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This section of the website contains village and club news as well as news from the Parish Council and Borough Councillors.  If you have news to contribute please contact the parish clerk.

PC Agenda 10th November 2015


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

A meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council will be held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th November 2015

Apologies for absence:

Minutes of the last meeting

Zone Wardens Report

Borough and County Councillors

Public-Have Your Say

Declarations of Interest

Items for Discussion

  1. Neighbourhood Watch
  • Has there been any further interest in setting up a scheme in any of our villages following the request for coordinators?
  • Decision required: Should we take this further at this time and if so how?
  1. Playgrounds and Playing Fields
  • Reports on both play areas and fields
  • Progress on work completed and work ongoing including footpath quotes and possible funding, rubber, hedge work, etc. on Moss Hay
  • Decision required: What work needs attention now?
  1. Salcott Flooding
  • Any subsequent correspondence on the matter to date
  • Decision required: What further action can the PC take at this time?
  1. S106 Monies and Borough Councillor Fund
  • Discuss any projects/schemes for the funds
  1. Process for agreeing the Parish Council planning comments
  • Discuss our previous guidelines and consider whether still appropriate
  •  Decision required: Agree to how we should implement these ‘rules’.
  1. Abberton Reservoir Rights of Way
  • Parish council response to R of W Committee noted
  1. Bus Service Questionnaire
  • Decision required: To consider and agree John’s return statement
  1. Actions and Reminders List – update

Planning Applications:

152293 Proposal: Single storey side extension at Elm Tree Cottage, Church Road, Peldon
152363 Proposal: Insertion of windows and doors into existing garage structure with alterations and ground floor extension to provide ancillary accommodation for dependent relatives (resubmission of application no. 151111) at Bucklands, Copt Hall Lane, Little Wigborough

Planning Decisions:

151918 Proposal: Double garage sited in front of dwelling and rear extension orangery/garden room at Longacre, School Lane, Great Wigborough – Approve conditional


101852 R S Pullen – November salary£375.65

The next meeting will be on Tues 8th December 2015 at 7.30pm at Salcott Village Hall


PAWS October – African Medley


African Medley

Our October meeting saw the return of Dougal Urquhart, ranger at Cudmore Grove, with a talk on “African Medley”.

Dougal and his wife have made four trips to Africa over the last 7 years visiting Gambia, Namibia, Ethiopia and Morocco. He has a passion for bird watching and nature in general preferring to stay at eco-lodges along the way. He showed us a collection of slides of birds including the Red Billed Fire Finch, Grey Heron, Osprey, Red Billed Hornbill and Flamingo, to name but a few. He was also able to show us the rare Ethiopian Wolf which very much resembled a Fox.

Dougal is an excellent speaker and all enjoyed the evening tremendously.

Next meeting – a change

Our next get together is on the 24th November and there is a change to our programme Jackie Marshall-Ward will give us a talk on “Upstairs, Downstairs”.

Visitors are welcome at a cost of £5.00.  Details of all our meetings and speakers can be found on the diary of the home page of the Winstred 100 website. If you would like further information about P.A.W.S please ring either of the following committee members: Alice Holmes 01206 735510 or Jane Anderson 01206 735505.


PC Minutes 13th October 2015


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council at Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13th October 2015

Present: Netty Knill-Jones, John Walker, Phil Gladwin, Lynne Simmons, Jinny Gale, Liz Davidson, Bob Holmes, Andrew Ellis, Kevin Bentley, Grahame Stehle (Neighbourhood Watch Colchester Coordinator) and 3 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Nicky Ellis, Robert Davidson, Zone Wardens

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Zone Wardens Report: None sent but they will follow up anything that they can deal with for us. They have replaced a broken bin lid at Salcott for which we are very grateful.

Borough Councillor:  A disturbing matter at Virley is being looked into. A planning application will be ‘called in’ to be presented before CBC Planning Committee.

County Councillor: The new ward boundaries will be published on 26th October and elections will take place next May for all Borough Councillors. An application has been submitted to the Local Highways Panel for speed rumble strips to be placed on all 3 roads in Peldon, Lower, Church and St Ives. It was suggested the parish council should reply to the consultation on new Policing expressing our dissatisfaction with certain elements of the new regime following severe cut backs.

Public-Have Your Say: None

Declarations of Interest: Liz Davidson for Item 6.

1.   Neighbourhood Watch – Grahame Stehle gave a very interesting and informative presentation explaining exactly what is involved. The parish council considered such schemes to be a good idea in our villages particularly with the recent local break-ins some have experienced. The next step is to find interested coordinators.

