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PC Minutes 14th December 2010


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm.on Tuesday 14th December 2010.

Present: Jane Banks, Les Lapwood, Netty Knill Jones, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Charles Dymond, Nicky Ellis and 3 members of the public

Apologies for absence: John Walker, Lynne Simmons, Kevin Bentley, Andrew Ellis

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillor: Salt bins are not being filled as a matter of course as this could prove very costly as people are more often using too much. A very small amount is needed to make a surface not slippery.  Keeping the main highways open is ECC Highways first priority.

The lighting on a property in Peldon is being looked into as it has caused concern from other residents.

Public – Have Your Say – A booklet from the Environment Agency explains that any work on the Salcott creek banks must be approved by the Environment Agency before being carried out. Those who carry out unauthorised work will be prosecuted. This booklet will be obtained and delivered to the properties that back on to the creek for their guidance.  As flooding is such an issue in Salcott this is a very important matter.

Protruding hedges onto the highway is also an issue in Salcott Street. Certain residents will be written to requesting that they trim their hedges and tree branches back from over the road.

Declarations of Interest – None

  1. Bus stop at Malting Road, Peldon – the request to move this stop just a few yards along the road for all round convenience was agreed by all.  ECC Highways have no problem with this and will inform First Bus Company for us.  Paving slabs will be laid at the new position, incurring the only cost and notices will be displayed to inform passengers.
  2. RCCE course – Influencing Decisions in Your Local Area – was attended. The ideas have been suggested before and it is felt that taking on council work would only lead to dissatisfaction by all.
  3. 2011 Emergency Planning event – a simulated training event as opposed to the usual meeting form was the chosen option and the date that suits most will be forwarded to CBC shortly.
  4. Minerals Development Document Preferred Approach – Public Consultation – notices will be displayed but it was considered that attendance by the parish council was unnecessary.
  5. Sustainable Communities Act – no action by us was thought necessary.
  6. Precept/Grant – we have confirmation now that the grant part of the council tax we receive from CBC will be halved next year, therefore it is likely that we will  need to put up the parish precept part to compensate for this or we will be in a poor position to carry out our normal duties expected of us such as grass cutting, maintaining the play areas, trimming hedges, etc. The decision will be made at the next meeting giving the councillors more time to consider this important issue.
  7. Water for Peldon Church – the land in question for fencing off and laying pipe work does not belong to the parish council therefore we will response in that vain leaving it entirely up to the PCC.
  8. Parish Online and Planning on the Map – have good points and not so good points. Efficiency of Broadband in our homes plays a major part as to the ease of use of Parish Online which is mostly about detailed maps of a chosen area.  This will be looked into further before we make any decisions about signing up for it.
  9. Essex Police – the future of NAPs meetings – one or other of us will attend these meetings in the future as they are now being held in the evenings and at various village halls to try and accommodate everyone. Forthcoming meeting dates will be circulated.
  10. Reservoir Community Fund Application – the online application form and the system dealing with the applications has been poor but our application is now being processed.
    Reservoir expansion work on the causeway has been delayed due to the weather and has now been postponed until after Christmas.  More of the footpath from the Layer Fox to the Church has been completed.
  11. Refuse collections, gritting, salt boxes – the salt box we adopted to be situated at the turning point in Salcott Street has been delivered but is now empty.  See above in Borough Councillors’ section.  Refuse collection has not been disrupted due to the weather so far.
  12. Parish Council Chairmanship – Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed for Jinny to be chairman for another year which will be noted in our constitution at our annual meeting as this is a slight change from our normal order.
  13. Playgrounds – the monthly inspection reports and works required will be dealt with and followed up by appointed parish councillors to ensure that we are following the insurance company’s guidelines.
  14. Painting of Salcott play equipment – on establishing that the correct paint will be used and at least two coats Phil proposed, Nicky seconded and all agreed for us to accept the cheaper quote for painting Salcott play equipment.
  15. Rolling Actions and Reminders List – duly updated


102273 Proposal: Retrospective application for the change of use from agricultural use to B8 storage, comprising of; (a) the continued use for storage of ten former shipping containers that are physically attached to the land; (b) the siting and use for storage of a further four former shipping containers that are free-standing; and (c) the continued use of one part of the application site as an outside storage area used in connection with a business that deals with reclaimed building materials at Pantile Farm, Peldon Road, Abberton

