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PC Minutes 11th January 2011


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11th January 2011.

Present: Charles Dymond, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Jane Banks, Lynne Simmons, Nicky Ellis, Les Lapwood, John Walker, Andrew Ellis, Terry Sutton and 4 members of public.

Apologies for absence: Netty Knill Jones, Kevin Bentley

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: The lighting at Hall Barn in Peldon has been causing problems to people in the neighbourhood. There are numerous lights, some that constantly change colour, a very bright halogen type light and many others on the house, back and front and in the grounds.  CBC Planning Committee will be holding a site meeting to comprehend the full scale of the lighting and the problem to neighbours.

After a recent heavy rainfall Salcott crossroads appeared to be less flooded since certain work has been carried out there.  Salcott Street though, was still flooded in places and pipe work in one particular area needs more attention. This will be followed up with the appropriate people for a positive result. As there are still problems the meeting of head people of the bodies that can help here will be chased up again.

Potholes and other complaints can be reported on the website and can also be backed up with photographs.

The bad pothole in Great Wigborough has been reported and added to the list for attention.

Public-Have Your Say: Some Peldon residents had come to the meeting to express their dissatisfaction of Hall Barn lighting likening it to Blackpool illuminations.  At one time the very bright halogen light was coming on at 4am and shining directly into someone’s bedroom. The lighting can be seen from quite a large surrounding area and is totally unsuitable for this rural village.

Little Wigborough salt bin has disappeared and we would be grateful for its return from whoever decided that they need it more. This, like many others, is a bad patch when the roads are icy.

There was yet another request for Barnhall Road to be added to the gritting list which will be passed on.

Declarations of Interest: Lynne Simmons for item 5.

  1. Precept/Grant was carefully considered during this last month and in order for the parish council to carry out the same duties without neglecting anything it was deemed necessary for our precept to be increased to compensate for the reduction of the grant from CBC, therefore Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed to increase the precept to £10,842 for the year 2011/12.
  2. Individual Roles for Parish Councillors was discussed and more thought and ideas on the matter will be given to this during the next month and will be on February’s agenda.  Who attends the various other meetings we are expected or invited to be present at will also come into this discussion.
  3. Planning changes – a letter to CBC to show our disapproval of the changes without our being consulted will be written.
  4. Our planning comments process – needs tightening up as sometimes certain councillors are slow to respond and with the return date fast approaching it becomes difficult to put together a satisfactory reply.
  5. Salcott crossroads bus shelter alterations – we have two quotations for this work and an offer of some free timber but unless a grant that has been applied for is forthcoming it is felt that this work is too expensive in these times of cutting back.  Phil proposed, Charles seconded and all agreed that if the grant is obtained soon we should accept the cheaper quote and give the go ahead immediately, for fear of losing the offer of free timber.  If not it will be discussed again at the next meeting.
  6. Rolling Actions and Reminders List – updated
  7. Footpath 4 – Notice of Order of the modification of this footpath in Virley has been received and will be displayed.


102628 Proposal: Replacement dwelling house (resubmission of planning application 101612) at The Grove, Maldon Road, Great Wigborough

102624 Proposal: Change of use to B2 use to B1 use with restrictive condition 2 removed. The use of the building to be restricted to occupation by Swiftboats at Unit 2, St Ives Farm

102623 Proposal: Variation of Condition 1 granted under permission 0712151. To permit the use for sale and packaging tape, bubble wrap and stock boxes and the manufacture of bespoke cardboard boxes. The building to be occupied by 24/7 Boxes and Packaging at Hosplant Ltd. Building 4, Unit 1, St Ives Farm, St Ives Road, Peldon

102625 Proposal: Change of use to B2 use from B1 use with restrictive condition 2 removed. The use of the building to be restricted to occupation by Swiftboats at Hosplant Ltd. Building 2, Unit 1, St Ives Farm, St Ives Road, Peldon

Notice of Planning Decision:

100704 Proposal: Retrospective application for stable block/hay store at Bluebells, Drakes Corner, Great Wigborough – Permission Granted

101984 Proposal: Replacement of a derelict conservatory with a single storey extension at Haxells Farmhouse, Peldon Road, Peldon – Permission Refused

101986 Proposal: Listed building application for the above – Permission Refused

102282 Proposal: Internal and external alterations to roof, forming new bedroom (no.5) and new games room at John Jones House, Peldon Campus, Church Road, Peldon – Permission Granted

102322 Proposal: Application for prior notification of agricultural development for a proposed building to store crop to maintain good condition for resale at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott – Refuse the details submitted.


101585 – Barry Gooding – play insp x 2                                                                     £60.00

101586 – R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for January                                                            £353.53

101587 – St Mary the Virgin Peldon – magazine entry                                                £150.00

101588 – Peldon Village Hall – hire                                                                            £90.00

101589 – R S Pullen – clerk’s expenses                                                                    £227.09

101590 – T Simmons – play insp                                                                               £30.00

The next meeting will be held at Salcott Village Hall on Tues 8th Feb 2011 at 7.30pm