the wider area in and around Colchester.  She hoped with our the ‘Way We Work’ initiative we will become a more efficient parish council giving us greater job satisfaction, therefore enabling us to have fun along the way and encourage our existing parish councillors or any new ones that join in the future.

Phil proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed for Nicky to be Vice Chairman for the next two years.

Phil proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed for Sue, the clerk, to be the Financial and Responsible Officer for the next two years.

Jinny and Nicky signed our Declaration of Acceptance of Office book.  The chairman’s medal was handed to Jinny from Robert.

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman with an alteration of  cheque numbers which should be as follows: 101469 EALC for annual subscription – £262.51 and 101470 Terry Simmons for play area inspection and repairs plus 2 grass cuts – £140.40.

Borough Councillors: There is a meeting at Peldon on Wed 13th May for the parish and borough councillors of the Reservoir Liaison Group to hear Sue Jackson from CBC Planning Department explain about 106 agreements and how this can be used with regard to this application.  106 agreements are about money that can be obtained and used for closely connected projects.

The situation at Bellwood is being closely monitored and the Chief Executive will be approached if necessary.

ECC Highways will be requested to resurface The Street at Salcott.

Public – Have Your Say: Benches on Moss Hay have been installed and Kevin Bradshaw was thanked for making them. We had previously obtained a grant for these.

We were asked to speak more clearly as sometimes the public found it hard to hear all that was said which we will endeavour to do.

Items for Discussion

  1. Village Design Statement – completed questionnaires are still coming back and will be expertly evaluated. So far we have had approximately 33% of the adult and 17% of the children’s ones returned.  The prize draw will be at the May Festival with the use of a tombola kindly leant to us by a Salcott resident. Also the May Festival photo competition will, hopefully provide us with photos for the VDS.
  2. Peldon Church Green – Phil proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed for Terry Hedger to cut this grass for us for another year.
  3. Flooding at Salcott – the meeting with Environment Agency was attended by  Environment Agency Officers, parish councillors and land owners. The EA have no actual responsibility with regard to homes flooding other than to inform people.  A contour map of the area has been requested and other matters will be looked into by them. ECC Highways are responsible for roads and pipe work and land owners and householders are responsible for ditches who ECC will contact where necessary. A full report of the meeting has been made.
  4. Improving Moss Hay – rubbish has been cleared and more is to be done. A certain householder will be asked to remove an offending pile. A suggestion of wild flower planting was put forward.
  5. Play grounds annual inspection has been completed and copies of the required maintenance jobs have been given to our two inspection and repair men.
  6. Grant obtained of £15,000 from Cory Environmental Trust for a Highland Structure piece of equipment if funding is obtained for the whole project for new equipment and surfacing.  Robert will investigate further funding. Although new equipment is expensive the old is in a poor state of repair due to the wood rotting and it was considered that it would be a constant drain of resources in the not too distant future.  Next month we will consider a breakdown of the costs of new equipment and reassess how to go forward with this.
    A grant was obtained a while ago to improve the footpath on Moss Hay. Now is the right time for this job and so a quote has been obtained and more will be sort with hopefully the chance to dig out the adjacent ditch at the same time.
  7. Planning Process Review – training with the help of CBC is being looked into and we will report back on the matter next month.
  8. Changes to Standing Orders – owing to the quantity of other work this is deferred to next month.
  9. Old Village Hall, Great Wigborough will be boarded up by us, Phil proposed, Jinny seconded and all agreed, although this hall and land is not owned by the parish council. The Charities Commission own the hall for the people of Wigborough.  All the original trustees are thought to be now dead so we will possibly, in time, be seeking new trustees.  The car park appears to have an abandoned car in it, ownership of which will be investigated for further action.  Also, the car park is used generally as a car park which will be a problem when the portacabin arrives for voting at the forthcoming election.

Planning Notice:

080194 Proposal: Construction of new Wormingford Pumping Station (WPS). New pipeline from WPS to Abberton Reservoir. Expansion of Abberton Reservoir works to B1026. The application includes an Environmental Statement.