102282 Proposal: Internal and external alterations to roof, forming new bedroom (no.5) and new games room at John Jones House, Autism Anglia, Church Road, Peldon

102366 Proposal: Double storey side extension and front porch (resubmission of application 091543) at 2 Fourreleet Cottages, Whitehouse Hill, Salcott

102322 Proposal: Application for prior notification of agricultural development for a proposed building to store crop to maintain good condition for resale at Beckton House Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott


101579  Suffolk Acre Services – Parish Council annual insurance                          £1468.92

101580  J & N Bradshaw & Son – repairs to Moss Hay goal posts                          £293.75

101581  R S Pullen  –  clerk’s fee for December                                                  £353.53

101582  SLCC  –  annual subscription                                                                  £95.00

101583  Tollesbury  (St. Mary’s) PCC  –  mag entry                                               £55.00

101584  T Simmons  –  play insp                                                                        £30.00

The next meeting will be at Peldon Village Hall (Committee Room) on Tuesday 11th January 2011 at 7.30pm.


PC Minutes 9th November 2010


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 9th November 2010.

Present: Les Lapwood, Jane Banks, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Nettie Knill Jones, Nicky Ellis, Charles Dymond, Lynne Simmons, John Walker and 3 members of the public

Apologies for absence: Kevin Bentley, Andrew Ellis, Terry Sutton

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Borough Councillors: Some pipe work and jetting has been carried out in Salcott to help with the flooding problem which will be carefully monitored before any further meetings on this matter are organised.

Bellwood is in the process of being sold.

Police Report: There had been an attempted theft of an old tractor in Great Wigborough.  More speed checks will be carried out in Great Wigborough and Peldon.  In recent times there has been an overall reduction in crime in this area.

Public – Have Your Say: Congratulations were expressed to the successful organisation of the fireworks event and in dealing with the wind problem during the evening.

Declarations of Interest: None

  1. Door to door deliveries – a list of the furthest out houses in Peldon will be compiled so that none are omitted next time we carry out a delivery.
  2. Chairmanship – the order in which we appoint a chairman may change slightly as we have several new parish councillors who would not wish to take on this task so soon.  A decision of the order for the next few years will be made next month.
  3. The Way We Work – with regard to the matter of certain parish councillors taking on certain roles more ideas and discussions are needed and a draft will be circulated for consideration at January’s meeting.
  4. Meetings attended – Village Shop & Pub Day was interesting and informative but probably quite difficult to implement here. The Clerks’ Forum was also interesting with presentations from Census 2011, Digital Strategy for Colchester and Chief Superintendent for the Police on necessary closure of Police premises in preference to cutting down on manpower due to a reduction in funding.
  5. Parish Online pilot scheme – two parish councils out of a possible seven that have applied will be chosen for this pilot scheme and we should hear soon if we are one of them.
  6. Reservoir Community Fund website application is being completed subject to a couple of problems that need sorting out with the online application form.
  7. Revenue Grant reduction – the final decision of the cuts being made and how much we will receive will be decided in the next few weeks. A ‘to date’ finance report will be circulated for an informed discussion at the next meeting.
  8. New Executive Arrangements Consultation – we will reply that our majority vote was for Option One: Leader and Cabinet in preference to Option Two: Directly Elected Mayor and Cabinet.
  9. Flooding enquiry from Nick Humfrey – Environment, Sustainability and Highways are appointing a new employee whose job it will be to try and sort out rainfall flooding problems in the area.
  10. Parking in Salcott has been reported to the police who will investigate in due course and this will be followed up.
  11. Abandoned car in Wigborough Village Hall car park for the third time has been reported and removed.
  12. Peldon Hall Farm – crop spraying that left a deposit on the road and on cars was also detrimental to health. It would seem that a contractor had carried out this work for the farmer who was the landowner.  A resident of Lodge Lane has written to the Environment Health Agency.  Parish Councillors have and will further liaise with residents for us to follow up if required.
  13. Playgrounds – inspection and maintenance reports returned. All quotations for painting Salcott equipment have yet to be received.
  14. Bus shelter at Salcott crossroads – all quotations for alterations yet to be received.
  15. Youth sports equipment – was discussed again and as before it was agreed that this would not be used sufficiently to warrant spending funds on it.
  16. Sparklers evening report – this was a very successful event but not without problems due to the change of wind during the evening. Debris from the bonfire and fireworks blew over the crowd but was dealt with immediately by putting out part of the bonfire and delaying the display briefly whilst moving the fireworks back.  St John’s Ambulance treated several for minor eye irritations. They are always in attendance and this is the first time their services have been called upon. The safety procedures that have always been in place were tried and tested this year and proved successful.
  17. Actions and Reminders List was updated.


