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PC Minutes 8th May 2018


Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Salcott Village Hall on Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 7.30pm

Present: Phil Gladwin (chair), Robert Kean, Jinny Gale, Clare Lauwerys and 2 members of the public

Apologies for absence: John Walker, Andrew Ellis, Robert Davidson, Zone Warden

The Annual Parish Assembly

Everyone was welcomed to the meeting particularly to Clare, our new parish councillor.

Annual Council Meeting (AGM)

Jinny proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed for Phil to carry on as Chairman for this year. Jinny proposed, Phil seconded and all agreed for Robert to be Vice-Chairman for this year. Jinny proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed for the clerk to be the Responsible Financial Officer for the year. We are seeking to co-opt to fill the vacancies we have and leaflets have been delivered in the villages where the vacancies lie to advertise the positions and it is hoped for an enthusiastic response.  

Chairman’s Report: Thanks were expressed to the retiring parish councillors Nicky and Bob who have been a huge benefit to the team with a special mention for Bob’s tireless efforts with being the main driving force in getting the new hall built which would not have happened without him and so a very big thank you to Bob from the community, I’m sure everyone would agree. Thanks were also expressed to Terry, Jack, Barry and Liz for playgrounds and field work in particular and anyone else who has helped the parish council during this last year particularly the County and Borough Councillors and Zone Wardens who have always been available and willing to sort out any problems and issues that have come up. Thanks were expressed to Steve Copeland for carrying out the internal audit without charge and all the parish councillors and the clerk for good team work in addressing matters as and when they have arisen.

The parish council has had numerous planning applications to assess and pass comments on over the year and the new children’s nursery, which the parish council supported, is a major achievement for all and will be much appreciated by the community.                                                             

Financial Report: The Parish Council finances are in good order with holding a reasonable reserve for any unforeseen emergencies.

Confirmation of membership of EALC, NALC, CALC, SLCC: It was agreed by all to continue membership of these informative and useful bodies.

Ordinary Council Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

Zone Warden Report: No report sent but to note they have removed a fly tipped mattress very quickly and sorted out illegal signs that had been erected.

County and Borough Councillor Reports: None sent

Public-Have Your Say: The drains in The Street at Salcott are still blocked and will be reported again.

Declarations of Interest: Phil for item 5.

  1. Audit Return and Associated Compliances: Phil proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed to accept the completed financial return for 2017/18 including the Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement, Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment which will be sent to the external auditor.
  2. Playgrounds and Playing Fields: Items needing attention at both play areas following the annual inspection report were noted and will be addressed as soon as possible.
  3. Clerk’s Salary Pay Increase: Jinny proposed, Phil seconded and all agreed for the clerk’s salary to increase in line with the National Salary Awards dated from April 2018, giving a monthly increase of £12.91.
  4. General Data Protection Act: From the presentation given by CBC at the Clerk’s Forum and advice from several other bodies at present our main concern is to ask email service users if they wish to carry on receiving information from the parish council. Other matters in this legislation are being address in due course as new advice is put out.
  5. Requested Dog Bin for Lodge Lane: Owing to the huge cost of providing a new dog bin, £360.72 for purchase and installation and more importantly £624.00 annual cost for emptying the parish council feels unable to fund this project. We will have made and erect signage in a bid to prompt dog walkers to take home their bags of dog poo rather than flinging them into the bushes as they return home as is happening now, for which there will be a small cost which we have agreed to at this meeting. If this is unsuccessful we will approach Abberton Reservoir Footpath people for their ideas and support.
  6. Peldon and Wigboroughs Community Hall: The Wigboroughs Management Committee and the new joint venture for the hall is moving forwards towards a merger.    
  7. Solar Panel Light for Bus Shelter: Having received a reasonable quote for this project the parish council thanked Jean Hedger for her offer to contribute most of the cost for this light and Phil proposed, Robert seconded and all agreed for the parish council to make up the balance and to provide a plaque thanking Terry Hedger for all his work he carried out for the parish council over many years.
  8. Greens and Common Land: As yet, we have been unable to ascertain the true position of common land and village greens within the parish of Peldon
  9. Actions and Reminder List – updated including that an overhanging tree in School Lane has been dealt with and a meeting is to take place to try and address problems with dog walkers at Copt Hall.

Planning Decisions:

180788:Proposal: Notification of prior approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural building to one dwelling house at Green Farm, The Street, Salcott – Prior Approval Required (Approved)


101972 R S Pullen – office expenses, light, heat, etc£250.00
101973 R S Pullen – clerk’s salary – May£426.82
101974 Royal Mail Group Ltd. – Wigborough post box£750.00

The next meeting will be on Tues 12th June 2018 at 7.30pm in Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough