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PC Minutes 13th May 2008


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm. on Tuesday 13th May 2008.

The Annual Parish Assembly

Present: Frances Fergus, Jane Banks, Christine Gale, Phil Gladwin, Lynne Simmons, Kevin Bradshaw, Nicky Ellis, Robert Davidson, Kevin Bentley, PC Ian Lewis and five members of the public.

Apologies for absence: Sam Knill Jones, Peter Crowe

Public comments: The notice board at Salcott needs new glass which will be on the agenda for next month for attention.

Neighbourhood Action Panels need more advertising. They usually meet once a month. PC Lewis is the chairman of the Birch and Winstree group and so will address this problem. NAPS can be found on the police website: then Your Area.

The Kings Head junction in Great Wigborough has poor visibility as the hedge and weeds

need trimming back. We will ask the owner of the property there to do this.

Enquiries were made about any progress on our campaign for improvements on the Salcott to Peldon Rose road. It was explained that members of the parish council met with members of ECC Highways Dept. and a full and lengthy programme was shown to us and we have confirmation, just today, that this will take place in this financial year. We have yet to receive a programme of events with regard to this but will make it known to all when we have it. The improvements will include such things as resurfacing, white lines, bend signs, and much more. A speed limit all along is not possible at this time as this is under review county wide but they (ECC Highways) will keep it in mind.

Kevin Bentley has asked for Salcott Street to be included with the resurfacing.

We should all have our clear sacks by the end of this month. If you don’t receive yours please ring Kevin. Abberton Reservoir planning meeting is still to be arranged. Peter Crowe is becoming Mayor for Colchester tomorrow (14th May).

PC Ian Lewis is from Tiptree Police and covers Salcott, Virley and Great Wigborough. Last year there were 3 crimes in Salcott, one of which was taken to court, and one crime in Great Wigborough.  Speeding is a problem everywhere and we urged PC Lewis to help us get our training for use of a speed gun.

Parish Council AGM

Phil proposed, Jinny seconded and all agreed for Robert to continue as chairman for the next year. Robert proposed, Phil seconded and all greed for Jinny to continue as vice chairman for the next year. Phil proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed for Sue to be financial and responsible officer for the next year.

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Chairman’s report was to thank all those that had helped and worked for us during the year. Also the many achievements we have made, meetings attended, training undertaken, liaising with other organisations, planning matters, site meetings for required works, continuing lobbying people for things like road safety, and keeping up to date with requirements for parish councils with regard to the Code of Conduct, Emergency Plan and Standing Orders. Lastly, thanks were given to the small band of the public for attending our meetings on a regular basis and giving a valuable input.

Financial report was proposed by Phil, seconded by Jinny and all agreed to accept as a true and correct record of the parish council’s finances for the last year 07/08 and was signed by the chairman. Many thanks were expressed to Steve Copeland again for carrying out our internal audit (at no charge) which is a requirement before the finances are sent to an external auditor. It was agreed to buy Steve a gift to show our appreciation for his sterling work.

Items for Discussion

  1. Fire works at Peldon and insurance – we will increase our insurance to cover a bigger number of people coming to this event and hand held fireworks which Sparklers will pay for. Next meeting we will decide if more public liability cover is a good idea depending on the increase of premium.
  2. Colchester Association of Local Councils – it would appear that certain matters of importance are fed through this body and we are apt to miss things if we are not members. Therefore, Jinny proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed for us to join. Attendance of the meetings will alternate between us.
  3. Village Design Statement and/or Parish Plan – the meeting to discuss taking one or other of these further was not well attended. There will be a stall at the Peldon Festival and contact will be made for any interest with other local organisations.
  4. Communications Committee – has met a couple of times and certain aspects are in discussion. A website is thought likely with the 3 committee members operating this between them.
  5. Annual Report – we will be doing this in the future to let every household know exactly what we have been doing during the year. Details have to be ironed out as to how we go about this but probably in corporation with the Peldon/Wigboroughs magazine that will have one ‘gold’ issue a year that will go free to every household in our entire parish.
  6. Levelling of Salcott meadow has yet to be done as the entrance to the meadow is too narrow for the required machinery. Salcott Village Hall Management Committee are keen to widen the gateway and next month we will discuss contributing towards the cost of this. 
  7. Playgrounds Annual Reports completed and our monthly inspection men have a copy of what maintenance is required for each playground and it was agreed that they can carry out the necessary work in due course. 
  8. Local Development Framework Site Allocations – sites are still being gathered or submitted so this is early days yet for discussion and consultation.
  9. Salcott to Peldon Rose road scheme update was discussed earlier in the meeting, see public comments above. 


