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Wigborough Traditional Meats

As Wigborough Traditional Meats we have been retailing our own produce for over 10 years. A family run farm based at Garr House Farm, Layer Road, Gt. Wigborough, Colchester CO5 7RR we have a finishing herd of pigs, a flock of breeding sheep, a suckler beef herd plus some laying hens.


Phil puts in the most hours on the farm followed by stockman and gardener Bob. Kate’s time is divided between farm and retailing whilst the elder generation represented by Bobby are kept active feeding farrowing houses twice a day. If the financial incentive is sufficient the younger Gladwins ; Rosie, Harry and Toby can be found either on the farm or in the shop.

Our Pigs

The pigs are housed on straw in large pens, the main ingredients of their rations, which we home mix, are locally grown wheat and barley. They are Large White x Landrace and we breed all our own replacement stock.

Our Sheep

The sheep lamb indoors at the end of March then graze outdoors, the lambs being ‘finished’ on home grown barley.

Our Suckler Beef Herd

The calves are born and reared here to an Aberdeen Angus bull. They are grass fed outdoors, coming indoors for winter and calving. The cows are a mixture of breeds including; Hereford, Charolais, Red Poll and Angus cross.

Lamb * Mutton * Pork * Beef * Free Range Eggs* Gammon* Sausages* Ham
Free Range Chicken from Essex Birds
Delivery & price list available.
Welfare friendly, sustainable farming. Know what you are eating.

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