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Work together to combat flytipping

Fly-tipping in a stream

Fly-tipping by road or water-side is unsightly and harmful to wildlife

Colchester Borough Council and Essex Police need residents’ help to crack down on fly-tipping in the local area.

Rural areas around Colchester have suffered significant amounts of fly-tipped refuse and waste, which is dumped illegally and is spoiling the environment.

Although fly-tipping in Colchester has declined in the past year, outlying areas have remained hotspots for such activity, and is something that both the Police and the Council are working hard to tackle and enforce.

Residents are encouraged to be vigilant and inform the Council of any fly-tipping in their area, or to report any suspicion of fly-tipping activity.

We are now also asking for members of the public to take details of any vehicles, particularly tipper and flatbed lorries, carrying waste and to report them immediately to the council on the number below,  please include the type of waste being carried, time, day, date, registration and ideally any person(s) seen at the time.

Although the act of fly-tipping may not be witnessed, the Council is still able to investigate any reports of vehicles carrying waste, ascertaining if the owners have the correct and legal paperwork in place to do this.

Any person identified carrying waste illegally may be issued with a £300 fixed penalty notice or prosecuted which carries a maximum fine on conviction of £5000.

Dumping waste where it is not allowed, or allowing others to do so, is a criminal offence. You could face a very large fine or even be sent to prison if you fly-tip waste on land that does not have a license to receive it. It not only drains resources provided by the council in order to clean it up but has been responsible for several near misses with vehicles nearly ending up in ditches on the dark back roads trying to avoid it.

If you are hiring someone to dispose of waste on your behalf, check that the company or person you give waste to have a license to carry it – if the waste is dumped illegally, you could still be liable for prosecution. Protect your environment and help us to take action.

From Shane Taylor Colchester Borough Council Street Services, “Colchester Borough Council will not tolerate this eyesore. I strongly encourage residents to find out how to dispose of your waste correctly, as well as help us take action on fly-tippers by being vigilant and reporting any incidences of fly-tipping in your community.”

Local Police Officers will be looking for potential carriers and suspicions of fly-tipping activity, but it is hoped that through residents’ reports and noted activity, the Council and the Police can develop an intelligence system to spot potential patterns in fly-tipping activity in the Borough.

To report any incidences of fly-tipping in your community, contact (01206) 282700 or email [email protected].

To contact Pc Mel Wilson – 07966 197 404


PC Minutes 8th March 2011


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th March 2011.

Present: Les Lapwood, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Jane Banks, Charles Dymond, Nicky Ellis, Lynne Simmons, John Walker, Nettie Knill Jones, Andrew Ellis, Mel Wilson (Police), Jim Leask (CBC), and 2 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Kevin Bentley

Welcome: Mel Wilson and Jim Leask were welcomed to the meeting by the chairman

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Police: Mel reported of 3 thefts in Peldon and stressed the need to secure homes particularly the back door as often this is not as secure as the front door and therefore used more often by burglars.

Fly tipping is a huge problem at the moment and we are all encouraged to keep an eye out for vehicles that may be carrying builders’ rubble or other waste matter and if possible safely remember and take down the registration number, time of day and date to report to Shane Taylor at CBC on 01206 282700 who will check out if they have an appropriate licence for carrying this kind of waste material.

Speed checks continue to be regularly carried out in our villages.

Borough Councillors had requested a lower reduction in the parish grant and to be spread over 3 years but to no avail.  Pot holes are now being mended quickly when reported.  A certain retrospective planning application has been agreed even though it differed from an original application because CBC would not feel that they would win an appeal.

Public-Have Your Say: Potholes in St Ives Road were requested for attention.

Stones outside a property were mentioned again but it was explained that many people do this and although strictly speaking it is usually outside their property it does help to keep verges from being spoilt from passing vehicles.

Declarations of Interest: None

  1. Connecting Colchester – Presentation from Jim Leask, CBC Senior Enterprise Officer was informative and enjoyable and many questions were put to him.  It is hoped to have everyone’s broadband speed to a reasonable level of 40-50 mega bites by 2013.  Big internet providing companies such as BT and Virgin Media have been approached and encouraged to invest in this project to enable all rural areas to be reached, although establishing a need in areas is important. Further developments will take place in the next couple of months.
  2. The Way We Work Responsibility Share prepared paper was discussed briefly and will be considered at length for more opinions and ideas in the next couple of weeks.  The main object of this is to allocate particular responsibilities or tasks of the council’s work to one or in some cases two councillors in order to spread the workload that at present often falls to the same people for everything. For example, who attends certain meetings and have a substitute is one of these areas and Les will go with Phil to the next Reservoir Liaison Meeting.  Les and Charles will possibly oversee both of the play areas maintenance work and a budget will be a main and important topic for someone.
  3. Emergency Planning Meeting was attended by several parish councillors.  Future meetings will be in the form of role playing with regard to actual possible emergency occurrences and interacting with other parish councils.
  4. CALC meeting was attended and other parish councils and clerks will be consulted to establish whether they have the same view of these meetings as we have.
  5. Great Wigborough telephone box disconnection is being dealt with by the prospective buyer. BT is proving hard to deal with and they are the ones that have to sanction the disconnection.
  6. Abberton Reservoir meeting and/or Community Fund – the meeting is next week and they will be voting on all applications for the fund.
  7. Salcott crossroads bus shelter alterations – we are waiting for delivery of the timber which is being provided by the manufacturer.
  8. Little Wigborough salt box safe return – we thank Christine for spotting it and Rob and Andrew for returning it.
  9. Planning Process – our agreed process needs to be tidied up.  Training and a visit from a CBC Planning Officer will be followed up.
  10. Actions and Reminders List – was updated.


