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Winstred Hundred PC Agenda – 8th November 2022


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

A meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council will be held at St Stephen’s Church, Great Wigborough on Tuesday 8th November 2022 at 7.30pm to which the Councillors are summoned to attend.

Everyone attending this meeting is required to wear a mask.  Whilst we appreciate that this is not a legal requirement at this time, as we have vulnerable people amongst us, it is a common courtesy for their safety.

Apologies for absence:
To confirm minutes of the meeting held on 11th October 2022
County and Borough Councillor Reports:
Public-Have Your Say:
Declarations of Interest:

Items for Discussion

1.  Playgrounds and Playing Fields

  • Reports on both playgrounds and fields
  • To note Moss Hay entrance gate has been installed with a new chain
  • To note a couple of small jobs that need addressing at Salcott and quotations will be sought where necessary.
  • Decision required: Anything else that needs attention?

2.  Wigboroughs Noticeboards

Both Little and Great Wigboroughs notice boards are in a bad state of repair and will have to be removed for the bus shelter painting job, soon to come.

  • Decision required: Should we go-ahead and purchase 2 new ones at a cost of £309.90 each?

3.  Speeding/Road Signage/Safety Issues

  • Discussion to include footpath and speeding query from a resident
  • Following Cllr Scott’s visit issues that arose including VAS for Peldon

4.  Email Protocol

To confirm changes discussed at the July meeting

5.   Increase for minutes entries in Tollesbury and Salcott Mag

  • From £85 to £115 per annum from 2023 (Peldon & Wigs mag is £180)
  • Decision required: Do we agree to accept this increase?

6.   Jubilee Trees

…are in CBC nursery for safe keeping and watering.

  • Decisions required: Should we get these form CBC now, will they be delivered, who will do the digging and what should we have for the wording on the plaques?

7.  Youth Forum

To discuss holding a meeting on a Saturday to find out what is important to the under 18s in the parish

8.  Local Government Association’s Model Councillor Code of Conduct

  • Decision required: Following notification from CBC on the above should the parish council adopt this or consider changes that may be appropriate to us?

9.  Actions and reminder List – update

Planning applications:

222547Proposal: Prior approval for the conversion of 6 silos into Class B8 (storage and distribution) use under Class R of the GDPO at Kemps Farm, Mersea Road, Peldon – the parish council has no objections
222520Proposal: Temporary use of existing mobile home whilst building works are carried out (3 years) at Green Farm, The Street, Salcott

Planning Decisions:

222085Proposal: Resubmission 211906-retrospective planning permission at Marels, School Lane, Great Wigborough – Refuse
221934Proposal: To vary condition 4 0f planning permission 100915 at St Ives Farm, St Ives Road, Peldon – Refuse
221990Proposal:  New brans and covered area ancillary to main dwelling at Wheatlands, Church Road, Peldon – Approve conditional

 Payments for November:

Tollesbury (St Mary’s) PCC – mag entries£85.00
The Wigborough Community Group – hire of Church£33.00
R S Pullen – November salary£525.00
R S Pullen – Defib pads£143.82

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 13th December 2022 at 7.30pm, at Meeting Room of Peldon and Wigs Community Hall