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5 parishes

Five Parishes 2015

The 83rd 5 Parishes Show 2015

As ever, the 5 Parishes Organizing Committee is hard at work getting ready for the show on 2nd August, and will be posting updates and news on their new webpage on this site.  You can also follow the show on Facebook –

Recent Updates are:


5 Parishes AGM

5 Parishes Horticultural Society AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held in Peldon Village Hall on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at 7.30 pm.  Members of the public are most welcome to attend.  There will be light refreshments.

The Committee would like to attract new members to organise the 5 Parishes Show and also to find people who would just be prepared to help over the actual assembly and operation of the Show from Thursday 30th July to Sunday 2ndAugust; any time that you can spare will help us.

Please come to the AGM to see what we do and to meet us all.


Five Parishes 2014

82nd-5-parishesThe main programme and horse show schedule are now available for download from the Show page on this website – click the link :

Arena and stall highlights this year inlcude:

  • K9 Quackers, Sheepdog show
  • Colchester Birds of Prey
  • East Anglian Kite Flyers
  • Tendring Dog Agility Display Team
  • Suffolk Punch Trust
  • Annies Fantasies Clog Dancing
  • Colchester Model Aircraft Club
  • Horse Show
  • Exemption Dog Show
  • Colne Endeavour Music Club
  • Horticultural Marquee (Entries on Saturday, 3rd August)
  • Craft Marquee
  • Licensed Bar
  • Food Stalls


    The Five Parishes Dog Show

    5-parishes-dog-show-2013The full schedule for the Five Parishes Horse Show is now available to download from the 81st 5 Parishes Show Page.  The show has a range of pedigree and novelty classes and all proceeds will be going to “Dogs for the Disabled“.

    Entries will be taken from 11:00 with judging (Francesca Mills (MIINROC)) commencing from 13:00, entry fees are £2 for the first class entered and £1 for each subsequent class.  Rosettes will be awarded for 1st to 5th place in all classes with Special Rosettes for Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy, Best Veteran and Best Rescue or Re-homed.

    Pedigree Classes (Dogs do not need to be KC registered)

    • Class 1 – A.V. Puppy (6-12 months)
    • Class 2 – A.V. Sporting
    • Class 3 – A.V Non-sporting
    • Class 4 – A.V. Open

    Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show & Best Puppy will now be judged.

    Novelty Classes

    • Class 5 – Best Veteran (7 years and over)
    • Class 6 – Dog with most appealing eyes
    • Class 7 – Best Condition
    • Class 8 – Best Rescue or Re-homed
    • Class 9 – Most Handsome Dog
    • Class 10 – Prettiest Bitch
    • Class 11 – Dog the judge would most like to take home
    • Class 12 – Friendliest Dog or Bitch

    The 5 Parishes Horse Show

    2013-5-parishes-horseThe schedule for the Five Parishes Horse Show is now available to download from the 81st 5 Parishes Show Page.  The show promises great prizes with Trophies, Rosettes & Feed Vouchers, there will be a professional photographer so you can buy show photos on the day.  There are also some new classes including In-Hand & Showing and childrens’ fun classes.  Also new for 2013 is the ‘Forget Me Not Farm Champion.

    Classes include:


    • Tack & Turnout,
    • New Fun Classes,
    • Lead Rein,
    • Working Hunter pony & horse classes jumps from 2’,
    • Forget Me Not Farm Pony Champion,
    • Best Combination,
    • Riding Club Horse,
    • In-Hand Veterans,
    • Coloured,
    • Novice horse/pony,
    • M&M,
    • Young Handler.
    • Ridden Hunter,
    • Ridden Cob,
    • Ridden Coloured.
    • Clear Round til midday



    Picture report from Five Parishes


    Pictorial report from the 2010 Five Parishes Show



    {besps_c}0|5parishes001.jpg|Suffolk Punches walking to arena| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes002.jpg|Suffolk Punch walking to arena| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes003.jpg|Suffolk Punch family, foal’s first outing| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes004.jpg|Suffolk Punches ready to walk on| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes005.jpg|Sealed Knot in training| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes006.jpg|Muskets & Pikes at ready| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes007.jpg|”That modern uniform will never catch on”| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes008.jpg|Young riders ready to compete| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes009.jpg|Best-in-class round of in-hand| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes010.jpg|My (webmaster’s) favourite in-hand| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes011.jpg|In-hand class| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes012.jpg|Where did that other carriage go?| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes013.jpg|Behind you! Careful on the corners please.| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes014.jpg|Are we catching up?| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes015.jpg|Getting bored now, can’t we zig-zag at least.| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes016.jpg|Who’s behind me?| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes017.jpg|When you are quite ready can we make a start?| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes018.jpg|… up and over the bridge…| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes019.jpg|… A-frame …| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes020.jpg|… and weave – keep focus on the finish!| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes021.jpg|If that dog (webmaster’s) gets any closer I’ll eat him!| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes022.jpg|Who are you looking at?| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes023.jpg|Hawks, falcons & owls galore.| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes024.jpg|Spitfire| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes025.jpg|Spitfire again – OK I like them (webmaster)| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes026.jpg|Spitfire landing – oops, no undercarriage| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes027.jpg|Spitfire getting a taxi back to the line-up| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes028.jpg|Spitfire again| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes029.jpg|Red Arrows BAE Systems Hawk T1| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes030.jpg|Aero L-39C Albatros in VX-9 squadron livery| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes031.jpg|The holding/display area| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes032.jpg|USAF P38 Lightning| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes033.jpg|Finalists puppy class| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes034.jpg|Sporting Dog class| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes035.jpg|… and there were greyhounds; lots of them!| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes036.jpg|A good turn-out of fruit & veg as well| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes037.jpg|And there were kites, some with passengers| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes038.jpg|In full flight down the field| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes039.jpg|Kites in traditional and more eccentric designs| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes040.jpg|Kites of all colours against the grey clouds| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes041.jpg|Clogs at the ready with Annies Fantasies| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes042.jpg|Circle your partner carefully, sticks aloft| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes043.jpg|Left foot forward| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes044.jpg|… and keep smiling.| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes045.jpg|But the real stars were the Suffolk Punches| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes046.jpg|Suffolk Punch pushing the log around the arena| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes047.jpg|Suffolk Punch, mother & foal| {/besps_c}

    {besps_c}0|5parishes048.jpg|And so it’s goodbye for another year.| {/besps_c}


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