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PC Minutes 8th September 2009

Winstred Hundred Parish Council

Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th September 2009.

Present: Frances Fergus, Jane Banks, Nicky Ellis, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Lynne Simmons, Sam Knill Jones, Kevin Bradshaw, Andrew Ellis, John Jowers, Steve Copeland and 5 members of public

Apologies for absence: None

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: Bellwood – the applicant must sign the agreement this week or enforcement will begin but he can appeal.  The roadside hedge there has been devastated and the CBC Tree Officer will be contacted, although we understand permission was given for some work to be done.

County Councillor: The Regional Assembly and the Regional Development Agency have been abolished and so strategic planning will be regrouped.  When infrastructure is improved it leaves the way open for more houses to be built.  The Shoreline Management Plan now gives farmers the right to maintain their own boundaries. Improvement will be made from the launch of the Rural Commission, for example more dwellings will be able to obtain broadband. Affordable Social Housing is a priority within the Local Development Framework, houses for local people and possibly with shared ownership schemes.

Public – Have Your Say: Salcott Village Hall has had some refurbishment work done with more to come from grants and fund raising events. ECC Highways will be contacted with regard to an uneven piece of pavement and CBC with regard to curb side sweeping.  We will address the overgrowth at the Kings Head corner.

Rubbish in the hedge and ditch at Moss Hay was discussed also the hedge needs a good trim and we will address the problems, booking BTCV for some of the work. A footpath from the St Ives Farm side of St Ives Road was requested to be improved.

Flooding at Salcott crossroads was again an issue and will be discussed in Item 6.

The hedge on the roadside at Salcott meadow needs trimming again and will be done. The two gates at Salcott for the field itself and the play area are both faulty and do not close, this will also be done.

Declarations of Interest: None

Items for Discussion

  1. Great Wigborough Village Hall – has held in trust from 1954 for the people of the Wigboroughs with the Charities Commission. There were 4 original trustees who have all since died.  Therefore 4 new trustees should be found and also 7 people for a management committee.  Disposal of the hall can take place, with the maximum possible obtained from the sale and with a vote from all the people in the Wigs and the proceeds there of for use in obtaining something that will be of benefit to all in the Wigs.
  2. Salcott meadow – marquee for party – request has now been withdrawn but was discussed for any future request.  There are many considerations that would need to be met and probably resolved.
  3. Our insurance – with a view to a changed policy – a new broker has been found that will probably give us cheaper insurance even though it is still with Zurich and will be investigated further.
  4. Peldon play equipment update – the broken springy horse seat has been replaced, we are waiting for a price for rotten legs and have obtained an extensive report on other things that need attention. The tarmac of the basket ball area is badly cracked and so Phil proposed, Sam seconded and all agreed for us to ask Terry Simmons to do the job as soon as possible. We have received a very generous offer in helping us to purchase new goalposts but there was a suggestion of a bigger piece of equipment with a kicking wall, goalpost, cricket area, etc. all in one. This will be looked into.
  5. Moss Hay footpath progress & pole/gate – we have sent a written specification to the two people that sent us quotes as clarification of the job required was needed.  We are waiting for their replies. A discussion took place as to whether a gate or locking pole might be appropriate.  The pole will be investigated for cost and availability.
  6. Salcott crossroads flooding – ECC Highways has carried out work that was deemed necessary, CBC has written to landowners to carry out work at their properties with ditches etc. but one landowner has failed to do the requested work and this will be followed up.
  7. Planning Training Session – as excellent session was attended by 6 of us at the Town Hall and the councillors who did not go are encouraged to attend a session at a later date.
  8. St. Ives Wood – the next stage of clearance is due and concerns were expressed for the wildlife and also for the work to be done more considerately than last time with both the amount of cutting and with regard to safety.  The parish council will write to CBC Tree Department to make these points.
  9. Speed Gun – Layer de la Haye has it at present. We will endeavour to obtain it and find the time to use it as the trained people have been occupied with other work in the villages.
  10. Village Design Statement – the questionnaires are being evaluated which is a very long and arduous task and we are grateful for the people involved in this.
  11. CALC membership Nicky proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed to continue with our membership as it is felt that we need to be involved or we miss out on important matters.
  12. Bellwood – as above and Tolleshunt Knights – Barnhall Road application has been refused by Maldon District Council.
  13. Correspondence was received by us from RCCE about a possible site in Peldon for a small scheme of affordable housing for local people.  We will therefore request a presentation from RCCE Rural Housing Enabler at our next meeting.


090978  Proposal: Two storey rear extension at Bucklands, Copt Hall Lane, Little Wigborough

091076  Proposal: Removal of condition 2 of 081888 at Peldon Old Rectory

Notice of Planning Decisions:

090342 Proposal: Application for temporary use of mobile home as monitoring accommodation for free range chicken unit, siting of 3 mobile chicken houses, erection of tractor shelter, brood and feed shed at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough  –  Permission Refused


101499  Audit Commission  –  external annual audit                                                                 £155.25

101500  Lappset UK Ltd.  –  springy horse seat                                                                         £46.00

101501  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for August & September                                                        £700.04

101502  CALC  –  annual subs                                                                                                 £35.00

101503  T Simmons  –  4 x cuts Salcott meadow, 2 x play insp.                                                 £210.00

The next meeting will be at Peldon Village Hall on Tuesday 13th October 09 at 7.30pm.

The Parish Council wish to request that all householders put their refuse out on the correct day of the week paying particular attention to the fact that when there is a bank holiday all refuse is collected a day later than normal.  Bags are easily torn open by animals leaving an objectionable mess.