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Advance Notice – Colchester Road Closure

Colchester Road Closure

Courtesy of Google Maps

Advance Notice – Closure of Colchester Road

We have been given advance notice of the overnight closure of part of Colchester Road in Peldon on 3 nights (9pm – 5am) some time between 13th June and 13th December (we will hopefully get more specific dates nearer the time).  The picture shows the approximate extent of the closure and the diversionary route that will be put in place, there will, undoubtedly, be an increase in overnight traffic flow through Peldon during these closures. Continue reading


Car Park Closure May 2014

The Wigboroughs Village Hall Management Committee

The old Village Hall in School Lane, Great Wigborough and the site on which it stands are the property of the villages of Great and Little Wigborough and public access is not automatic.

To affirm this, at least once a year, for a period of at least one week, the car park will be closed.

This is advance notice that the next period of closure will be from 25th May to 1st June 2014.  No access or egress will be possible during that period.

Jinny Gale