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PC Minutes 10th January 2012


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th January 2012.

Present: Nicky Ellis, Phil Gladwin, Jane Banks, John Walker, Netty Knill-Jones, Kevin Bentley, 3 Police and 2 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Jinny Gale, Lynne Simmons, Charles Dymond, Terry Sutton, Andrew Ellis

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the vice-chairman

Police: Thanks were given to the police for their attendance.  There has been very little crime in our villages of late apart from hare coursing.  Speed checks have been carried out periodically and just a few people are exceeding the limit.  Possibly on one of the worst occasions out of 50 people checked 8 were speeding and none by very much.  The perception often appears greater than the actual truth.

101 is the new number to call with non-emergency situations.

Borough Councillors: Grants from the Abberton Reservoir Community Funds have been awarded to the three applicants, Peldon Church, Peldon Village Hall and a resident in Layer affected by noise from the works. A time limit is given for spending these funds.

Following the Flood Summit meeting our Borough Councillors and an experienced CBC Officer will be visiting the places that have serious flooding problems when the weather is particularly wet.  One of our parish councillors will join them if available at the time.  Who owns which culvert will be the main source of the investigation.

Poor road surfaces including Maldon Road, School Lane and St Stephens Lane will be chased up for repairs as will empty salt boxes, in Great Wigborough and Salcott.

Broadband improvements are a concern for all our villages and ECC are working alongside other bodies to help achieve a good solution to the problem.

Public-Have Your Say – None

Declarations of Interest – None

1. Playgrounds – reports were not available due to illness etc. but inspections had been carried out as normal.  Rubber clippings will be ordered when a suitable drop off time and place have been decided.

2. Salcott Meadow/Creek – requests for fencing along the creek edge were discussed at length all of us having read the four reports received from authoritative bodies.  Phil proposed, Netty seconded and all agreed that following four independent reports regarding a potential water hazard the advice received was to install more signage which we will carry out shortly. Only one report mentioned fencing but advising against it.  We were required to pay for two of the reports totaling £260.

3. Precept/Grant 2012/2013 – finances were discussed at length using the prepared detailed sheet.  Our predicted spending for the year (year finishes 31/03/12) is not far out from the money received therefore Phil proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed to keep the precept/grant the same as last year.

4. Police – as above

5. Chairman and Vice for the next 2 year period – following councillors circumstances changing it will prove difficult to keep to the same village rotation system that we have been using therefore we will amend our standing orders to adapt this at the AGM in May.  It was agreed by all that Jinny has made a huge contribution to the parish council since she joined and every effort will be made to keep up the standard that she has created.

6. Broadband update: John presented us with a very informative pack and has been researching this matter thoroughly in the aim of better broadband speed and availability for all our villages.

7. Website update: Again John has been working to take up this work.

8. Sparklers Report: The number of people seemed to be similar to last year, although by mistake the counter wasn’t carried out. The set-up had been moved around to give more space for the crowds.  A road sign had been put in the wrong place causing congestion.  A few people had been treated by the Red Cross, mainly for grit in eyes and nothing too serious although one person had been hit by a bottle being thrown.  Record money was taken and in general it was a very successful evening.  Any problems have been noted and will be addressed for next year’s event including a limit on the advertising.

9. Abberton Reservoir Report: Work has progressed well due to the dry weather. The new road will be opened in March.  Any complaints to the Water Company have been addressed immediately.  We are not happy with the outside lighting at the new Visitor Centre and will be making our feelings known to the planning department.

10. Actions and Reminders List – updated


    112327 Proposal: 3 vehicle detached garage at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott

    112345 Proposal: Single-storey extension in brick and tile at north door, providing WC and wet area to Church at St Mary’s Church, Church Road, Peldon

    111937 Proposal: Detached office, garage and car port building at Rosefield, Lodge Lane, Peldon

    112422 Proposal: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling with attached garage at The Farmhouse, Abbots Wick Lane, Great Wigborough

    112023 Proposal: 1st floor extension to rear over existing g/floor 2 storey extension to side at The Briars, Peldon Road, Peldon – Withdrawn


    101641 – R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for January                                                           £353.53

    101642 – St Mary the Virgin, Peldon – mag entries                                                  £150.00

    101643 – Peldon Village Hall – hire                                                                         £174.00

    101644 – T Hedger – sorting fallen tree on Moss Hay                                                 £12.00

    The next meeting will be held at Peldon Village Hall on Tues 14th Feb 2012 at 7.30pm