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PC Minutes 14th June 2011


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Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th June 2011.

Present: Nicky Ellis, Charles Dymond, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Lynne Simmons, Netty Knill-Jones, Les Lapwood, John Walker, Kevin Bentley and 7 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Terry Sutton, Jane Banks, Andrew Ellis

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: The Big Society Fund is for all community groups, parish councils, village halls, etc. They can all apply for funding.

Owing to a new keen employee at CBC our long awaited ‘Flood Summit Meeting’ will probably take place in July. The main object of this meeting is to try and establish who owns which culvert, whether it is Anglian Water, a property owner or some other body.

There have been complaints about the new inferior black refuse bags which are to encourage less food waste that costs CBC huge amounts of money for landfill sites. Non disposable food boxes are a possibility that will be looked into.  CBC is against wheelie bins at this time particularly as new emptying lorries would be required.

The Abberton Reservoir works will intensify shortly on the causeway creating the bund. There was a short period when work was starting too early which was stopped.  Bridle paths will be put in at the end of the programme.  We and the other surrounding villages need to make requests for footpaths.  The suggested Education Centre would appear to be an unnecessary addition to the Visitors Centre.

Public-Have Your Say: Wheelie bins suggested, who can apply for funding, fencing Salcott creek requested, better maintenance of Salcott play area and more frequent cutting of Salcott meadow also requested.

Declarations of Interest: None

1. Individual roles for individual Parish Councillors – a list has been drawn up after certain councillors have shown a particular interest in certain roles but all matters must be reported back on and discussed by everyone. Likewise, any meetings attended should be reported back to the parish council. The responsibility for all matters remains with all the councillors.

2. Training – will be discussed further at the next meeting. The Essex Broadband Implementation Conference at Coggeshall Village Hall on Monday 18th July at 7.15pm will be attended by four representatives on our behalf.

3. Salcott Meadow/Creek – requests for fencing along the creek had been received which was discussed at length.  We have had advice from RoSPA some time ago and more recently from Anglia Inspection Services that this is not a good idea as it could create a problem in itself.  Good signage, life rings, a barrier of weed growth and adult responsibility is the answer.  A hedge was also suggested. More professional advice will be sort.

4. Copt Hall walks – some have been fenced off by the National Trust and Natural England to protect nesting birds.  It was felt that at least the main circular walk should be accessible.  Therefore we will write to these bodies to express our dissatisfaction, especially as a coastal walk round the whole country is being encouraged.

5. Playgrounds and Salcott meadow grass cutting – we have received several complaints about the bad condition of Salcott play area.  There are several jobs that have not been carried out from the annual inspection report and some from the previous year’s report. Painting, fence posts, the entrance gate closure and clearance of weeds and nettles were the main items needing immediate attention.  The site at Peldon is in good order.  The painting at Salcott will be done next week, gate spring and buffer and new swing seats will be ordered and fitted and all the other outstanding jobs will be carried out in the next month.  These play areas are now being monitored by two appointed councillors who will keep a close eye on things and report back as and when necessary. There was a complaint that Salcott meadow needed more frequent grass cuts.  Advice was given for the public to ask when it was felt necessary.

6. Dog Fouling on Moss Hay – has improved greatly due to the hard work of Peldon councillors and a letter written from CBC to the main perpetrator.

7. Donations to Churchyards Upkeep – Phil proposed, Charles seconded and all agreed to continue this year with the same donations as previous years but add a note to the effect that the parish council may feel the need to reduce this next year.

8. Affordable Housing – following Moira’s response to the parish council and at her suggestion two councillors will meet her to discuss ways to improve the number of future questionnaire returns.

9. Wigboroughs Village Hall – a meeting was held in Great Wigborough Church which was well attended to explain the new constitution and vote on 2 resolutions. A ballot was carried out for a new working Management Committee which can begin work after the volunteers are signed off and a certain period of time has elapsed.

10. CALC meeting was not attended this time but the minutes will be circulated to councillors when they are received. Broadband was discussed and possible high points were suggested for siting of aerials to increase broadband quality.

11. Planning Issues – Enforcement Training Session was attended by three of us and although found useful, some of the policies were rather disheartening with too many inconsistencies and for poor action taken when flawed retrospective applications are submitted and simply get the go ahead.

12. Actions and Reminders List including Salcott bus shelter – the wood for the alterations will be chased up and contact made with ECC to iron out any misunderstanding that has arisen re the bus stop at Peldon.


    110912 Proposal: Extension to provide accommodation for dependant relative at Lovedowns Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

    110997 Proposal: Additional dormer windows and amended chimney breast and stack to existing approved extension to dwelling at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

    Notice of Planning Decisions:

    110534 Proposal: Change of use of land to domestic equestrian use, construction of a manege and retention of store building at 2 Sherwins Cottages, Abbots Wick Lane, Great Wigborough – Permission Granted

    102560 Proposal: Retrospective application for amendments to agricultural building and loose material covered farm track at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott – Permission Granted

    110482 Proposal: Change of use from C3 dwelling house to A2 offices at 2 Abbotts Hall Cottages, Maldon Road, Great Wigborough – Permission Granted

    Certificate of Lawful Use or Development

    110554 Proposal: Rear facing dormer over converted garage to form dressing room at The Anchorage, Lower Road, Peldon


    101608 – R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for June                                                                £353.53

    101609 – T Hedger – cut to Salcott hedge                                                               £48.00

    101610 – T Simmons – cut of Salcott meadow and play insp                                        £70.00

    The next meeting will be held at Peldon Village Hall on Tues 12th July 2011 at 7.30pm