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The Peldon & Wigboroughs Community Hall

The Peldon & Wigboroughs’ Community Hall was built in 2017 on the site of the old Peldon Village Hall. and hosts a wide range of classes, activities and events throughout the week.

There has been a hall on this site since 1833 when the original Peldon schoolhouse was built. The old schoolhouse was converted into a village hall in 1943 and the old brick building knocked down in 1965 to make way for a purpose built village hall which was erected on the site. This building slowly decayed until it was realised that a new hall was needed. In September 2017 the new modern hall was opened as Peldon & Wigboroughs Community Hall, which was financed by local residents through fundraising, and through various grants. Finally, funds from the sale of the derelict village hall in Great Wigborough provided the balance.

Upcoming Events

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