2.   Playgrounds and Playing Fields – Hedge trimming on Moss Hay has taken place and the loose rubber needs addressing when workforce is available. Quotes and funding for refurbishing the footpath are being sought. The Community Group will be contacted again for any suitable work that they can do for us.

3.   Environment Agency Offices – meeting re: Salcott Flooding and following report and subsequent emailing from various sources was discussed. Both Kevin and Andrew will take on certain matters to assist in obtaining some positive action to resolve this on-going problem. All residents are reminded that clearance of boundary ditches, roadside and creek side, are their responsibility and failure to do so can result in prosecution.

4.   S106 Monies and Borough Councillor Fund – new fencing for the Salcott playground will be explored, fitted or not of either wood or galvanized metal.

5.   Public Welcome Sheet – explaining what is requested of the public attending a meeting was decided to be a good idea that we will adopt.

6.   Abberton Reservoir Rights of Way –

Footpath from Peldon to Wigborough; all opportunities for land to be made available for this popular route have been researched (and are still being discussed) currently there is no immediate prospect for this route to go ahead but we agreed that it was still worth pursuing should an opportunity be presented.

The Parish Council are in favour of upgrading the Essex and Suffolk (ESW) permissive footpath between the top of Lodge Lane and the permissive bridleway adjacent to Pete Tye to permissive bridleway to help ensure safety of horses, riders and other road users. There will be expenditure on screening and drainage here that the Parish Council thought are very worthwhile.

The Parish Council agreed that the ESW permissive footpath (and in part cycle way) around the central section of the Reservoir should be  upgraded to allow disabled access but not to a bridleway and that the Rights of Way Committee should buy a four wheel drive electric wheelchair (to be kept and administered by the Wildlife Trust) for use there.

The Parish Council agreed to support the upgrading of the short section of ESW permissive footpath from near Billets Farm to near Gt. Wigborough Church to bridleway as long as issues at the B 1026 end of this regarding site splay and parking can be resolved to the satisfaction of Essex County Council (ECC) Highways.

7.   Actions and Reminders List – updated, to include a request that all residents consider the Essex Rural Strategy Consultation at

Planning Applications:

152170 Proposal: Living room and bedroom extension at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott
152149 Proposal: Erection of single dwelling and garage at Green Farm, The Street, Salcott
152121 Proposal: Outline application for a proposed 3 bedroom dwelling at site adjacent Peartree Cottage, Rose Lane, Salcott

Planning Decisions:

151503 Proposal: removal on condition 02 of planning permission COL/102275/FUL to allow the building to be used as a B1, B2 & B8 at Pantiles Farm, Peldon Road, Abberton – Approve conditional
151650 Proposal: New roof structure, cladding and works at Waterways, Mersea Road, Peldon – Approve conditional
151607 Proposal: Gable roof to right hand projection to create a balanced shape and form to the overall dwelling at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott – Approve conditional


101847 R S Pullen – October salary£375.65
101848Mr B Gooding – play insp£30.00
101849 R J Playle Services – hedge and verge cut on Moss Hay£180.00
101850 Peldon Village Hall – hire£80.00
101851 T Simmons – play insp and grass cut£75.00

The next meeting will be on Tues 10th November 2015 at 7.30pm at Peldon Village Hall


Grass Cutting

Maintenance of the Salcott playing field and Moss Hay in Peldon

The Parish Council pays to have the grass cut during the growing season at about fortnightly intervals depending on the weather and the availability of our contractors.  Further the Council is prepared, within reason, to organise additional cuts to coincide with special events taking place on the fields.  This will be done at no cost to individuals or groups.

Please liaise with the Parish Clerk on all matters related to grass cutting and maintenance of the playing fields and children’s play areas.

Contact details:  Sue Pullen 01206 735 367 or [email protected]


Restorative Justice

essex-restorative-justiceSuccessful Trial of Restorative Justice Completed

Essex Police have successfully completed a six-months trial in West Essex, which includes the districts of Epping, Brentwood, Harlow and Thurrock.  It is now intended to roll it out to the rest of Essex from October and the Police & Crime Commissioner is inviting those groups and agencies who might be interested in getting involved to attend one of two launch events:

  • 27th October  12.00 – 15.00 at The Rayleigh Club, Hullbridge Road, Rayleigh, SS6 9QS ,
  • 28th October 12.00 – 15.00 at The Essex Golf and Country Club, Colchester, CO6 2JU.

The afternoon will begin with a buffet lunch, followed by talks and presentations focusing on the success of the West Essex RJ pilot, the impact of restorative justice on those that take part, and what the roll-out means for you in your organisation.  

