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Friends of St Mary’s, Peldon

St Mary's PeldonFriends of St Mary’s , Peldon

The Friends of St. Mary’s Peldon is a charity (no. 1114809), formed by volunteers, on a non-religious basis.

St. Mary’s needs various repairs, restorations and improvements, but the cost cannot be met by the congregation and the grants available. So it falls upon the wider community to fill the funding gap, otherwise this historic church could deteriorate further and eventually close.

The Friends of St. Mary’s is an active fundraising group determined to not let this happen. Since 2006 we have raised over £45,000 for church projects. But more needs to be done so we can pass this church to the next generation in good order. We intend to do just that, and enjoy ourselves along the way!

The contact person is Jane Anderson (Secretary) 01206 735 505.  The Friends of St Mary’s has its own website here.