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Lost on the Somme

lost on the sommeWith the centenary of the First World War fast approaching, The Friends of St Mary’s, Peldon, are pleased to welcome back Julian Whybra to present a lecture, entitled ‘Lost on the Somme : a story of unfulfilled potential and promise.’

Between July and November 1916, 420,000 British troops perished (60,000 of these on the first day of the battle alone) and thousands upon thousands more were wounded, making the Battle of the Somme one of the costliest battles in terms of human life ever fought. Why were so many lives lost? Who were these men and what might they have become, had they lived?  What might have been..?

Much of the noblest youth and promise of England has gone untimely into the dark.’

You are invited to join the Friends in St Mary’s Church Peldon on Wednesday 23rd October, starting at 7.30pm, for what will undoubtedly be a harrowing story of the devastation and tragedy of so many lives lost in the Battle of the Somme. 

Tickets £8 in advance: 01206 735770 or on the door. (Not suitable for children.)