The launch will involve speeches from PCC Nick Alston, members of the RJ Hub and examples from those who have participated in Restorative Justice in Essex.

If you are interested in attending please contact Emma Callaghan, Restorative Justice Hub Development Manager, by email [email protected], before Friday 16th October.

So, What is Restorative Justice About?

Restorative Justice is a process which gives victims the opportunity to meet or communicate with those who have offended against them.  It holds offenders to account and helps them take responsibility for the harm they have caused.  Both parties discuss next steps and the offender can then make amends.

Victims are given the chance to explain to a criminal the impact a crime has had on them, ask questions of the offender and seek an apology.  It enables offenders to be held to account for what they have done but also take responsibility for the harm they have caused.  

If a face-to-face meeting is not appropriate they can do so indirectly via letters or messages. Restorative justice is used for less serious offences or conflicts, such as graffiti or anti-social behaviour.  Everyone involved must consent to take part.

The Benefits are Apparent

  • 85% victims are satisfied following an RJ process.
  • Re-offending is reduced by as much as 27%.
  • 98% direct RJ ends in mutually agreed outcomes.
  • RJ decreases post-traumatic stress and allows victims of crime to return to work more quickly.
  • In neighbour disputes, RJ can help to avoid evictions and help neighbours live in peace.

Read more on the Police & Crime Commissioner’s website or download their information leaflet.  


Vishing Fraud Alert

serious-crime-directorateVishing Fraud Alert

Please be aware of recent fraud activity that is targeting businesses within our Region.

The Fraud

Fraudsters are ringing up company wage clerks/finance directors claiming to be from Barclay’s Fraud department and gaining permission to remotely access the victim’s computer system.  This is on the pretence that their business account has been compromised. The victim opens up the bank account, the fraudster then transfers the money into what they state will be the company’s new, none compromised account.  The funds are then automatically distributed in seconds. Total regional losses have exceeded £1 million.

Protect your company

  • Do not be afraid to end cold calls.
  • Do not to assume a caller is genuine just because they hold some information about you. Criminals may already have got hold of some basic information about a potential victim, such as a name, address and account details to try to make the call appear legitimate.
  • If in any doubt hang up and call the bank yourself on numbers you know are genuine, however be sure to hang the phone up long enough to prevent the fraudster holding the line open.
  • NEVER call the bank back on the number the caller provides you.
  • The Bank will never call and ask for remote access to your computers or for passwords to access your accounts.

If you are a victim of “Vishing” call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use our online tool to report the fraud and receive a police crime reference number. DI 3159 Lee Morton Serious Economic Crime Unit


PAWS September – All About Balloons

All About Balloons

sue-kidd--edward-lubbockSue Kidd and Edward Lubbock came along to our September meeting and told us all about the joys and disasters of Hot Air Ballooning.  They both got into ballooning in the mid-80s and are now the proud owners of their own balloon G-SUED.  They explained that, like an aeroplane, you have to have a licence to fly a balloon and have to go through extensive training to get it.  It is necessary to know the laws relating to flying a balloon, about the weather, how a balloon is put together and how to deal with emergencies.  They explained that there are two types of balloon; those with hot air produced by a burner and those filled with hydrogen or helium.  Gas balloons are smaller and rounder than hot air balloons and more likely to explode!  The biggest dangers to a balloonist are pylons and mist, although less so since the advent of GPS systems.  Balloons come in many shapes and sizes and are often used for advertising.  We all enjoyed this fascinating insight into the world of balloons.

Next Meeting

Our next get together is on the 27th October when Douglas Urquhart returns with his talk on “African Medley”.

Visitors are welcome at a cost of £5.00.  Details of all our meetings and speakers can be found on the diary of the home page of the Winstred 100 website.  If you would like further information about P.A.W.S please ring either of the following committee members: Alice Holmes 01206 735510 or Jane Anderson 01206 735505.


Essex Police Go App

ecm_1New App from Essex Police

Savvy smartphone users will soon be able to access the latest news from Essex Police through a brand new app.

To mark the first year anniversary of Essex Community Messaging (ECM), the ECM app was launched on Thursday October 1, 2015 and is available to download for iPhone and Android devices.

The app will enable residents to receive localised messages straight to their device, from Essex Police officers, staff and key partners such as Neighbourhood Watch.

Those who sign up will be able to select information on what they would like to receive – based on where they live, work or socialise. A new photo feature will also allow users to view images to identify stolen property and help find missing or wanted people.

In its first year, ECM has already proved useful in alerting residents to crime and missing people in their areas – and even assisted in the conviction of a bogus charity collector. Earlier this year, PC Sam Waters sent out a message to alert Wickford residents about a man who was believed to be knocking on doors requesting sponsorship money for charity and using the money for his own gain. The ECM message led to 12 people coming forward with information.