    101984 Proposal: Replacement of a derelict conservatory with a single storey extension at Haxells Farm, Peldon Road, Peldon

    101986 Proposal: Listed building application for the above

    Notice of Planning Decisions:

    091245 Proposal: Conservation woodland and meadow with support facilities at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough – Permission Refused

    Correspondence from CBC on Hall Barn, Peldon Road, Abberton


    101574 Peldon Village Hall – hire                                                                               £90.00

    101575 R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for Nov                                                                    £353.53

    101576 B Gooding – 2 x play insp + repairs                                                                £63.24

    101577 Keith Banks – Moss Hay grass cuts x 4                                                           £160.00

    101578 T Simmons – play insp                                                                                  £30.00

    The next meeting will be held at Salcott Village Hall on 14th Dec 2010 at 7.30pm.


    Road Closure – Abberton Road, Langenhoe

    abberton-road-langenhoeEssex County Council has announced the temporary closure of Abberton Road, in the Parish of Langenhoe, from its junction with B1025 Mersea Road to its junction with Fingringhoe Road.

    The closure is scheduled to commence on 9 November 2010 for 1 day and is required for the safety of the public and workforce whilst carriageway resurfacing works are undertaken.

    The alternative route will be via 81025 Mersea Road – Fingringhoe Road and vice versa.  Access for emergency service vehicles and pedestrians will be maintained at all times during the closure.


    PC Minutes 12th October 2010


    Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

    Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th October 2010.

    Present: Jane Banks, Charles Dymond, Les Lapwood, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Nettie, Knill Jones, John Walker, Lynne Simmons, Terry Sutton and 6 members of the public

    Apologies for absence: Nicky Ellis, Kevin Bentley, Andrew Ellis

    Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all with the correction to ‘Some positions’ instead of ‘Senior positions’ in the Borough Councillors’ section.

    Borough Councillors: a report was read out explaining that the last planning application for a ‘managed woodland’ at Bellwood has been refused by the CBC Planning Committee and they have requested that direct action is taken to turn the site back to an agricultural field. This would involve the removal of the caravan, tractor cover, cesspit, hardcore, shingle and services such as water and electricity.

    The dumped fridge/freezer along School Lane has been reported and will be removed shortly.

    Public – Have Your Say: There are still outstanding jobs that need completing in helping with the flooding problem at Salcott.  ECC Highways will be contacted again.  The proposed ‘Flood Meeting ‘with various bodies will be chased up yet again. Virley Hall drain has been dug out.

    Refurbishments to Salcott Village Hall were noticed and the details brought to our attention.  It does look and feel splendid and Salcott are to be congratulated on their fund raising that has managed to fund such wonderful improvements.

    Garden waste has been dumped in Salcott creek which is an offence and the Environment Agency will prosecute.

    Parking on the pavement in Salcott Street will be reported to the Police.

    Les Lapwood was co-opted onto the parish council and was welcomed by all.

    Declarations of Interest: Les for item 5 and Lynne for item 8.

    1. Abberton Reservoir expansion – liaison group meeting report – the reservoir is probably at its lowest ever now but will be pumped in future, concrete crushing has finished, newts had delayed certain works but have naturally moved on now.  The new inlet pipe and the higher road works will begin shortly and the new dam footprint is in place.  There is to be a new footpath in Layer from The Fox to the Church that is scheduled to cost a huge amount of money to be inspected on completion.
    2. Emergency Plan – updating our plan is required as certain contact names are no longer parish councillors.  Robert and Sam will be contacted to ask if they would still be willing to be of assistance in an emergency with regard to useful equipment like tractors and Robert for retaining an emergency phone number when all other phones would not be working.
    3. Sparklers – a very well prepared updated Health and Safety plan by Robert Kean was presented for the Sparklers to the parish council for this year’s event.
    4. 2011 Census – CBC are encouraging everyone to fill in their form and return it.   The government funding for Colchester is greatly reduced for each and every form that is not filled in and returned.  We will decide if there is anything we can do to assist this process being carried out successfully.
    5. Great Wigborough red telephone box – several people had shown an interest but only one person had put in an actual bid in the required time scale and so Jinny proposed, Lynne seconded and all agreed for the parish council to accept this offer.
    6. Goal posts – for Moss Hay are in the process of being refurbished.
    7. Playgrounds – both our maintenance men have signed our contract and will fill in the required forms monthly.  All outstanding jobs have or will be brought up to date shortly.
    8. Salcott crossroads bus shelter alterations – an estimated cost of adapting this bus shelter for rough weather was presented and further quotes will be sort.  A grant from ECC will also be looked into.
    9. Actions and Reminders List – updated as necessary
    10. Flood Partnership Manager – enquiry was answered by us in full with photographs and will be followed up for any progress that might result from this.
    11. The Water Board has given free Mercury Theatre tickets for youths which have been successfully allocated by the Peldon panto organizer.

