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PAWS October – Anyone for Tea?

Bold Initiative

Almost 6 years ago Jane Malyon decided to start a Cream Tea delivery service.  The idea was prompted by several older friends who could no longer face the journey to London to visit The Savoy, Ritz Hotel etc. for a special tea.  When she tried to register the name of “The English Cream Tea Company” they more or less said “how dare she say ‘THE English’ suggesting hers would be THE best”!

Jane offered to send them a sample cream tea and said they might refer her under the Bribery Act. They also said there was no governing body to represent the UK as a whole.  Undaunted Jane decided to set herself up as representing the whole of the UK, made herself Chairperson and gave herself permission to go ahead with the name having previously had boxes made with the logo on them.

Getting it there

Next Jane organised carriers who could provide chilled vehicles to transport her packages of cream teas. Further problems occurred when she checked on allergens, there were numerous listed including lupin flour (used in some gluten free products), celery and mustard. Bureaucracy reigned when the description ‘sultana scone’ was challenged, this seemed to indicate the sultana was larger than the scone.

Guinness Record

Guinness Records contacted her to produce the largest cream tea this resulted in her contacting Essex Radio and local BBC to ask people to attend, eventually 334 people arrived. They had to be recorded eating simultaneously for 25 minutes and Jane was  successful and received a Certificate to this effect (pictured right).


Jane was able to contact William Hanson, an expert on dining etiquette; she has now produced a booklet on ‘The Etiquette of the Cream Tea’.

Did you know you fold your napkin in half into an oblong to place across your lap; you do this as soon as you sit at the table?  At the end of the meal you leave your scrunched napkin beside your used plate.  Should you need to leave the table during your tea/meal you leave your scrunched napkin in your chair; this shows you are coming back.

If you are ever embarrassed by having a fruit stone on your mouth you discreetly put it in your hand and place it on the side of your plate.

Now International

Jane now delivers to Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and the US and has received enquiries from Russia and Taiwan.  Jane created a video for the US market explaining about a ‘Cream Tea’; it is not putting cream on your cup of tea.

Next Meeting

PAWS’  next meeting will be on Tuesday 28th, November, when Liz Kirby of Jardiniere, West Mersea will show Winter Floral Arrangements.

Whilst membership is full, PAWS welcomes visitors at a cost of £5.00 which includes refreshments.

Details of all  meetings and speakers are on the diary of the home page of this website. If you would like further information about P.A.W.S please ring either of the following committee members:

  • Lorraine Davies 01206 735348 or
  • Jane Anderson 01206 735239.