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Crime Update

PC Melanie Wilson reports on the past years crime figures for the area showing an increase of of reported offences from 133 to 144 but a general reduction over the past few months.

A brief review of the past years crime figures – This is showing an 8.25% increase on reported offences this year.  This sounds a large increase, but with the small amount of crime on this beat, this is only an increase of 11 crimes, please also remember that things such as fly tipping and domestic incidents are recorded as a crime which bumps up our figures, we are still extremely low with regards antisocial behaviour.

The last year we have had 144 reported offences, with the previous year being 133.  We have seen the percentage of crime drop over the past few months since I have started and I am confident of a reduction in the coming year.

Please bear in mind these will not be 100% accurate compared to Essex Police yearly figures but are a good indicator or how our area works.

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