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Virley Vacancy

Virley Parish Councillor Vacancy

If you are interested or want more information please contact the Parish Clerk or any of the councillors for a chat (contacts here). Alternatively, you might want to read of another new councillor’s experiences.   The closing date for applications is 31st August 2020.

Councillor Criteria

To stand for election to a local council you must:

  • Have relevant citizenship, i.e.:
    • UK or Commonwealth citizen
    • a citizen of the Republic of Ireland; or
    • a citizen of another Member State of the European Union.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a local connection:
    • as an elector of the local council, or
    • having occupied land or other premises in the area the local council serves (as owner or tenant)in the past 12 months , or
    • work in the area the local council serves (as your principal or only place of work), or
    • live within three miles of the local council boundary.

Local councils welcome and are committed to the inclusion and recognition of all regardless of race, culture, ability, ethnicity or gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status.

Nicky’s Story

I tried to remember when I started – I was co-opted onto the Winstred 100 Parish Council in May 2007, I think, and almost immediately raised my hand to offer help with a new Parish Project.  This brought together ideas and input from the whole community resulting in our Village Design Statement and Parish Plan.

What I really enjoyed most (apart from the visits to the pub after each PC meet!) was the chance to get to know other parishioners who were all interested in supporting the community they love. Some residents have been here all their lives with deep knowledge of the area, its amazing history and how each village has developed. Other newbies like me (2000) can bring in different skills.  I work in the NHS so will always want a say in any health matters!

Team Spirit & Friendships

That is what is easy with this Parish Council – everyone is encouraged to participate, everyone’s opinion is valued. The effort you put in is not onerous; meetings once a month, emails on a variety of subjects we are asked to comment on e.g. local planning and we are all kept in check by our very efficient Clerk Sue Pullen. I have learnt so much (just go onto the website and take a look at past minutes!) and made good friends.

Nicky Ellis

And a bit about the Council

The Winstred Hundred Parish Council comprises Peldon, Great and Little Wigborough, Salcott and Virley and requires nine councillors. Meetings are held 11 times each year alternating between Abbots Hall Farm, Great Wigborough, Salcott Village Hall and Peldon & Wigboroughs Community Hall.

The responsibilities of the Parish Council are integral with CBC and have a strong community aspect. The Parish Council is the most microelement of this Country’s democratic process. Councillors are normally elected but/ when vacancies arise mid-term, applicants are selected & co-opted by the Council without an election.

Councillors come from all walks of life, there are no specific criteria applied to those individuals wishing to be considered. Do you enjoy living in your Village?  If so, and you want to be involved in your community, being a Councillor could be exactly right for you.