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North Essex Garden Communities Consultation

North Essex Garden Communities is working to create not just new homes but new communities. Planned to Garden City Principles and designed in partnership with residents.  Their ambition is to create places for people to live, work and spend time, taking forward the Garden City idea for future generations.  They have put their plans together and are now seeking your views in a consultation starting on 13th November and extending into December.

Working together

The three district/borough councils working on the project, Braintree Colchester & Tendring, have now concluded the final stages of their Local Plan consultation.  The Planning Inspectorate are due to examine the plans in the New Year. These aligned plans are split into two:

  • ‘Section One’ sets out the ambition for three new communities, built to Garden Community Principles, to manage long-term growth,
  • ‘Section Two’ sets out other planned developments for each Council.

It is the view of the councils that the three garden communities, led through their newly formed company NEGC Ltd rather than through a traditional developer, are a better way of managing housing needs.  It will allow them to deliver infrastructure ahead of or alongside development, and helping restrict predatory developers.

Local Plans

The Local Plans are about setting out the nature of future development and where it will be. At this stage each Garden Community is simply identified by a red circle; these sites will become more defined as they progress. It is important to stress the red lines are not the edge of development, simply the broad areas in which the Communities will sit.

The next step of this process is to create a more detailed plan for each site.  Work will start on this in the coming weeks with a first stage of public consultation commencing on 13th November; it will look at some of the issues and options around each site.

How to respond

For more information on this project visit or individual council websites to have your say.