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PC Agenda 14th May 2019


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

A meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council will be held at Peldon and Wigboroughs Community Hall on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at 7.30pm to which the Councillors are summoned to attend.

The Annual Parish Assembly

Electors and Organisations are invited and can contribute to this meeting.

Addresses from any of the following may take part: County Councillors, Borough Councillors, Police and any other body or organisation.

Followed by:

Annual Council Meeting (AGM)

Apologies for absence:

Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Financial and Responsible Officer, resignations, co-options, elections of Parish Councillors, signing of all necessary forms and declarations, welcomings and thank yous accordingly.  

Chairman’s Report

Financial Report

Confirmation of membership of EALC, NALC, CALC, SLCC

Ordinary Council Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting:

Zone Warden Report:

County and Borough Councillor Reports:

Public-Have Your Say:

Declarations of Interest:

Items for Discussion

1.  Audit Return and Associated Compliances

  • To note internal auditor report
  • To agree and sign Certificate of Exemption – AGAR 2018/19 Part 2
  • Confirm and agree Accounting Statement 2018/19

2.  Playgrounds and Playing Fields

  • Reports on both play areas and fields
  • Consider Annual Report from Anglia Inspection Services and work required
  • Community Working Group activities to date
  • Decision required: Any other matters that require attention?

3.  Speeding in Great Wigborough

  • To discuss complaints and correspondence from residents and on-going petition
  • Missing and deteriorating Great Wigborough signs
  • Decision required: Is there anything we can to do to obtain results?

4.  County Broadband

  • To note leaflet delivered to households

5.  Meeting Venues

  • Discuss suggestion of using 2 to one Peldon & Wigs Hall/ Salcott V Hall
  • Decision required: Do we want to adopt this system for next year?

6.  Moss Hay

  • To discuss reported land encroachment
  • Decision required: What should we do about this? 

7.  Actions and Reminder List – update

Planning Applications:

190777 Proposal: Garden shed at Fourways Farm, Barnhall Road, Salcott
190957 Proposal: To decommission the existing cesspool that serves the existing home office, to install a new pumping station to transfer the foul waste from the home office and converted barn to the existing house drainage at New Hall, Copt Hall Lane, Little Wigborough
191005 Proposal: Extension to and conversion of existing garage to create annexe at Beavers Lodge, Lower Road, Peldon

Planning Decisions:

190356:Proposal: Variation of condition 3 (materials) of application 180680: change of tile specification at Wheatlands, Church Road, Peldon – Approve conditional
190692 Proposal: Single storey rear extension at The Bungalow, The Street, Salcott – Approve conditional


102021 R S Pullen – clerk’s salary – May£455.14
102022 Mr T Newman – play insp. x 4£120.00
102023 CALC subs£35.00
102024 Anglia Inspection Services – annual playground inspection£234.00

The next meeting will be on Tues 11th June 2018 at 7.30pm at Salcott Village Hall