Location: Land from Wormingford to Abberton including Abberton Reservoir, Abberton Reservoir scheme, Peldon Road, Abberton, Colchester.

This application has been approved. Details can be viewed on the Council’s website or at their offices between 08.30-17.30 Monday to Friday.

090322 Proposal: Extensions and alterations at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott  –  Permission Granted


101471 A Moore – play area inspection                                                                       £25.00

101472 R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for May + back dated increase                                      £350.40

101473 Peldon Village Hall – hire                                                                               £90.00

101474 Anglia Inspection Services – playgrounds annual inspection                               £155.00

101475 J & N Bradshaw – 4 benches for Moss Hay                                                     £552.00

101476 T Simmons – play area insp. and 2 x grass cuts                                               £105.00

The next meeting will be held at Salcott Village Hall on Tuesday 9th June 2009 at 7.30


PC Minutes 14th April 2009


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th April 2009.

Present: Frances Fergus, Nicky Ellis, Jinny Gale, Robert Davidson, Phil Gladwin, Jane Banks, Lynne Simmons, Kevin Bradshaw, Sam Knill Jones, Andrew Ellis and approx 25 members of the public.

Apologies for absence: Kevin Bentley

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman with an alteration at Item 3. last sentence ‘We also decided that in future……’ was discussed but was to be proposed and decided at the following meeting.

Borough Councillors: There had been no particular issues reported.  ECC Highways have been consulted about the missing 30mph sign that should have been replaced in Salcott Street. Why there is an empty council house in Salcott will also be looked into.

Public – Have Your Say: Several people had come about the flooding in Salcott and were asked to wait for when that subject would be discussed at Item 2 later in the meeting.

Two property owners in Salcott expressed their dissatisfaction at length with the parish council for not backing their planning applications. The chairman explained planning procedures and that the planning decisions are made by qualified officers at Colchester Borough Council. He suggested people come to our meetings to explain what they are hoping to achieve with regard to planning applications before submitting them in an attempt to clarify requirements.

There was a request for the Salcott meadow grass to be cut before school holidays.

Declarations of Interest: Depending on the discussion Sam for Item 2 and Jinny for No. 8 in correspondence

Items for Discussion

  1. Clerk’s salary adjustment in line with the national pay scale was discussed and the increase of £0.029 backdated from April 08 was proposed by Phil, seconded by Jinny and all agreed.
  2. Flooding at Salcott – was discussed and there had been a number of suggestions and proposals for improving matters but as we have a meeting with the Environment Agency at the end of the month it was considered the best option is to wait for professional advice. A list of questions and queries has been compiled for the meeting.  We must determine whether or not the Grove Road and any new development on the jam factory site, both in Tiptree, has any impact on the flooding problems of Salcott.  It was suggested that Section 106 for obtaining compensatory funds may be appropriate when or if the jam factory site is developed.  The flooding of Wigborough houses has been dealt with by ECC Highways.
  3. Emergency Plan – update is being compiled with any new contact details.  A list of boat and dingy owners will be added.  Enquiries will be made about sand bags.
  4. Communications Committee – our website design is to be decided keeping within our budget.  Local groups have and will be asked if they would like to have a link. Essex and Suffolk Water will also be approached.
    Our Freedom of Information declaration is almost complete but a course will be attended in June by a parish councillor on this subject so it was thought prudent to wait until after then.  We are covered now by a blanket declaration.
    Jinny proposed, Phil seconded and all agreed for any correspondence to us by a member of the public or body by telephone, letter or email be acknowledged by letter or email within 7 days of receipt adding that the matter, if it cannot be dealt with immediately, be discussed at our next parish council meeting and a reply within 10 days following.
    We will review how we look at planning applications and how our decisions are made. Also we will look at how we keep planning applications as these are on the CBC website.
    Jinny proposed and Phil seconded and all agreed for us to abide by the new protocol for emails.  Names can be added to our emailing services of useful information and forthcoming events run by Jinny which will probably be incorporated into the website when it is up and running.
    Our responses to consultations will be listed electronically for easy access.
  5. VDS – with great team effort by the volunteers and Nicky for organising it the questionnaires were distributed to all households in all our villages. Thanks were expressed to those volunteers. Volunteers are needed for evaluating the results.  Some forms have been completed and returned already. Everyone is urged to fill in and send off their questionnaire in time to be entered for prizes to be drawn at the Peldon May Festival.  When completed the Villages Design Statement will be considered in decisions for the future of our villages by CBC for the next 15 years so it is very important for everybody to have their say.
  6. CACL Meeting – was attended and there was a presentation from Playing Field Association. A couple of other presentations had been cancelled.  Their next meeting will be attended by one of us.
  7. Annual Report – suggestions re content to be emailed to Jinny who is in the process of putting this together for our next meeting.
  8. Vice chairman – for the next two years will be from the Peldon parish councillors and decided between them for proposal by our next meeting.