    Notice of Planning Decisions:

    101417 Proposal: Temporary use of mobile home as monitoring accommodation for free range chicken egg unit. Also siting of 3 no. mobile hen houses, tractor building, brood and feed shed. (Resubmission of application 091245) at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough – Permission Refused

    101612 Proposal: Replacement house at Grove Bungalow, Maldon Road, Great Wigborough – Permission Refused

    101837 Proposal: Removal of condition 2 of planning permission 072151 at St Ives Farm, St Ives Road, Peldon – withdrawn

    Letter from CBC Enforcement to say they will be looking into complaints at Hall Barn, Peldon Road, Abberton

    Matters at Hillside Farm, Great Wigborough reported to us have been looked into by CBC Planning Enforcement and certain matters must be acted on.

    The owner of some land at Peldon has been served a notice on him concerning ‘creating a nuisance’ following the burning of large amounts of trees etc. that are too wet and green.


    101572 R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for October                                                                  £353.53

    101573 T Simmons – grass cut, play insp, tree cut, replace fence posts                           £260.50

    The next meeting will be held at Peldon Village Hall on Tuesday 9th Nov 10 at 7.30pm.


    PC Minutes 14th September 2010


    Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

    Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council  held at Peldon Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th September 2010.

    Present: Nettie Knill Jones, John Walker, Lynne Simmons, Phil Gladwin, Jinny Gale, Charles Dymond, Jane Banks, Nicky Ellis, Kevin Bentley, Terry Sutton and 8 members of the public.

    Apologies for absence: None

    Nettie was co-opted on to the parish council and welcomed in joining us.

    Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all with the correction at Item 2 which should read ‘12p per household’, and signed by the chairman.

    Borough Councillors: All parish councils will have their grants cut.  Double taxation on maintenance work will be looked into more closely as with council tax villages pay the precept part which they do not in town. The spending review takes place next month when we will find out what grant cuts there will be.  ECC’s Transformation Plan is already addressing the spending cuts issue. Senior positions are not being filled following retirement and other personnel not replaced when people leave.

    Bellwood woodland application has been deferred. The proposed location and size of the building was questioned and the necessity for a toilet on the site.  The chicken business plan was considered to be flawed.  The caravan has been empty for some weeks now calling into question the concern of making the occupant homeless.

    The next Reservoir and Water Company meeting will take place tomorrow.  The construction works for the new road will probably cause problems to some but work so far has not resulted in many complaints and the small number there has been have been sorted out immediately.

    The meeting with the professionals on the flooding issue, we were assured, will take place soon but it is proving hard to get the appropriate bodies co-ordinated.

    The police have been out in our area with a speed gun for which we are always grateful.

    Missing chevrons and sign will be chased up but because of cuts in personnel things will take longer to happen in future.

    Failing to get a 40mph speed limit on our main through road a 50mph was requested and will be looked into further.

    Public-Have Your Say: The owners of two properties in Church Road, Peldon came to apologize for any disturbance, particularly smoke form a fire, they may have caused during the last week or so while carrying out clearance work on the properties at the back of the gardens. They explained that no badger set had been found on the land or indeed any endangered species. They have the intention of extending the gardens to pasture land possibly for grazing horses.  They expressed their desire to work with the community and the parish council and not against them.  The cleared land was heavily overgrown and needed this work. They said they would be pleased to hear of any advice with regard to replanting, hedging, etc. They said that they have no intention of putting in planning permission for a number of houses.  CBC had instructed them to wait until after the end of July before starting this work which they did. They had experienced a great deal of trouble with a number of services, such as the police and fire brigade being called out, but no problems had been found.

