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Essex Highways & Police Updates

The Parish Council have had updates from both Essex Highways & Essex Police that might be of interest:

Essex Highways

Kevin Bentley, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, introduced the second edition of “Highways Highlights” which gives updates on:

  • Summer Repair Programme.  This has picked up with the improved weather with June seeing 1,365 potholes being permanently fixed, the article has more detail including where potholes were fixed.
  • Local Road Categories.  This article explains how they prioritise the roads they are charged with caring for.  Several roads are part of the national infrastructure (e.g. A12) and are kept by Highways England, others are prioritised as PR1, PR2 or local.
  • Briefings for Local Councillors & Clerks.  Considering what subjects might be introduced in the future.
  • Maintaining Sightlines.  Introducing some of the how and when of the verge-cutting programme.

To read this document in full and to keep in touch with other news and updates from Essex Highways visit their online Information Centre.

Essex Police

Essex Police have added an “Interactive Map” to their Colchester webpage.  More will be added to this map and page over time, for now, it includes:

  • An introduction from the District Commander, Chief Inspector Shaun Kane.  This includes crime statistics for June & prior months.
  • Meetings & Events Map.  You can pan & zoom around the map and find upcoming events, click on the event flag and it will provide details of what is happening, where and when.
  • Details of who is on the local team, how to contact them, local priorities and more.