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The Parish Council

The Parish Council acts on behalf of the residents within the villages that comprise the civil parish.  This section of the website is all about the Parish Council and its activities inlcuding contacts, minutes of meetings, planning updates and policy documents.  The Parish Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday in every month (August excepted), alternating its meetings between Peldon and Salcott.

E-mail service

As well as the content of this site, the Parish Council operates an e-mail service alerting people to items of local interest which seem relevant to the residents of the Parish.  If you would like to join the service contact the Parish Clerk via the link at the foot of this page.

Parish Council Contacts


Clare Lauwerys01206 735 953
[email protected]
John Walker01206 735 418
[email protected]
Liz Davidson01206 735 665
[email protected] 
Robert Kean07986 508414
[email protected]

The Wigboroughs

Jinny Gale01206 735 846
[email protected]
Phil Gladwin
01206 735 694
[email protected]


Netty Knill-Jones01621 862 632
[email protected]
Wendy Ritherdon01621 869 633
[email protected]


David Taylor01621 868 512
[email protected]

Clerk to the Council

Sue Pullen01206 735 367
[email protected]
The Elms, Maldon Road, Gt. Wigborough, CO5 7SB

Register of Interests

Under the 2011 Localism Act all Parish Councillors are obliged to record details of any interests they may have that might affect the way they undertake their duties.  These are maintained in a Register of Interests held on the Colchester Borough Council website where they can be viewed by clicking this link.