    Declarations of Interest: Phil and Jinny for item 2.

    Items for Discussion

    1. Bellwood – as above in Borough Councillors.
    2. Wigboroughs Village Hall – the volunteers will get together soon for their third meeting.  We have had lively debates at meetings and in emails as to the way forward but forming a Management Committee is the first step.
    3. Affordable Housing survey and letter – has been circulated to all houses in all the villages which should to be returned in the envelope provided by 1st October 2010. This is purely to establish if there is a need to begin with and nothing more.
    4. Salcott vacancy – we have had one person from Virley interested and so Phil proposed, Lynne seconded and all agree for the clerk to approach this person with a view to co-opting him on to the parish council.
    5. CALC meeting minutes say that courses for parish councillors to attend nearer home will be requested and organised.  A budget workshop will be attended by the CALC chairman where he will enquire about the cuts of grant funding.
    6. Edward Gittins & Assoc. – CBC LDF – was explained. We have submitted our response. One resident in Salcott objects to our objections.  The Inspector’s decisions will probably be published at the end of this month.
    7. Salcott flooding – some ditch clearance work has been carried out and more will be done soon.  Also see above in Borough Councillors.
    8. Playgrounds – the filling out of the official maintenance sheets from RoSPA are considered to be necessary, especially in these times of spending money wisely. Rotten posts at Salcott should now be repaired or replaced as required.  The work deemed necessary or advisory on the annual inspection report also needs to be carried out fairly promptly.
    9. Moss Hay goal posts – Nicky proposed, Phil seconded and all agreed for the old ones to be repaired without further delay. Clerk to activate this and Jinny to follow up if necessary.
    10. Salcott crossroads bus shelter alterations cost will be ready hopefully in time for a decision at the next meeting.
    11. Individual jobs for individual parish councillors – was discussed at length and agreed as a good idea with one exception.  We will explore and make a list between us of suitable jobs that could be allocated to certain parish councillors, although we probably, to some extend, do this already.
    12. Actions and Reminders list – up dated

    Planning applications:

    101417 Proposal: Temporary use of mobile home as monitoring accommodation for free range chicken egg unit at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough

    101423 Proposal: Loft conversion, new porch and alterations to attached garage at Longacre, School Lane, Great Wigborough

    101433 Proposal: Demolish existing garages, build single store granny annexe at The Bungalow, Colchester Road, Virley

    101612 Proposal: Replacement house at Grove Bungalow, Maldon Road, Gt Wigborough

    101837 Proposal: Removal of condition 2 of planning permission 072151 restricting the use for overhaul and repair, sale and maintenance of contractors’ plant, sale of associated spare parts and associated offices, all as stated in the application and for no other purpose at St Ives Farm, St Ives Road, Peldon

    Notice of Planning Decisions:

    100854 Proposal: Erection of single storey kitchen extension, insertion of new doors and internal alterations at The Old Rectory, Mill Lane, Virley – Permission Granted

    101423 Proposal: Loft conversion, new porch and alterations to attached garage at Longacre, School Lane, Great Wigborough – Permission Granted

    101372 Proposal: Double storey side extension and front porch at 2 Fourreleet Cottages, Whitehouse Hill, Salcott – Permission Refused


    101563 Colchester Association of Local Councils – annual subs                                £35.00

    101564 Suffolk Acre – insurance for Wigborough Hall                                            £60.37

    101565 CBC – election costs                                                                            £598.23

    101566 Audit Commission – external audit                                                         £158.63

    101567 R S Pullen – clerk’s fee for August and September                                   £707.06

    101568 R S Pullen – clerk’s expenses                                                                £240.22

    101569 Barry Gooding – play insp x 3 months                                                      £90.00

    101570 Rural Community Council of Essex – photocopying survey                           £54.00

    101571 Terry Simmons – 4 x grass cuts, 2 x playground insp, hedge trim               £240.00

    The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tues 12th Oct 2010 at Salcott Village Hall


    PAWS – June Report

    paws31 members and 3 visitors attended our June meeting where Piers Graham from Fintry Wines provided us with a selection of 9 wines for our Wine Tasting.  Piers has been in the business for 10 years originally setting up on Mersea but recently he has moved to Colchester. He currently has 650 wines available to buy online on his website, the most expensive being Penfold Grange at a cost of £175 a bottle (and he has 17 of these). The wines he had selected for us to try came from lesser known areas of France, mainly from the South West Costal areas, and from the Vin De Pays d’oc region, more commonly known as French Country Wines and very nice they were too hic!