110232 Proposal: Reinstatement of previous solid floor construction across ground floor at Moor Farm, Colchester Road, Peldon

102560 Proposal: Retrospective application for amendments to agricultural building and loose material covering farm track at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

110220 Proposal: 2 storey side and part rear extension at Wayside Cottage, Colchester Road, Virley

110288 Proposal: Installation of photo voltaic system on farm building at Virley Hall Farm, Mill Lane, Virley

110105 Proposal: Garage extension at Hall Barn, Peldon Road, Peldon

Notice of Planning Decisions:

102623 Proposal: Variation of Condition 1 granted under permission 072151. To permit the use for sale and packaging tape, bubble wrap and stock boxes and the manufacture of bespoke cardboard boxes. The building to be occupied by 24/7 Boxes and Packaging at Hosplant Ltd Building 4, St Ives Farm, Peldon – Permission Granted

102366 Proposal: Double storey side extension and front porch (resubmission of application 091543) at 2 Fourreleet Cottages, Whitehouse Hill, Salcott – Permission Granted

102628 Proposal: Replacement dwelling house ( resubmission of planning application 101612) at The Grove, Maldon Road, Great Wigborough – Permission Granted


101595 David J Kingabywebsite maintenance and support                               £300.00

101596 R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for March                                                         £353.53

The next meeting will be held at Salcott Village Hall on Tues 12th April 2011 at 7.30pm


Affordable Housing Review


The Housing Needs Survey report published after surveys and interviews in September 2010 is now available to read by clicking the link above. This report was prepared by the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) following several discussions with Winstred Hundred Parish Council and surveys in each of the three communities within the Parish.  Parish Councillors have no access to the information contained on individual survey questionnaires.

A closed workshop will take place towards the end of March 2011 to give Councillors an opportunity to explore together the mass of data contained in the report and to decide whether they feel the recommendations made by RCCE are valid conclusions based on that data.

Unless the workshop throws up unforeseen problems the subject of Affordable Housing will be on the Agenda for the Parish Council meeting to be held at 19:30 on 12th April 2011 in Salcott Village Hall.   Following our usual practice there will be an opportunity then for members of the public to ask questions and comment.  The Council will then decide whether to support in principle the recommendations of the report.


PC Minutes 8th February 2011


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th February 2011.

Present: Netty Knill Jones, John Walker, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Jane Banks, Charles Dymond, Nicky Ellis, Kevin Bentley, Moira Groborz (RCCE), 3 Police Officers and 7 members of the public.

Apologies for absence: Les Lapwood, Terry Sutton, Andrew Ellis

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Police: Crime figures were given and though not huge numbers, oil theft is a serious problem and people need to be on their guard.  The Crime Reduction Officer can visit to give advice on preventative measures. Speed checks are taking place on our roads and some by unmarked motor bike officers.  NAP meeting reported on later Item 4.

The Police can be reached on 0300 333 4444 or 07966 197265 or 07966 197404.

Borough Councillors: CBC budget meeting will be held on 16th Feb 2011 and our Borough Councillors will be asking for a reduction of 25% over 3 years instead of 50% all in one go as is proposed. An alternative that has been mentioned is to disband with all Parish Councils and leave the Borough Council to take care of everything.

The County Council have to save £300 million pounds but are not proposing to close any libraries or fire stations. No firemen or teachers will lose their jobs but 450 people will be made redundant from County Council backrooms.  There will be no free school transport for secondary school children or special needs children.

The 2011 Census Day is Sunday 27th March 2011 and it is important for these forms, one per household, to be filled in as there is a fine for not returning a completed form and more money is forthcoming from the government for each form completed and returned.

Potholes are being dealt with reasonably quickly now after being reported. These can be sent to the parish or borough councillors to be emailed forward.

Public-Have Your Say: Large stones have been put on the roadside outside Hall Barn, which will be looked into with the planning department.