On the information that was received, a 30-year-old man was arrested and later admitted four counts of fraud by false representation. He received a 12 week suspended sentence at Basildon Magistrates’ Court.

Chief Supt Luke Collison, ECM Project Lead, said:

ECM App Benefit help play an active roleFollowing the success of the initial ECM platform, we were keen to develop a smart phone app version. We recognise that more and more people in Essex use mobile technology and we clearly want to be a part of that in how we deliver modern policing.

We want to share as much information as we can with the public, quickly and efficiently so that communities are up to date on local policing issues. The ECM app allows us to target our messages to ensure we get the right information to the right people.

This is the first smart app that Essex Police has launched and we are convinced it will help many people stay safe across the county.

Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said:

ECM App benefit helps to keep you informedWe’re continuing to develop Essex Community Messaging to make it even easier to get key crime and community safety information out to local people faster than ever. It’s also essential that ECM provides a channel for a two-way flow of information between Essex Police, our Watch groups, and the people of Essex.

I encourage everyone to sign up to ECM.  It’s a great way of learning simple measures to prevent crime and it also provides an opportunity to report suspicious behaviour which may help Essex Police to bring criminals to justice.

Information on how to download the app is available on the ECM website:


PC Minutes 8th September 2015


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th September 2015

Present: Nicky Ellis, Bob Holmes, Liz Davidson, Jinny Gale, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Netty Knill-Jones, Andrew Ellis, Zone Warden and 14 members of the public

Apologies for absence: John Walker, Rob Surface, Kevin Bentley

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Zone Warden Report: The Police and Zone Wardens have carried out speed checks in local villages, several were exceeding the limit and 46 mph in a 30 limit was the highest recorded speed. Culprits of littering will be prosecuted and somebody who threw a cigarette end out of a car window was fined £740 in court. Dog fouling culprits have and will continue to be prosecuted.  Zone Wardens now wear high vis jackets for their own safety and are now more easily identifiable.  A local source for selling the CBC food waste bins is being looked into. Zone Wardens will assist groups with equipment etc if they wish to carry out organised litter picking events in their area.

Borough Councillor: There is S106 money available for recreational capital projects from new build at Salcott and ideas will be considered.

Public-Have Your Say: Concern was raised about loose dogs.  Concern was also raised about accidents and speeding along the main road through our villages, taking out telegraph poles at frequent intervals, people being hurt badly and even killed, see item 5.

Declarations of Interest: None

1.   Playgrounds and Playing Fields: Work on Moss Hay is still on-going subject to availability of volunteers and workers time. Quotes for resurfacing and funding the footpath are still being investigated. Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed to ask Richard Playale to cut all the surrounding hedges that he can.  A broken bin top at Salcott will be looked into for replacing and the possibility for using the S106 money for rolling Salcott meadow will be explored.  It was decided not to obtain old equipment from Abberton and Langenhoe as it would be too costly in several ways. 

2.   Emergency Plan: Evidence would suggest that major incidents would now be dealt with by the main organizations, therefore it was decided that the PC’s  role in any crisis would be much more about local communication and helping one another therefore a simple up to date list of contacts and local information points will be compiled.   

3.   Standing Orders and Code of Conduct: The NALC (National Association of Local Councils) latest version of Standing Orders is appropriate for us. We signed the CBC Code of Conduct which will be tweaked to encompass our needs and then all our policies will be grouped together on the website. 

4.   Grass cutting statement: A statement on frequency and cost of grass cutting on our fields for the future has been devised and agreed and will be placed on the website and noticeboards.

5.   Speeding and Accidents: Noting recent accidents including a fatality concern has been expressed yet again about speeding vehicles along the main road.  A campaign beginning with a petition for a speed limit of 40mph has been set up. Anyone wishing to sign please contact David Crook on 01206 735645 or email [email protected] .We will also approach Colchester Association of Local Councils for  the parish council representative on the Local Highways Panel for assistance in any way possible for this proposed speed limit.

6.   Essex Rural Strategy Consultation Event: A report was circulated prior to the meeting which including mention of updating the strategy with what has already been achieved, future aims and new issues to be considered particularly ‘community safety’.  The consultation will close at the end of September and the revised strategy should be published in early 2016.

7.   Finances for Year 2014/15: To confirm that the financial report for 2014/15 has been externally audited and displayed on the noticeboards and website. The Parish Council continues to hold approximately one year’s funds in hand for possible emergencies.