Correspondence: No 8.  Jinny Gale would like it on record that she completely refutes all the allegations made against her in Martin Parmenter’s letter.


090342 Proposal: Application for temporary use of mobile home as monitoring accommodation for free range chicken unit, siting 3 mobile chicken houses, erection of tractor shelter, brood and feed shed at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough

090322 Proposal: Extensions and alterations at Beckton Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

090357 Proposal: Replace existing internal glazed door and side panels with timber-framed glazed double doors at Cobb Cottage, The Street, Salcott

090467 Proposal: Agricultural determination for erection of machinery/workshop shed at Virley Hall Farm, Mill Lane, Virley

Notice of Planning Decisions:

090165 Proposal: Building to house agricultural machinery and implements to support agricultural use. Resubmission of 082140 at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott – Permission Granted

090049 Proposal: Form a new annexe within an existing Essex barn, form new gym area, cinema room and change of use at Abbots Wick Farm, Abbots Wick Lane, Great Wigborough – Permission Refused

Appeal on the refusal of construction of wind farm at Hockley Farm, Bradwell has been quashed by the High Court


101463 R S Pullen  –  clerk’s expenses (paper, ink, etc.)                                           £127.81

101464 R S Pullen  –  office use (heating, lighting, etc.)                                           £250.00

101465 Zurich Insurance Company  –  annual insurance                                          £3046.59

101466 R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for April                                                               £349.02

101467 A Moore  –  play area inspection and clearance under shelter                          £48.00

101468 Mrs N Ellis  –  printing and envelopes for VDS questionnaire                           £421.09

101469 Terry Simmons  –  play area insp and repairs, 2 grass cuts                              £140.40

The next meeting will be the Annual Parish Assembly, AGM and Parish Council Meeting at Peldon Village Hall on 12th May 2009 at 7.30pm.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice please contact Nicky Jackson on 01223 205181.  It is a charity for children with life threatening conditions and their families.


PC Minutes 10th March 2009


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th March 2009.

Present: Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Jane Banks, Kevin Bradshaw, Lynne Simmons, Nicky Ellis, Sam Knill Jones, Kevin Bentley and approx. 30 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Robert Davidson, Andrew Ellis

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the vice chairman. Nicky proposed, Phil Seconded and all agreed to state the minutes as Draft as that is exactly what they are until agreed by all at the following meeting.

Borough Councillors: Abberton Reservoir Liaison Group had their first meeting recently. The planning application has been granted conditional approval with the Community Funding to be sorted.  This Community Fund is to be set up to help compensate in various ways closely affected areas.  The main raising work will begin in January 2010. A transport plan has yet to be compiled.  The main work will be given out to tender.  Minor works will begin in April this year.  Woodland felling had started but halted again while birds are nesting.  A road will be built around the reservoir to help contain all construction work.  The new visitors centre will be completed in August 2010.  There is to be a memorial bench to Peter Crowe erected somewhere suitable.

Public – Have Your Say: Jinny requested for any public comments about Item 1. – Flooding in Salcott, to wait for that part of the meeting. A follow up on speed gun training was requested and with the evenings getting lighter this will take place soon – speeding motorists beware!  We would still like everybody to report to us any accidents along this main road for our log to continue for further use in campaigning for a speed reduction.  Reports about blocked ditches in Peldon will also be chased up.

