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Parish Policies & Procedures

Over time this page will be populated with the policies adopted by the Parish Council to be used in representing the interests of the villages comprising the Parish.

Freedom of Information:

To comply with the Freedom of Information Act, the Parish Council must publish details of what information it holds, how members of the public can access the information and what charge will be made for providing such access. The Council is in the process of preparing the fairly extensive document required of it and meanwhile anyone wanting information should contact the Clerk to the Council.  Charges will be at cost and at the Clerk’s discretion.

Standing Orders:

The Winstred Hundred Parish Council standing orders are based on the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Model Standing Orders for Local Councils.  The following were adopted by the Parish Council in May 2016:

Code of Conduct:

The Winstred Hundred Parish Council follows the model ‘Code of Conduct’ as issued by the ‘Standards Board for England’ under the Local Government Act 2000.  The latest version of this document is in Adobe Acrobat format and can be read or downloaded from this site here.  The following was adopted by the Parish Council in July 2016:

Grass Cutting:

Maintenance of the Salcott playing field and Moss Hay in Peldon

The Parish Council pays to have the grass cut during the growing season to maintain it in a condition suitable for community use. Frequency of cutting will depend on the weather and the availability of our contractors and is at the discretion of our contractors.  Further the Council is prepared, within reason, to organise additional cuts to coincide with special events taking place on the fields.  This will be done at no cost to individuals or groups.

Please liaise with the Parish Clerk on all matters related to grass cutting and maintenance of the playing fields and children’s play areas.

Contact details: Sue Pullen 01206 735 367 or [email protected].