    Next month, as it’s the peak summer month August, there is no meeting but we will be back to normal on September 28th when we will be “Hop Picking at Horseman’s Den” with Barbara Faulkner returning once again.  As usual we meet at 7.30pm in Peldon Village Hall, Church Road, Peldon. Membership is currently closed but visitors are very welcome at a cost of £3.50 and a waiting list is in operation.

    In the meantime we have our annual croquet night on the 13th July and a visit to the Town Hall and Hollytrees on the 16th August to look forward to.

    If you would like any further information about P.A.W.S. please ring any of us on any of the following numbers. Alice 01206 735510, Jane 01206 735004, Julia 01206 735053 or Sue 01206 735212


    Peldon May Festival 2010

    A windswept day with ‘interesting’ weather did not dampen to enthusiasm to enjoy the annual Peldon May Festival.  The following pictures were taken on the day.

    Peldon Councillor Nicky Ellis with the Colchester Mayor Sonia Lewis and her escort Keith Lewis
    Youngsters enjoying the new playground
    Mayoral couple with Peldon Councillors Nicky Ellis and Jane Banks and Wigboroughs Councillors Phil Gladwin and
    Jinny Gale at the new playground

    PAWS – May Report


    38 members and 2 visitors attended our May meeting where we met Mr. W. Jones from the “Palace of Knightsbridge” – more commonly known as “Harrods”.  He entertained us with stories covering his 40 years with them, having started work as a Trainee in September 1963 and retiring in 2003 as the Licensee.   He was wearing a rather fetching frock coat which had been made for him, at a cost of £750, with a crest on the pocket bearing the store’s motto “All things to all people everywhere”.   He gave us the history of the store from when Charles Henry Harrod took it over in 1849, when it was in financial difficulty and not in the best of areas, but seeing the potential as wealthy Victorians were building houses to be near to the Royal family.  By 1883 his Son Charles Digby was running the business (Dad sold it to him for £600) and expanded it greatly employing some 150 staff.  7 days before Christmas it burnt down taking most of Knightsbridge with it.  By 1889 it was rebuilt and claimed amongst its customers Oscar Wilde and Lilly Langtry who were given store credit cards.  By now he had taken on a Managing Director – Richard Burbridge who had lots of new ideas re advertising and publicity and one of these was to kit out the solders for the Boar War – what a novel idea.  Between 1910 and 1920 Harrods was rebuilt to be the biggest and best store. Because electricity and water supplies could be erratic, and so his customers would never be inconvenienced, he had wells drilled and a power house installed in the basement.   In 1955 the Burbridge family lost control of Harrods to the Al Fayed family and as we all know it was sold again recently for 1.5Billion.

    Next month is our annual social night on 27th July.  This years theme is South American, so join us for Salsa and fun with Mark Moore and Partner.  We will also have refreshments and a light themed Supper.  There will be a prize for the best dressed, so raid your wardrobes ladies and whilst there don’t forget your dancing shoes!  As usual we meet at 7.30pm in Peldon Village Hall, Church Road, Peldon.  Membership is currently closed.  Visitors are welcome cost £5.00 by pre-booking on any of the following numbers.  Alice 01206 735510, Jane 01206 735004, Julia 01206 735053 or Sue 01206 735212.



    PC Minutes 11th May 2010


    Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

    Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11th May 2010.

    Present: Frances Fergus, Jane Banks, Jinny Gale, Phil Gladwin, Lynne Simmons, Sam Knill Jones, Nicky Ellis, Kevin Bentley and 5 members of the public

    Apologies for absence: Robert Davidson, Andrew Ellis

    Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the chairman

    Police Report: A report on crime and speeding figures was read out.  Unfortunately, an extremely unhelpful person put out a notice warning drivers about a speed check that was being carried out in Peldon.  We would be interested to know who did this.

    Borough Councillors: Repair work to the many pot holes is still in progress.

    The flooding issues at Salcott are receiving attention, the meeting with relevant bodies is to be arranged and hopefully a map of ownership of ditches and culverts will be produced.

    Planning applications for Bellwood are still being dealt with and we are constantly monitoring this site and further developments within the planning and enforcement process.

