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A message from The Peldon Rose

peldon-rose-logoA message from The Peldon Rose in respect of their Licence variation

As you may be aware we have recently made an enquiry to the Licensing Authority to vary our current licence.

Subsequently there has, in our opinion quite rightly, been some interest in the manner in which the application has been portrayed.

This has stemmed from the method in which we were advised to submit our application.

It seems the Authority guidelines offer an ‘all or nothing’ approach.

Our original intention was, and still is, purely to comply fully with the Law in respect of such matters as clarinet or instrument players in the garden for summer BBQ’s, occasional wedding or small private functions with music and such occasions as New Year’s Eve.

We fully understand that such phrases as ‘live music’, ‘dancing indoors and outdoors’ and ‘the periods displayed on the public notice’ cause immediate concern in the locality. This is not our intention or desire.

Let us reassure all those who are concerned that The Peldon Rose has no intention other than to run as a local Country Inn serving our respected clients with excellent hospitality and fine cuisine, working in harmony with those around us, and providing a respected service to all.

We are sure you will have noticed the changes recently effected to this end and the pride we have reflected in the overall building.

In order to bring this matter swiftly to heel, we have today advised Colchester Licensing Authority that our intentions have been incorrectly portrayed, the current application has been terminated in order to be modified to our correct requirements.

In turn we have agreed to meet with their representative within the next few weeks to find a way through the bespoke documentation and submit the correct application, which will simply cover the matters described above.

On a lighter note we appreciate your concern and would be pleased to see you whenever you so desire.

With regards

Michael Handley

Director  –   for and on behalf of The Peldon Rose                                     30 June 2010