Declarations of Interest: Sam declared an interest in Item 1. and was asked to stay but not enter into the discussion at all.

Items for Discussion

  1. Flooding at Salcott – the vice chairman gave a full and explanatory account of the proceedings up to now with regard to complaints, correspondence, parish council regulations and requirements.  Mr Martin Parmenter read a prepared statement about flooding at Salcott cum Virley and procedures about the production of the Parish Council’s Minutes.  He asked that a copy of the statement be included in the Minutes.  As explained at the meeting the Council’s policy is to record decisions in the Minutes but not discussions pertaining to those decisions.  Accordingly Mr Parmenter’s statement has not been included.  It will be held with the Parish Council records and copies can be obtained from the clerk in line with the Freedom of Information Act.  Any such copies will be provided in hard copy form and will be free of charge.

    With regard to the flooding at Salcott, Mr Chris Knill Jones has stated that he is not in a position to consider making any changes to his land which had been suggested to him.  Also another landowner regarded the suggestion as making his land more susceptible to flooding.   It was considered to be a far wider issue and any changes to land, counter walls and sea walls etc. would require careful monitoring and planning by the Environment Agency.  Phil proposed, Lynne seconded and all agreed that we should write to the Environment Agency about the situation requesting that they keep us informed of any visits or decisions they make.  CBC will also be contacted to alert them of the severity of the problem and ask if they have any plans, surveys or suggestions to help the situation. The increased number of houses in Tiptree has made the situation worse; was that considered when planning applications were granted?  Also with regard to the roads flooding from an excess of rain water ECC Highways have met with people at Salcott and written to land owners requesting clearance of ditches.  Hopefully people will be vigilant and keep their ditches cleared at all times.  It was suggested that the whole problem of flooding at Salcott be on the agenda quarterly to assess the situation and any progress to date.

  2. Salt bin at Salcott – Phil proposed, Lynne seconded and all agreed for us to buy Salcott an additional salt bin to be situated along Salcott Street.  This will be at a cost of £350 which includes maintenance and filling by ECC Highways.
  3. Communications Committee – had a meeting and certain matters were discussed. We have been informed that emails between us on parish council matters are not in the public domain as previously thought but can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  With regard to the Act we are in the process of compiling ours gradually as it is a lengthy document to sort out making sure everything is included that is appropriate to us, but we have adopted an interim cover.  Website quotes were considered and a decision was made to use someone who had been recommended to us by another parish council and whose website appeared to be just right for us and within our budget.  We also decided that in future the parish council will acknowledge receipt of any correspondence by return with the matter therein to be discussed at the next meeting with a full reply following.
  4. Local Development Framework – our response to the consultation was read out and has been circulated for all to see.
  5. Village Design Statement – the questionnaire is being printed, CBC will supply freepost return envelopes and the parish council will distribute these to all houses in our villages from 5th to 15th April.  There will be four cash prizes for completed and returned questionnaires, 2 for adults and 2 for children, with the draw taking place at the May Festival at 4pm.  This will help to form the basis for our Villages Design Statement for which we have received a grant from Rural Action East.
  6. Dog Bins – new ones as requested have been situated at the end of Copt Hall Lane in Little Wigborough and at the start of a footpath along The Street in Salcott.
  7. Meetings Attended – it was learned at the Clerk’s Forum there is a Community Bus that is situated at troublesome points in and around Colchester at night for young people to enter for guidance and help.  During the day it has many uses for helping the community. Any enquiries or donations for this scheme should go to Debbie Farthing on 01206 766096.
  8. Emergency Plan – updating our plan is another lengthy procedure and hopefully will be completed and returned to CBC by next month’s meeting.


090208 Proposed extension at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

090165 Agricultural building at Beckton House Farm, Salcott – correspondence


101460 A Moore – play area insp, repair to picnic table, empty bin                                £60.00

101461 R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for March                                                                £349.02

101462 T Simmons – play area inspection                                                                 £25.00

The next meeting will be in Salcott Village Hall on Tuesday 14th April 2009 at 7.30pm


PC Meeting Notes 10th February 2009



 Parish Council


 10th February 2009




 Salcott Parish Hall


 Full Council minus Robert and Sam

 Flooding and weather related issues

There was a large attendance from Salcott on the back of flooding concerns.  Alex Graham and his neighbour had also been flooded.  Phil and Kevin Bradshaw and others did an excellent job in helping out and getting CBC and Highways involved.