    The Abberton Reservoir fund for local projects is explained on their website and we will be submitting the cost of our website and possibly other projects.  The huge heaps of concrete that have caused some complaints are only temporary.

    Replacement missing road signage will be chased up.

    Public-Have Your Say: The dangers of Salcott crossroads were expressed again. We have asked many times for some kind of traffic calming/signage for this spot but it has always been turned down.

    Declarations of Interest: Phil for item 4.

    The Annual Parish Assembly and the Parish Council AGM are postponed until our meeting on 8th June due to the Peldon parish election taking place on 27th May.

    1. Finance report – finances for the year were explained and had been internally audited by Steve Copeland.  Phil proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed to accept this financial report as a true and accurate account of our finances for the last financial year.  We are, as always, very grateful to Steve for carrying out this task for us and at no cost to the parish council.
    2. Parish councillors and election – as we are to have an election at Peldon, with 6 people standing for 4 places, to take place on Thursday 27th May 2010, our parish council will be all new 4 days after that election.  Therefore we will have our AGM and sign in new councillors at our June meeting. 
    3. Moss Hay footpath refurbishment is almost completed plus the digging out of the ditch along side it.  By all account a very good job has been done for us.  The drainage pipe will be done at a later date so as not to mess up the ground now.
    4. Quotations for Moss Hay basket ball pad were considered, Nicky proposed, Jane seconded and all agreed to use the same contractor for this job as the footpath.  We obtained £2,000 from this year’s grant scheme for this and have just discovered that we can use surplus money from last year’s grant scheme to make up the difference so it will all be paid for with grant money.
    5. Request for raised pavements at bus stops in Peldon will be looked into with ECC.
    6. Request for crossing/signage for children going to Moss Hay will also be looked into with ECC Highways.
    7. Life belt to be situated on the bridge at Mill Lane, Virley was requested – Lynne proposed, Phil seconded and all agreed for us to have this additional life belt.  Terry was asked to do this and fit plastic ropes to the belts we already have in place.
    8. Telephone Boxes – the process of adoption is going through, Salcott box for us and two people have shown an interest in buying the Wigborough box from us.
    9. Playgrounds – have had their annual inspection.  Barry has done a magnificent job of repairs and painting work at Peldon.  New bark will follow.
    10. St Ives Road/ Butchers View footpath – a post was erected by us to prevent use of large equipment along this path which has since been removed as soon as we discovered that it was privately owned. Terry was thanked for his quick response to both requests firstly to fit and then remove the post.
    11. Water Awareness Session held on 27th April was not as well attended as we had hoped but those who did attend found it interesting and informative and we sent our thanks to CBC Emergency Planning Officers who took the trouble to arrange this.
    12. Annual Report – due to the parish council election our report will be in July’s addition of the magazine.  Distribution and our sponsorship on the cover are to be clarified.
    13. Website – is being constantly altered and tweaked for best results
    14. Rolling Actions and Reminders List – several items were crossed off as completed. Additions to be made from this meeting.
    15. Request for better 30mph signage along Church Road, Peldon was made which we will forward to ECC Highways.


    091245 Proposal: Conservation woodland and meadow with support facilities (AMENDED PLANS) at Bellwood, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough

    100864 Proposal: Demolish existing garages. Build single storey Granny Annex at The Bungalow, Colchester Road, Virley

    Notice of Planning Decisions:

    100161 Proposal: Removal of condition 2 of planning application 072151 at HOS Plant Ltd. St Ives Road, Peldon  –  Permission Granted

    100427 Proposal: Demolition of existing single garage and extension to chalet bungalow to provide extra bedroom and living space 1 ½ storey extension at Rowans, Church Road, Peldon  –  Permission Granted

    100458 Proposal: Two storey side and rear extension at Leeward, Church Road, Peldon  –  Permission Granted


    101540  Peldon PCC  –  churchyard upkeep                                                            £200.00

    101541  Great & Little Wigborough PCC  –  churchyards upkeep                                £400.00

    101542  Salcott PCC  –  churchyard upkeep                                                            £200.00

    101543  R S Pullen  –  clerks fee for May                                                                £353.53

    101544  Peldon Village Hall  –  hire                                                                          £80.00

    101545  T Simmons  –  play area insp. and fitting and removal of post                        £140.12

    The next meeting will be the Parish Assembly and Parish Council AGM and will be held at Peldon on Tuesday 8th June 2010 at 7.30pm.