080886  Proposal: Construction of additional bedroom over existing garage. Cladding of ground floor utility room at Woodlands, Church Road, Peldon

Notice of Planning Decisions:

080409  Proposal: Conservatory at rear at Broad Marsh, The Street, Salcott – Permission Refused

080505  Resubmission of reserved matters application for demolition of bungalow and petrol station and erection of 5no. houses and private garage at Peldon Garage went before CBC Planning Committee on 24th April 08.

080443  Proposal: One and a half storey side extension living room and bedroom at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott  –  Permission Refused

080505  Proposal: Resubmission of reserved matters application for demolition of bungalow and petrol station and erection of 5no. houses and private garages at Peldon Garage, Lower Road, Peldon  –  Approve the Reserved Matters

080679  Proposal: Change of use from residential annex to studio, extension of studio at The Annexe, 2 Brick Cottages, Peldon Road, Little Wigborough  –  Permission Granted

The next meeting will be at Peldon Village Hall on Tuesday 10th June 08 at 7.30pm.


PC Minutes 8th April 2008


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm.on Tuesday 8th April 2008.

Present: Jane Banks, Frances Fergus, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Lynne Simmons, Kevin Bradshaw, Kevin Bentley, Peter Crowe and 3 members of public

Apologies for absence: Nicky Ellis, Robert Davidson, Sam Knill Jones

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the vice chairman

Borough Councillors: A meeting will be held to discuss our joint condition demands with all surrounding parish councils with regard to the Abberton Reservoir expansion planning application when it is brought before the CBC Planning Committee, where we are requesting a one only application session on that occasion.

The deadline for Bellwood to submit an appeal is in May, later than was previously thought. After this date pressure will be applied for immediate action.

 Public – Have Your Say: Pot holes are a constant issue and a website was given to us – for reporting pot holes and following the outcome.  Alternatively ring 01206 838600 for ECC Highways Department.

It was brought to our attention that quite a few people put their rubbish out on the wrong day or the night before collection and some put out the wrong type of rubbish for that week. Also they are not making sure it is secure so with winds and animals about there is rubbish strewn and blowing everywhere.  We are extremely lucky in that we have a volunteer who litter picks for Peldon Village but that is an impossible task if people are inconsiderate with their own refuse bags. We have details from people’s rubbish that were found in the street recently so if they offend again we may take further action. We are very grateful to Archie for his hard work in trying to keep the village tidy.

Declarations of Interests: None.

  1. Abberton Reservoir planning application meetings – our proposed response was discussed at length and is being finalized ensuring that we include everything.
  2. Adoption of Changes to Standing Order 60 – Phil proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed to adopt the changes which will take effect from our next meeting. 
  3. The Way We Work – Update on the Parish Council Training Session – a DVD  on a light hearted set up of a parish council meeting with many errors to observe was watched by all. We have learned various points from it which we will carry out but still allowing public contribution during a meeting, as this can be to our advantage with certain knowledge of situations, but at the chairman’s discretion.

We await new guidelines on the process of handling complaints.

Our Communications Committee has yet to meet.

  1. Grant money – more ideas were talked about but none that would meet the criteria for this scheme. But it was brought to our attention that the meadow at Salcott needs maintenance because it is uneven in places so the cost of top soil will be looked sort.
  2. Salcott to Peldon Road Scheme – ECC Highways Officers, Borough and County Councillors and representatives from our Parish Council attended a meeting at ECC Highways offices. We were shown a comprehensive plan to improve safety on this road and told that implementation of this would take place all this year or spread over two years depending on budget approval. We will receive confirmation very shortly. We would like to thank all our Borough Councillors and our County Councillor for their continued support and help with our campaign for this. Also we would like to thank the public who have reported accidents to us enabling us to keep an up to date log to support our case for these improvements.
  3. Peldon Church green cutting – Phil proposed, Lynne seconded and all agreed for Terry Hedger to do this again for us this next year.
  4. NALC legal information with regard to Sparklers will be on next month’s agenda when everybody has had a chance to read it.



080505  Proposal: Resubmission of reserved matters application for demolition of bungalow and petrol station and erection of 5no.houses and private garages at Peldon Garage, Lower Road, Peldon

An enforcement report concerning unauthorized works at Rose Barn, Colchester Road, Peldon was to be considered by the Planning Committee 27th March 08.

080676  Proposal: General purpose steel portal frame building at Brooklyn Farm, Great Wigborough

080678  Proposal: Change of use from agricultural land to garden forming part of Rose Barn at Rose Barn, Colchester Road, Peldon

080679  Proposal: Change of use from residential annex to studio, extension of studio at The Annexe, 2 Brick Cottages, Peldon Road, Little Wigborough


CBC Black and clear sack delivery will be on Friday 9th May 08 for all our villages.      For more details see notice boards or [email protected]


CBC Local Development Framework on ‘site allocations options and issues options report’ concerning land that could be allocated for development will be on next month’s agenda for discussion.