A full examination of ditches in the Wigboroughs (and Peldon?) had taken place and Roger Went would be writing to land owners reminding them of their responsibility to keep ditches clear.  He will also deal with the flooded ditch problem at the entrance to Peldon Hall.  It was good that Roger had come out while the water was still lying and running so that he could really see the impact and extent of things we have complained about before but which he had never seen for himself.  As a result it looks as though there will be some action taken.

Roger and Alan Bligh(?) will meet with Kevin Bradshaw within a few days re the flooding at Salcott.  Subsequent note from Terry Simmons:

Today  (12/02/09) a  meeting  took place in Salcott village to discuss the flooding problem .

Three members of the village and three from highway’s ie -Martin Parminter ,Dave Whybrow, and Myself from Salcott Plus Alan Blyth, Roger Went ,And Simon High, from highway’s  they also  brought with  them a jetting machine .

The drains from the crossroad’s to Mill lane were jetted and the finding’s are as follows.

  1. Broken drain at crossroad .
  2. Blockage on right between The Well House (big house on c/road’s) and Number 1 Sharlands Row.
  3. All pipe work/ditch’s on  right in front of house’s are Clear from blockage to the bungalow (Willow brook).
  4. Length of ditch from bungalow to the barn on right to be dug out and cleared.
  5. Pipe work from end of ditch to Mill Lane Clear.
  6. Length  of ditch from top of the street (by the bungalow on  the left) to the pipe work to be dug out and cleared.
  7. All pipe work on left from end of ditch to concrete slab clear.
  8. Length of ditch from slab to field entrance near Waterslye Lodge (first house on left) to be dug out and cleared.
  9. Irrigation pipe that runs under road in the pipe work from field entrance to ditch to be removed.
  10. Blockage in above pipe work. (Two pipes)
  11. Drain outside Waterstyle   Lodge to be piped across the road into the opposite ditch.

Highways will repair broken drain and pipe work across road number’s 1 and 9

Simon High will write to home/land  owners to request for work to done for number’s


The mood at the start of the meeting from the Salcott section of the public was fairly antagonistic but when they heard what had been done and was still to be done they went away well pleased.

Emergency Plan

There were new telephone numbers for the CBC Emergency Team (which they had changed without telling us!) and we were urged to investigate and make emergency provision related to any hazardous activities which regularly take place on our patch.  We decided that there was nothing of particular note which we should include in our Emergency Plan.

Jinny to update the Plan and arrange with Sue for amendments to be circulated.

Salt bins

CBC would not supply an additional salt bin free of charge for the Turf Farm area of Salcott but one could be provided and kept filled for a charge of £350.   The mood of the Council was receptive to this idea but it needs to be formally proposed and voted on at the next Council Meeting.

Abberton Liaison Group

The Abberton Liaison Group will be meeting on 9th March.

Communications Committee

The council approved the Communications Committee’s work to date on the website, agreed with the proposal to abandon formal computer training and institute a self-help approach and agreed in principle with the e-mail protocol which needs to be formally submitted and voted on at the next meeting.

We recruited four more people to the e-mail experiment, bringing the total number of people on that list up to 36.  This service was rated as well worth keeping.

The Freedom of Information document was referred back to the Communications Committee for further discussion, in particular with Sue about what records she holds.  The council agreed that access to information should normally be free although, at the Clerk’s discretion, a charge not exceeding the cost of producing the information could be made.  This to protect the Council against repeated frivolous enquiries and to reclaim any expenditure should any enquiry require a large effort or incur incidental significant costs.

The Council was happy for the Communications Committee to progress consideration of the short list of four possible website designers.

