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Colin Hopper - Magician - Optical IllusionThe World of Optical Illusion

Colin Hopper kicked off 2019 for PAWS with his talk on Optical Illusion.  It was a truly fascinating evening and the first thing we learnt was that seeing is believing!  That there is a conflict between your brain and the eye.  Your eyes and your brain will be teased into believing the impossible and the illogical. It became clear that the brain will ignore some information to cope.

Colin pointed out that people tend to scan notices either from left to right or right to left so the picture evolves from either side.  As a result, we tend to miss things. Colijn showed pictures that literally changed before members’ eyes.  But what was so confusing was the simple jigsaws that Colin had expertly put together but where pieces were left over on completion!   It was fun trying to work out a collection of images from an ‘upside down’ world of stretched perspectives and impossible landscapes.

Career Magician

Colin is a career magician of the old school that demonstrated clearly how he has been such a successful working magician for so long.   He makes magic props for other magicians and has written a book on balloon modelling for magicians.  He is also a professional children’s entertainer of over 30 years’ experience, a past President of the Ipswich Magical Society and a member of the Magic Circle.

The evening was a truly mind-bending and thought-provoking experience and a brilliant start to the New Year.

Next Meeting

PAWS next meeting is in Peldon Community Hall on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at 7.45 with speaker Chris Moore.  Chris is going to give us a talk on Orkney-The Arctic Convoy and other holidays.  Details of all meetings and speakers are on the calendar of the home page of this website. If you would like further information about PAWS please ring either of the following committee members:

  • Lorraine Davies 01206 735348, or
  • Jane Anderson 01206 735239.