8.   Abberton Reservoir Rights of Way: A report from the last meeting was given indicating decisions made including the purchase of a motorized wheelchair which can be used in the central section of footpaths.  Having discussed the proposals on various aspects of the different sections of the footpath that are in our remit the parish council gave Phil a mandate to vote as instructed following the discussion. Maps will be produced to show the footpaths and who (cycles, walkers, horse riders) can use them. Also an update of all the developments will be published in the magazine shortly.

9.   Actions and Reminders List – updated


  • Essex Police reply to our letter of concern
  • Salcott Saltmarsh Event 4th Oct
  • Rural Housing – Housing Company
  • CBC – Individual Electoral Registration
  • The Essex Playing Field – Summer 2015
  • Thank you from Great and Little Wigs PCC
  • EALC AGM & ECC Annual Conference 24th Sept 2015
Planning Applications:
151476 Proposal: Infill to create entrance hall and relocate bathroom at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott
151503 Proposal: removal on condition 02 of planning permission COL/102275/FUL to allow the building to be used as a B1, B2 & B8 at Pantiles Farm, Peldon Road, Abberton
150877 Proposal: Restore an outbuilding to its original function as a stand-alone studio. Remove asbestos roof and replace with reclaimed clay tiled roof, with 2 Velux roof light replacing current corrugated plastic roof light and render end wall. Demolish poor quality brick, timber and blockwork extension and level floor at Cob Cottage, Salcott Street, Salcott – Withdrawn
151650 Proposal: New roof structure, cladding and works at Waterways, Mersea Road, Peldon
151607 Proposal: Gable roof to right hand projection to create a balanced shape and form to the overall dwelling at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott
151716 Proposal: Building for recreational games room and covered poolside seating in connection with existing dwelling and residence at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott
151918 Proposal: Double garage sited in front of dwelling and rear extension orangery/garden room at Longacre, School Lane, Great Wigborough
Planning Decisions:
151476 Proposal: Infill to create entrance hall and relocate bathroom at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott  Approve conditional

101843 Mr B Gooding – play insp x 6£180.00
101844 R S Pullen – Aug and Sept salary£751.30
101845 R S Pullen – expenses (ink, phone, petrol etc.)£232.27
101846 T Simmons- – play insp x 2, grass cuts x 4£240.00

The next meeting will be on Tues 13th October 2015 at 7.30pm at Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough to include attendance from a Neighbourhood Watch representative and a report from the meeting at EA offices re Salcott flooding.


Saltmarsh 75

saltmarsh-75Saltmarsh 75

The following information on this event was provided to the Parish Council by Saltmarsh 75’s organizers – this looks like being a great event and worth either volunteering or, at least, popping along to track their progress.  The folowing twio downloads might help in either of these endeavours:

Announcement from Maldon District Council (the organizers)

Saltmarsh 75 is a 2 day 75 mile walking/running event covering the entire coastal footpath of the Maldon District. The aim of the event is to raise the profile of the Maldon District and to encourage more visitors to the area.

The event starts at Marsh Farm Country Park, South Woodham Ferrers on Saturday 3rd October 2015, and finishes at Salcott-cum-Virley Village Hall on Sunday 4th October 2015. There will be an overnight stop on Saturday at the Star Inn in Steeple.

Competitors will be making their way through parishes/towns via the coastal footpath, with a few minor diversions, as shown in the table below. A provisional route map can be found on the reverse of the leaflets enclosed. (Ed. see link above)

Saturday 3rd October 2015Sunday 4th October 2015
Stow MariesSteeple
North FambridgeMayland
DengieTolleshunt Major
TillinghamTolleshunt D’Arcy
St lawrenceTolleshunt Knights

Practically, this means that if any of your residents take to the coastal footpath that weekend, they will see a number of unfamiliar faces. There may also be a selection of cars, land rovers and minibuses that travel through your parish in order to transport competitors, marshals and other . support staff. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause you. Please be assured that we will do our very best to cause as little disruption to you and your parish as possible.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could begin informing your residents, and particularly local businesses, of our event. With approximately 200 competitors expected to take part, this presents an excellent opportunity for accommodation providers and local shops to increase their trade out of season. Please encourage them to become involved by displaying some of the leaflets enclosed; if you need more leaflets for your local businesses, please contact us.

lt would be fantastic if local residents came out to cheer on Saltmarsh 75 participants as they pass by and estimated timings for the event are enclosed for this purpose. We are always in need of volunteers for our event, so if any of your residents would like to become more involved, please pass our contact details to them and ask them to get in touch.

If you have any queries please contact us on 01621 854477 or email [email protected]. More information on the event can be found at