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PC Minutes 12th September 2017


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th September 2017

Present: John Walker, Nicky Ellis, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Bob Holmes, Liz Davidson, Robert Kean, Andrew Ellis, Zone Warden and one member of the public

Apologies for absence: Jackie Maclean, Robert Davidson, Netty Knill-Jones

Minutes of the last meeting: were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Zone Warden Report: Successful fly tipping prosecutions have been taking place resulting in fines.  The new recycling and refuse collection is settling down after quite a few teething problems but now far too many people are taking blacks bags to the tips full of all sorts of waste including food matter which, of course, should be put out in the appropriate bins which are collected weekly.

Borough Councillor Reports: The CBC Draft Local Plan has gone before the inspectors. Resurfacing of Church Lane, Great Wigborough and the missing Salcott sign will be chased up again.

Public-Have Your Say: None

Declarations of Interest: Bob Holmes and Liz Davidson for item7 re new hall tables and chairs.

  1. Playgrounds and Playing Fields – all the issues from the vandalism in Peldon and on Moss Hay have been addressed. A local farmer will be requested to give the roadside hedge at Salcott meadow a good cut back and the pile of garden type debris to be removed if at all possible. The check list for inspecting the fields, playgrounds and equipment will be modified to suit us more appropriately.
  2. Website – postponed till next month when more consideration has been given to this and costs have been sought.
  3. Vice Chairman – this role will be considered in the next few months
  4. Defibrillator and CPR Session in Peldon – this will be held at 7pm on Monday 9th October 2017 in the new Peldon and Wigboroughs Community Hall. The leaflets will be printed and distributed in the near future to all residents of Peldon and the Wigboroughs.
  5. Pond in Church Road, Peldon – to date nothing further to report
  6. Millennium Bench and hedge cutting – repairs to the bench have been carried out as has the hedge cutting work in Peldon; thanks to John for organizing these. The hedge on Malting Road will be addressed later in the year.
  7. Financial Report – previously allocated and approved a cheque was signed during the holidays for the chairs and tables for the new hall for which the Borough Councillors’s Locality Budget funded, with a difference of £157.74 for the parish council’s contribution which was also agreed previously.   To note Annual Financial Return has been approved by the External Auditor and subsequent displaying as required and can be inspected by arrangement with the clerk.
  8. Actions and Reminder List – updated

Planning Applications:

171783 Proposal: Conversion of brick barn to residential accommodation, extension to annexe including link block, new brick wall and gates, hard landscaping, alterations to driveway and associated works at Pete Hall, Colchester Road (consultation period ends 2nd Aug 2017)
171784 Listed Building application as above
171596 Proposal: To demolish the existing damaged softwood pergola in this area sitting slightly away from the house at Harveys Farm, Wigborough Road, Peldon (consultation period ended 28th Aug2017)
171834 Proposal: Demolition of existing restaurant conservatory roof. New restaurant roof and minor alterations to existing kitchen and WC areas at Peldon Rose (consultation period ended 8th Sept 2017)
171837 Listed building as above
172309 Proposal: Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission 161446 at St Ives Farm, St Ives Road, Peldon (consultation period ends 2nd October 2017)

Planning Decisions:

171283 Proposal: Conversion of a 3-bed bungalow to a 5-bed house, providing garaging for two vehicles, additional off-road parking and a large reception room at Willowbank, The Street, Salcott – Approve conditional
171566 Proposal: Replacement of existing garage with new garage and rom, single storey rear extension and changes to roofline at Broadmarsh, The Street, Salcott – Approve conditional
171783 & 171784 Proposal:Conversion of brick barn to residential accommodation, extension to annexe including link block, new brick wall and gates, hard landscaping, alterations to driveway and associated works at Pete Hall, Colchester Road – Approve conditional
171533 Proposal: Demolition of former agricultural buildings and erection of day nursery for children of 0-5 years and car parking (resubmission of 170502) at land adjacent to Games Farm, Lower Road, Peldon – Approve conditional
171669 Proposal: Loft conversion, single storey granny annexe, triple garage and workshop, conversion of existing garage to music/games room at Homeview, Mersea Road, Peldon – Approve conditional

Appeal Lodged against CBC’s decision of refusal

161167 & 161168 Proposal: Amended plans for retention and refurbishment of two Grade 11 listed buildings on site. To demolish the modern extensions/alteration to the existing dwelling (Forge Cottage) and replace these with a new extension that enhances the building. Restore and repair etc at Forge Cottage, Church Road, Peldon

Appeal Decisions:

162473 Proposal: Erection of single storey extension and conservatory with internal alterations to sub-divide existing dwelling into two dwellings at Lodge Cottage, Lodge Lane, Peldon – Refused
162987 Proposal: Residential development of five dwellings at Heritage Pension, St Ives Road, Peldon – Refused


101937 GOPAK Ltd. – new hall chairs and tables£3319.80
101938 PKF Littlejohn LLP – External Auditor£120.00
101939 T Newman – Moss Hay insp x 4 and repairs£240.25
101940 R S Pullen – clerk’s salary for Aug & Sept£853.64
101941 GOPAK Ltd. – table trolleys for new hall£349.49

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 7.30pm at Peldon and Wigboroughs Community Hall, Church Road, Peldon