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Road Closures as local roads get dressed

Essex Highways’ ‘Capital Maintenance Programme’ reaches Winstred Hundred this week with 3 roads in the parish to be benefitting from Surface Dressing accompanied by road closures.  This process involves repairing main defects in the road surface and then laying a new surface of loose chippings on bitumen.  Although these chippings are rolled into the surface, a number will remain loose and so temporary 20mph speed limits are in force for about a week after which remaining loose chippings are swept away and new road markings added.

The affected roads are:

  • Peldon Road – starting on 7th June ending on 8th June,
  • Colchester Road – starting on 8th June, ending on 10th June, and
  • The Street – should start and finish on 10th June.

Other local roads to be treated next week are Fingringhoe Road and Furneux Lane in Fingringhoe and The Strood in Mersea.

The notification from Essex Highways indicates that roads will be closed during these works although no details have been given about local diversions – it is probable that access will be maintained for residents/deliveries although this may not be as smooth as we might like (Webmaster speaking from personal experience when roads near his home were dressed).