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Peldon Village Hall 2010 AGM

Report from the Peldon Village Hall Management Committee on Tuesday 4th May addressing, amongst other things, the exciting prospects for new Village hall.


TUESDAY 4TH MAY 2010 8.00 PM

The last year will be remembered as the year we finally managed  to define what  should be the future of Peldon Village Hall.  The big question is now, can we achieve that future? Maybe the next 12 months will give us some answers.

After much consideration and discussion, the Committee decided to select the design submitted by Duncan Clarke and Beckitt, a long established Colchester based firm of architects, as the basis for the proposed new PVH.  We thought that their proposal was the clearest and professional presentation and it came closest to fulfilling our preset specification.  I n our subsequent dealings with them we have struck up a good working relationship and look forward to a continuing good relationship as the project develops.  We would like to put on record our thanks to Laurie Wood Architects and KLH Architects who also submitted designs which were not selected.  We appreciate the time and effort that they put into the project but we could only select one design.

Following meetings and discussions with DCB we have agreed to the design of the floor plan.  We feel that more work has to be done on finding an appropriate design for the exterior.  It is estimated that the cost of the new building will be £500,000.  The original exterior design was considered by the Committee to be acceptable but further  discussions with the planning department at CBC suggested  an alternative design that we consider inappropriate.  More talks are scheduled in the coming weeks.

Another positive result of our work on the new PVH has been gaining the active support of Essex, CBC and Parish Councillors.  A successful public meeting was held in January, chaired by Kevin Bentley and attended by John Jowers together with representative of fund raising organisations and 40 members of the public.  It was a good oppotunity to explain the plan and openly examine the huge task ahead in raising £500,000.  The Committee felt the meeting went well and that there was support for the interior design but a less positive feedback about the exterior design.

To progress to the stage where we can actively start applying for grants we have to get planning and building approval from CBC.  To get to this stage we need to find £30,000.  To date all our expenses have been paid out of our own funds.  In January we applied to the Community Initiatives Fund for a grant of £29,000 and in March received confirmation that we had been awarded £15,000.  This is sufficient for us to progress with the application for planning permission.

Raising £500,000 is going to be an enormous challenge.  We were hopeful that we might be eligible for a substantial grant from the Abberton Resevoir projet, but this seems unlikely although we are actively trying to influence those responsible for distributing the cash.  It remains a possibility.  Land fill grants, the Lottery and other smaller grant providers will all be tried.  It is possible to raise this money but it will take a long time and a lot of form filling, but with the support of the local community and local government, I believe we can succeed.

It is vital that we continue to raise as much money as possible from our own fundraising events.  Last year we raised £1500 from the Spring Festival, £400 from the Quiz Night.  On the downside we had to cancel a proposed Bingo Night due to lack of support.

Once again we thank Peldon Players for their production of ‘Robin Hood’.  Another first rate evening of fun for all the family.  Well done to everyone involved and thanks for £700.00 contributed to PVH Funds.  It has been agreed that ticket prices will be increased next year to increase income for the PVH building plans.

Financially we had another good year.  Our funds increased by £3,000.00 and now stand at over £13,000.  This will decrease when we start paying the architects fees, but we are still in a healthy position.  Bookings and usage of the hall continue to  increase which proves the underlying need in the local community for the facilities provided by PVH.  It would also suggest that a new, modern state of the art building would find even more use and generate a bigger income.

I would like to thank all the members of the PVH Management Committee for their continued support.

In conclusion, here’s to another 12 months, lets hope we can continue to make progress to our goal of a new Peldon Village Hall.

Keith Banks

Chairman Peldon Village Hall Management Committee