Due to a bad pothole a car was damaged and for a possible claim a letter may be sent to a Borough Councillor for this to be dealt with.

A resident’s emails had not been answered by the parish council but it would appear to be a misunderstanding rather than deliberate.

Declarations of Interest – None

  1. Affordable Housing – Moira Groborz, RCCE Rural Housing Enabler had come to the meeting to answer any questions we may have after receiving the very detailed report following the survey that was carried out in all our villages.  There were a number of people who had said that they thought some affordable housing was a good idea.  If a need is established only half of those would then be built. It was agreed that this is a huge undertaking and more thought, discussion and consideration is needed and that probably a working party group should be formed to sift through this document at length and be sure that all the parish councillors understand and are in agreement about any further decisions that are made.
  2. Individual roles for individual Parish Councillors is an on going topic and after receiving more ideas from parish councillors a paper of all the suggestions will be put together for a discussion at the next meeting.
  3. Localism Bill has been published with the finer details to be established.  The main point of it is for parish councils to take on more roles from CBC and ECC.  The general feeling was that this would create problems rather than solve them.  It was suggested that we might like to join with other parish councils for a meeting with John Jowers speaking on the subject as he is very knowledgeable on the matter.
  4. NAP meeting Wed 2nd Feb 2011 was attended by several of us and found it to be very informative and useful. Because there had been lots of salt/grit put on the roads of late the remaining residue is molasses which has made some areas very slippery.  The Police will be carrying out an accident reduction programme on the B1022 and it was requested for this to be carried out on the B1026 and on through Peldon as well. The number to ring to report fly tipping is 01206 282700.
  5. Salcott crossroads bus shelter alterations to make it more weatherproof are going ahead as we have obtained a grant for the labour and a promise of the timber from the manufacturers. Terry to liaise with Littlethorpe for receiving delivery of the wood.
  6. Flooding Issues – thanks where given to Phil for single handedly digging out the ditch at the top end of School Lane to alleviate the problem there. Flooding was particularly bad in Great Wigborough after the last heavy rainfall and Salcott still has some bad areas where more work is needed but many of the rural parts of Colchester had serious problems.  The Flood Summit Meeting is still to be arranged but has proved hard to get all the relevant bodies free at the same time, but it will take place eventually.
  7. Actions and Reminders List was updated.


102275 Proposal: The retention of a barn/stable erected for use partly as an agricultural store (in association with the applicants use of the application site for agricultural purposes) and partly for the stabling of recreational horses at Pantiles Farm, Peldon Road, Abberton

102622 Proposal: Certificate of lawful use for existing use of land as private garden at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

110147 Proposal: Reallocation of land uses (residential/equestrian purposes) and upgrade of existing access to unclassified road and erection of equine and cart store at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

110185 Proposal: Erection of 50cm freesat dish on chimney facing east, top to be less than 60cm above ridge of roof at Sampton Wick, Wigborough Road, Peldon

Notice of Planning Decisions:

102625 Proposal: Change of use to B2 use from B1 use with restrictive condition 2 removed. The use of the building to be restricted to occupation by Swift Boats at Hosplant Ltd. Building 2, Unit 1, St Ives Farm, Peldon  –  Permission Granted


101591 – Salcott Village Hall – year’s hire charges                                               £210.00

101592 – R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for February                                                    £353.53

101593 – Design Clark Ltd. – Repainting Salcott village sign                                  £220.00

101594 – T Simmons – play insp                                                                        £30.00

Please note Lynne Simmons is no longer able to be contacted by email but can still be contacted by post or phone, her number is 01621 860652

The next meeting will be held at Peldon Village Hall on Tues 8th March 2011 at 7.30pm


The 78th 5 Parishes Show 2010

Sponsored by es-water
Sunday, 1st August 11.00 a.m -5.00 p.m
(By kind permission of the Commander Defence Training Estate East)
Attractions include:
  • 5-parishes-iconsThe Sealed Knot
  • Ipswich Youth Steel Band
  • Birds of Prey
  • Suffolk Kites
  • Colchester Model Flying Club
  • Tendring Dog Agility Display Team
  • Annie’s Fantasies
  • Suffolk Punches
  • Carriage Display
  • Vintage Tractors
  • Horse Show
  • Exemption Dog Show
  • Licensed Bar
  • Lazer Shooting
  • Horticultural Marquee (Entries on Saturday, 31stJuly)
  • Food Stalls
  • Kiddi Bikes
  • Mega Slide
  • Over 60 Stalls and Side Shows


5-parishes-mapMain show and dog show schedules available from:
  • Pam & Jim Foakes – Tel: 01206 735692
  • Sally Abbott –Tel : 01206 735931
Horse show schedules from: 
  • Linda May –Tel: 01206 735552



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