The Council felt that we should explore fully the costs of sponsoring another Gold Edition of the Peldon and Wigboroughs Parish News this year to ensure that our Annual Report was delivered to every house in the Parish.  Nicky had asked Bill for quotes for up to four pages extra.  The estimate is a maximum of £100.  Last year we felt that we could do a circular ourselves for £84 but we preferred the marginally more expensive Parish News approach as being more community-minded, provided the costs did not exceed the quote.  Nicky pointed out that we could probably split the cost with the Five Parishes group who were pleased to take advantage of the initiative last year.

Nicky suggested and all agreed that we should make sure that copies of Minutes put into the Parish News should be clearly marked as being Draft Minutes not yet agreed by the Parish Council.

Village Design Statement

The council was pleased to hear of very good progress with the VDS.  The questionnaire was finalised, CBC had agreed to be the receiving point for our returned forms and Nicky had applied for a grant.  The Council made sympathetic noises about possibly deploying excess money budgeted for the VDS (should there be any) to the website development if required.  It was noted that the website would benefit a number of Parish Council initiatives.

Essex Speed Management Consultation

We agreed to respond to the Essex Speed Management Strategy consultation commenting that we supported the strategy and welcomed the greater emphasis on speed limits on rural roads.  We had been asking for limits on roads which we know to be dangerous and accident prone and look forward to receiving a more sympathetic response in future

Moss Hay

We talked about Christine Nash’s thoughts about tidying up Moss Hay.  The Parish Council supported the idea of a community initiative to progress this with the thought that there might be funds available if required once a clear plan of action had been set out.  Frances and Christine will get together to work out what might be necessary and possible and bring back a proposal to the next Parish Council meeting.

Mr Fellowes’ e-mail

From: <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 7:19 PM
Subject: Local Development Framework – Peldon
> The February 09 edition of the Parish News called for further views on
> the ‘preferred sites for possible future development’ within the
> village.   I should be grateful for my view to be passed to the Parish
> Council.   I object to any further development/building on the farmland
> (Davidson’s I understand) along Mersea Road which would increase the
> ‘strip’ style development of the area and is outside the ‘envelope’.
> Given that a further ‘estate’ will soon be created on the site of the
> old garage and adjacent land, I do not consider any further development
> is likely to value the village.  However, if needs must then there is
> ample space off Peldon Road (a ‘private playing field’!!?) adjacent to
> the top end of the Public Footpath.  This would not increase ‘strip’
> development.
> The minutes of the Winstred Hundred Parish Council of 13 January 09 re-
> produced in the same edition of the Parish News,under the heading
> ‘Local Development Framework’  indicate that “Discussions will take
> place between us from now until our next meeting……”   Presumably
> these ‘discussions’ are between councillors and will therefore
> themselves be minuted and available to the community.
> At the Public Meeting on 7 October 08 volunteers were called for as
> being urgently needed to help create a village statement – despite
> providing name, telephone number and email address I have not been
> contacted during the past four months.   Presumably the need was either
> not as urgent as stated or perhaps there are other reasons???
> K R Fellowes

Sue had acknowledged Mr Fellowes’ e-mail saying that he had not been contacted re the VDS and with comments about LDF sites.  Nicky had replied to the VDS part and   Jinny would reply to the section of his e-mail referring to the LDF consultation.

LDF Public Consultation

Jinny to draft a reply along the lines that we noted the non-selection of all the sites in our parish except for possibly affordable housing.  We supported the decision to restrict the site at Pantiles since although it is technically outside our area any change to traffic to and from the site would affect Peldon.

We would repeat the gist of the comments made earlier to CBC, since these are not carried forward into the conclusions of the Public Consultation.  These to include the strong desire for the return of a shop and that there was some support for small and sympathetic residential development if that would bring more families into the community.

Rural Housing Association

We agreed to respond to a letter from the English Rural Housing Association asking whether they could present at one of our meetings to the effect that if the possibility of development on one of our ‘affordable housing only’ sites looked possible we would be pleased to have  presentation from them but until such a possibility loomed we would decline their kind offer.

Peldon Fireworks

We noted the independent  report by Robert Kean which satisfactorily addressed the issues which arose from this year’s event and thanked Robert for producing it.