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Colchester takes action against Anti-social Vehicle Use

Anti-social vehicle use is targeted by Public Space Protection Order

Map showing area in which Anti-social vehicle use will be targeted

Following a period of consultation Colchester Borough Council has introduced a Public Space Protection Order to target anti-social vehicle use. The order came into effect on 30th September and will remain in place for three years.

Specifically, within the area shown on the map, the council prohibits:

  1. Engaging in, promoting, encouraging, or assisting in the carrying out of any activity connected to the use of a motor vehicle, inclusive of motorbikes on a public highway, public car park or any other land to which the public has access in the Colchester Borough Council district area (Restricted Area) and which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm, or distress.
  2. Congregating or loitering as part of a group surrounding or within one or more stationary vehicles at any time where such activity causes noise, exhaust fumes, harassment, alarm, or distress
  3. Causing or permitting excessive amplified music or vehicular noise, and/or excessive emissions of exhaust fumes where such activity causes harassment, alarm, or distress
  4. Using a skateboard, pedal cycle, which includes a power assisted pedal cycle, or a pedal cycle in combination with a trailer, constructed or adapted for carrying one or more passengers, scooter, skates or any other self-propelled wheeled vehicle in such a manner as to cause damage to property or that causes or is likely to cause intimidation, harassment, alarm, distress, nuisance or annoyance to any person.

Why the order is coming into place

The consultation revealed that the following activities had been taking place and causing a public nuisance:

  1. Two or more vehicles racing.
  2. Motor vehicles driven at excessive speed.
  3. Repeated sudden or rapid acceleration or deceleration of motor vehicles.
  4. Revving of engine(s).
  5. Performing stunts such as dough-nutting, drifting, skidding, handbrake turns, wheel-spinning.
  6. Sounding horns.
  7. Playing loud amplified music or other very loud noise.
  8. Obstructing the public highway including driving in convoy; this includes but is not limited to pedal cycles, scooters, motor vehicles and motor bikes.

You can download the official notice below: