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The Future of Essex Police, Fire & Rescue?

Police & Crime CommissionerThe Future of Essex Police, Fire & Rescue?

The people of Essex are being urged to have their say in the potential change in the way Essex Police and Essex County Fire & Rescue Service is governed.  To have your say respond to the consultation that ends on Wednesday 10th May.

The Policing and Crime Act 2017 enables police and crime commissioners to become the fire and rescue authority where a strong local case is made. The Government has also created a statutory duty to collaborate.

Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst said: Continue reading


Bogus callers near Colchester

essex-policeBeware of bogus callers – Colchester woman conned

Be aware of bogus callers – they have tricked their way into a woman’s house in Colchester.  Two men claiming to be from the council knocked on the door of a property in Rochdale Way, Greensted, at around 7pm on Saturday, May 17 asking to check the water pipes.  A woman who lives in the property was alone and allowed them in. Whilst in the premises they went upstairs and stole some jewellery.


The two men had Irish accents and were both described as white.

Man 1:
  • Aged around 30 to 40
  • Short greying hair under a blue baseball cap.
  • Unshaven greying beard.
Man 2:
  • Thin
  • In his 20s
  • Short dark hair

Anybody with any information about this incident or who may have seen anybody acting suspiciously in the area is asked to contact Colchester CID on Essex Police 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Follow Essex Police advice to stay safe:

  • Don’t be frightened to ask for identification and always check it carefully. If you’re not sure, ask them to come back another day.
  • Think about installing a door chain and use it. Keep the door on the chain until you’ve seen identification.
  • If you need your glasses to read the identification, close the door before going to find them. Don’t leave the door open and unattended.
  • Remember to lock the back door before opening the front.
  • Don’t be pressured into letting someone into your home if you have suspicions.
  • Don’t keep large amounts of cash in the house.
  • Don’t believe scare stories. Not all callers are genuine.

For more information on staying safe, go to the Essex Police Be Safe pages on


Essex Police 101 & other updates

Essex Police Authority - bannerFrom July 1st, Essex Police becomes one of the first forces to switch to the new, national, police non-emergency 101 telephone number (replacing 0300 333 4444).  You can use this number if you need to contact Essex Police about any non-emergency crime issue, to contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, to seek crime prevention or personal safety advice, contact your nearest police station or to speak to us about any other non-emergency issue.

Please be assured that the emergency 999 number remains. unchanged and should continue be used if you have an emergency

Essex Police is currently undergoing a major change programme in order to save money, whilst continuing to provide a first class service to the public, and has already begun to make positive changes. The views of those who visit, live or work in Essex are extremely important to Essex Police and Essex Police Authority to enable them to take this programme forward and they would therefore be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to answer the questions in their public on-line survey.  To do this, please go to and click on the Reform Survey link which will take you into the survey, or go directly to This public survey is open to everyone and they are committed to seeking the views of as many people across Essex as they can and hope representation will be wide and varied. So, if you know of someone who you think might be interested in having their say and making a difference in their community, could you please take a moment to pass these details on to them and ask them to do the same with their contacts?


Fuel Thefts

fuel-theftIn the face of rising fuel prices Essex Police are concerned that an already endemic problem of fuel theft, particularly from rural buildings, will only get worse if steps are not taken to reduce them.  Whilst they will be doing their bit to apprehend the perpetrators, they have put together a comprehensive leaflet outlining steps you can take yourselves to help reduce the prospects of it happening at your home.  The leaflet, which can be downloaded from this site here, addresses the following topics:

  • siting of your oil tank,
  • control switches,
  • padlocks,
  • oil level guages,
  • security lighting,
  • defensive planting,
  • securing the tank, and
  • closed circuit TV.

Police Update – January 2011

sx-pol-newsBirch and Layer

Birch and Layer is part of the Essex Police Colchester district and covers the Parishs of Birch, Layer Breton, Heckfordbridge, Hardys Green, Smythes Green, Layer De La Haye, Messing, Salcott and The Wigboroughs.

Crime recorded for the Winstree area has seen roughly a 13% decrease compared to this time last year.

Winstree is still a very safe place to live and PC Mel Wislson is sure it will continue to drop.

The main crime for the rural areas continues to be Burglary to out buildings and sheds, PC Mel Wilson would like to remind people to look at their security at home particularly to these areas as things such as bikes, power tools etc are expensive to replace.  If you make it hard for the criminals to access your shed they are more likely to move on than bother with yours, these crimes normally only take minutes or seconds to commit.

PC Mel Wilson would also like to remind people that if they see a person or vehicle acting suspiciously to take as much detail as possible such as index plates, colour, description of people and direction of travel and call police immediately. We would rather come out to a false alarm than not be called at all.


With the present climate of rising fuel charges and spate of cold weather we have seen an increase in the amount of recorded thefts of oil from properties in the Colchester area particularly the rural villages. Please review your security regarding this, if advice is needed please do not hesitate to contact PC Mel Wilson.

If you have any information which is not an emergency please contact PC Mel Wilson on 07966 197404.

Neighbourhood Action Panel

  • 4th May 2011 19:00 – 20:00
  • The Old Crown Public House, Lodge Road, Messing, Colchester

sx-watchEssex Watch Administrators communicate crime information between watch schemes, the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, the extended policing family and volunteer groups.

If you have information about a crime please contact your Neighbourhood Policing Teams on one of the relevant numbers above or contact Barbara Knott, Essex Watch Administrator , Essex Police, Eastern Division / Colchester , 0300 3334444 ext 10619, mobile 07814672340, [email protected].

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